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Top 10 Best Cat Costumes for Halloween 2017

Best Cat Costumes Our favorite cat costumes… …as if cats aren’t cute enough without dressing them up….! via ticketybootique Forget Breading – here’s Pancaking! via buzzfeed Frankencat via sad and useless SuperMan Cat via funnycutepics BatCat via bestproducts Pizza Cat via pinterest um, Elephant Cat? via womansday Goat Cat via womansday Crazy Cat Lady Cat via pinterest   Cleocatra via riotfest Taco Cat <> taC...

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How to Train a Cat

[This is a pre-read suggestion.  I’ll circle back with a full review once I’m done reading] I first learned about cat expert Sarah Ellis in an interview on Fresh Air, and immediately got her book, The Trainable Cat, written with bestselling anthrozoologist John Bradshaw. As much as Hepper and Hudson are wonderful roommates, there are some things that we haven’t quite worked out between us.  Things like letting me sleep, not jumping on the table, and stop stealing each others food!     Twenty-first-century urban life can be taxing for cats who historically have been wild and solitary hunters, hostile...

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3 Things Are Certain: Taxes, Death, and Never Knowing What Your Cat Is Thinking

If there ever is some incredible alien technology dropped from the sky, or a scientific breakthrough bigger than the internet, or even if Elan Musk finally puts his energy into cat research, the chances are still pretty unlikely that we humans will even be able to figure out what our cats are thinking. The only predictable thing about cats is that they are unpredictable.  Well, except for the napping.  Cat naps are predictable, and often. Here’s a great chart from the folks at truth that might help us hoomans out with the ways of the cat:...

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Fur-Free Couches

Clean Floor Club