Thankful for Volunteers


And Thankful for Happy Cats! That's Winter.  He lives with Richard in California. Richard and I met when he reached out about some of our beds that his cats loved. Richard is a devoted pet parent and animal lover - he volunteers on the weekends at Fix Our Ferals and also helps to support Berkley Animal Shelter. And at home he has 18 cats.  18 Cat … [Read more...]

Hepper Nest Bed


I'm happy to announce the new Hepper Nest Bed! The Nest Bed is the perfect shape for curling up to snooze and is easy to move from the floor to a couch to a closet - to keep your kitty in the perfect spot.  It has a fuzzy fleece liner that pops on and off so that you can give it a shake to get all that fur off, or just throw it in … [Read more...]

Is Your Cat Happy Sleeping In Your Bed?


Ug!  Another night of cats sleeping in my bed! As an Industrial Designer, I do my best to blend function and form. I'm a little more interested in how things work, than how they look, so I'm always trying to learn more about the needs of the end users. In this case, cats! (because I love cats, of course) I have some strong instincts about … [Read more...]