We are honored to be included in an article in the New York Times!  On December 19, 2013 Jennifer Kingson wrote a great piece about our friend Kate Benjamin of hauspanther.com.  Kate is the Cat Lady – she has been writing about, designing for and advocating for cats since 2007.  She actually helped us launch Hepper!

“The idea is to influence the mass cat-product industry to step up their game,” said Ms. Benjamin, who has teamed up with Jackson Galaxy, the cat behaviorist from the television show “My Cat From Hell,” for this effort. “We just want to be the go-to source for anyone who wants to live stylishly with cats.”

Of course, I was super happy to have Hepper mentioned in the article too!

Jed Crystal, who makes the Hepper line of pod-shaped cat beds, said that awareness of his products and others like them has “grown dramatically over the last six years, partially because of blogs like Kate’s.”

Of course, the popularity of cat pictures and videos on the Internet hasn’t hurt demand either, he added.

Check out the NY Times article here and Kate’s site at hauspanther.com.

Do you have any cool cat furniture decorating tips? How do you keep your house clean with furry friends?