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How to Remove Matted Fur on Cats

One of the best things about (most) cats is their soft fur. Patting them is enjoyable for us and our furry friends and personally, it is one of the highlights of my day. However, sometimes, no matter how much we try, their fur gets out of control, resulting in matting. If your cats are suffering from matted fur, please read on to see our tips on how to remove matted fur on cats…

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How to Clean Your Cat’s Bed

As cat owners, you probably are very familiar with cleaning after your cat. You’ve probably seen all the different types of messes before: picking up all your fur babies’ toys, sweeping and cleaning that broken vase that the cats bumped into earlier, cleaning the cat’s litter box…

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Do You Treat Your Pets Like Kids?

There is this old belief that dogs are a man’s best friend. For all animal lovers, this not only applies to dogs, but to cats as well. We cannot deny the fact that some pet owners treat their pets like kids and refer to their cats and dogs as their “fur babies”…

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