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As pet parents, we are also constantly researching cat behavior so that our own furry friends can have the best lives possible. And we like to share the tips, tricks and more that we learn, right here.

Are You Allergic to Cats? Learn About Common Cat Allergy Symptoms

When I visit my parent’s house, my eyes always itch and get red. They have 2 cats and a big dog, but I also have cats in my house, and I’m fine there. So, do I have cat allergies or dog allergies, or is it something else in their house – laundry detergent, cleaning supplies, the wood stove, or even the plants outside?

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Best Female Cat Names

Naming your new kitty can be an exciting task but also a tedious one. You want your ball of fur to have a name that represents their personality but also helps them to stand out from the pack…

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How to Feed Your Cat

K2, our tabby, came into our lives almost four years ago. Abandoned at our local ski resort, she hung out by my husband’s hotel office and took any opportunity to dart in and beg for attention if his door was open…

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How To Stop Cats From Scratching Furniture

Cats love to scratch. It strengthens their backs, sharpens their claws, and marks their property – all positive benefits for cats. But, as their parents, we often wonder how to keep cats from scratching furniture.

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How to Stop a Cat from Biting

Does your cat bite you for no reason? They don’t tell you why, and you know it’s not personal, but it does hurt—a lot. It may hurt your feeling, and it also just plain stings!

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Do Cats Get Bored?

In the wild, cats spend their mornings and evenings hunting for small prey to feast on. They then devote their days and nights to avoid becoming some larger animal’s prey themselves…

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