Do you think your cat gives much thought to what you’re wearing? Whether you’re a fashionista with a subscription to Vogue or your daily uniform consists of yoga pants and a hoodie, chances are your kitty loves your outfit. Mainly because it’s you who’s wearing it. But your outfit is especially attractive if they can somehow snuggle into it and get comfy. Please note – this may have some unwanted consequences!

If you come home and change out of work clothes, pay mind not to just throw them on the floor. Your cat will probably seize the moment to create a sweater “bed” and cozy up. So now you know why your new cashmere sweater is covered in cat hair!

But your cat’s attraction to your clothing isn’t all bad news. Your scent is left on your clothing, so if your cat wants to cuddle with something from your closet when you’re not around, it probably just means they want to feel close to you and they feel safe with the piece of clothing. You should take it as a great compliment, because let’s face it, cats can be fickle creatures.

And even if you’re not the world’s most fashionable dresser, don’t worry. Your cat doesn’t care that you may be totally mismatched. They’re partially colorblind after all, so they’re none the wiser that you accidentally wore two different colored socks to work. According to Pets Adviser cats can see a range of colors – but not all of them. So go ahead – you think a bright purple and orange-striped shirt looks great with a pair of green polka dot pants – go for it, and make room for your cat since they’ll probably love it enough to jump right into your lap and snooze away.