If you’re like me, you like to know where your hard-earned money is going. I want to know about the companies that I support. It’s one thing to like their products, but I like to believe in the business and the people working there. Today, I’ll tell you a bit about Hepper and Me.

Do you believe in Hepper?

Hepper was started by me, Jed. I’m an industrial designer by training (M.I.D. from Pratt Institute) and I’ve always been interested in small businesses. More importantly, I love cats and dogs. (I’m a bit partial to cats….).

After years of designing for big corporations, I decided to combine my passions of design, furniture and pets to start a company of my own. At that time we had 3 cats and I couldn’t find any furniture for them that would look good in my home. I knew that I could make something better than anything on the market so…

In 2006 I took my small savings and started building the Hepper company.

I remember the day I brought home the first prototypes; I put 3 in the living room, and one by one, each of our 3 cats hopped into the beds. 3 out 3 is a positive review in my book!

Since that day, we’ve continued to refine the Hepper products. There’s always something on the drawing board, so keep watching for new announcements!

I started the company on a shoestring, so I’ve literally had my hands on everything at some point. I’ve made prototypes, built websites, packed boxes (and drove them to UPS), answered tons of emails and many, many steps in between. These days I have some help so that my main focus can be on designing new products.

What’s next?

There’s three main areas that I’m working on for the future of Hepper:

  • Continue designing new products to solve the needs of you and your pet, and that look great in your home.
  • Making some of our products here in the USA.
  • Increasing our support of pet adoption though more donations, awareness and volunteering.

I hope that gives you an insight into the Hepper company. If there’s anything else you’d like to see from Hepper, please let me know in the comments here!

And THANK YOU – I truly appreciate every single website visit, every email, all the cute cat photos emailed to us, and any purchases that you make.

Best wishes for building your dreams,

Founder and Designer