Meet Dylan! He is an adult Domestic Shorthair with a thoughtful demeanor.

Dylan survived the infamous Pahrump cat hording issue. He was one of hundreds of cats that were rescued and brought to Best Friends Animal Sanctuary. Laid back and pretty easy going, Dylan loves to lounge around in the sun and take long naps. He’s very good around other cats but is a shy guy who just needs someone to help bring out his shining personality.

Right now, he’s not a big fan of having people touch him too much but can definitely relax around those who let him be himself. He may even take treats from your hand if you gain his trust.  All he needs is a loving family and a nice patch of sun to call his own. If you’re interested in adopting Dylan please contact Best Friends at (435) 644-2001, ext. 4223

If you have a sunny corner in your home, Dylan would love to hang out with you. What do you say?