No awkward silences, no stilted conversation and no high-maintenance meal ordering going on here. Is this the perfect date? Well it certainly could be – it’s dinner with your pup.

Dogs can make the best mealtime companions. They’re good listeners, will eat just about anything and don’t care if you’re using your salad fork or cake fork. You can usually find fido somewhere underfoot, waiting for that all-important morsel to drop. Nowadays, it’s becoming even more common to take your dog along to certain restaurants. They happily relax under the table while you devour your burger and fries (and sneak some to them, of course). In fact in France, taking your dog along to dinner is an incredibly common practice.

Go to almost any bistro in France with your dog, and you’ll be shown a table – even one inside. But why is this not as common a practice in America? According to USA Today, it seems that Americans as a whole aren’t as liberal when it comes to dogs in restaurants. So for now, if you want to take your pup out to eat, you’ll both have to settle for outdoor seating.

But eating at home can be just as fun, and a lot more casual and comfortable for the both of you. Dogs are content with almost any food you sneak them. Nowadays, there are so many healthy dog food choices on the market. That’s all well and good, especially for the well-being of your dog. But sometimes, they just want a bite of your steak or maybe a taste of your baked potato. I’m not saying to over-indulge them (and please, do not give your dog chocolate!), but sometimes it’s okay to give them a small bite of safe food from the table. Especially when they’re staring up at you with those big puppy eyes. Who can resist?

Do you feed your dog or cat human food?  From the table?