Unlike Goldilocks, finding the best size pet bed  for your cat doesn’t have to be trial and error – and no bears are needed.

How do you choose the best cat bed for your furry friend?  There are so many designer cat bed options out on the market. The size of both your cat and the cat bed are very important factors while picking out something perfectly suited for your pet.

Here are some things to look for and think about when you’re buying a new bed for your cat.


First and foremost, you want your cat to feel comfortable in their bed. This is meant to be their sanctuary, their own personal space in which to sleep, relax and just get cozy. So you want them to fit into the bed, have just enough padding and walls to lean on.  Consider squishy pillow beds and more supportive styles.

Ball or Stretch?

Another factor in determining the size of your cat’s bed is their sleeping style. Does your cat love to curl up in a ball or stretch out? You want to make sure the bed is large enough to accommodate your cat in whatever sleep mode they are in. We generally see cats curling up in a tight ball.

The bed also should not be overly large as cats like to feel snug and secure while they’re relaxing or sleeping. This is especially true of cats that prefer to curl up rather than stretch. In this case, a rounded bed may work best.


It is also important to decide where the bed will be placed in your home. This can greatly influence the size of the cat bed. For example, if you want to place your cat’s bed on a table by a window so that they can look out, the bed itself should not overlap the table’s edges. Remember to consider safety issues while determining the size and style of bed for your cat.


Size is not only an important factor to think of in terms of width and length of the bed, but also in terms of its height. Consider the age and activity level of your cat. Their bed should be easily accessible to them at all times. If you have a new kitten or an older cat, it’s probably best to get a bed that has a shallow entrance and slightly raised walls as opposed to a bed that has higher walls. More agile, active cats may prefer a bed that has a window perch so they can look out at the world around them.

Older cats may also prefer a bed that is orthopedic in nature or heated if they suffer from arthritis.

Whatever cat bed you choose, keep your pet’s size in mind to ensure the proper comfort and fit. A cat’s bed is their private, personal space and one that is the right size will comfort them for many years to come.