Hepper Cat Bed

Hepper Cat Bed

Modern Cat Furniture

The Cat Bed offers the security of a mountaintop cave with way more style. It serves as your pet’s own personal sanctuary – a perfect place for curling up to snooze, hide, or reign supreme.

Are you embarrassed by your cats’ furniture? Are they? With the Hepper Cat Bed you no longer have to hide the cat pod  in the closet when you have visitors. You’ll love it in your home, and your pets will love it for the cozy comfort. The reversible liner, dome top and off-the-floor stance will keep them happy for many hours of Zzzzzz…  more info…


NomNom Cat Bowl

Crumb Catching Cat Bowl

Adding function to food time, the Hepper NomNom offers modern looks, healthy eating and clean floors.

Good table manners are not why we love our pets. There’s no thoughts of salad fork vs. dinner fork when the food can is opened. They come running to nomnomnom their dinner, and often leave crumbs and drips in their haste. We designed the NomNom Cat Bowl to catch all the mess so you floors stay clean and your pets stay well fed. more info…


Hi-Lo Cat Scratching Post

Two Position Cat Scratcher

Although cats everywhere have the not-so-secret mission to destroy all couch arms, they will never look back once they see the Hepper Hi-Lo Cat Scratching Post.

This cat scratcher has the perfect arc shape for tabby talons to dig into and it also adjusts to two angles for optimal scratching action.  It even looks like the modern human furniture in your living room, so they will happily try to destroy it too. Life is about choices and we offer two more with our cardboar scratcher: would your cat prefer the Hi position or the Lo position? Luckily cats love them both, and will be just as happy reaching up or stretching out for a good scratch. And when the cats are sleeping, you can tell your visitors that the Hi-Lo is a modern sculpture!  more info…