Everyone’s favorite Swedish home retailer is exploring the Far East. This month, Ikea will debut its Trendig collection just in time for Chinese New Year. The limited-edition line will merge Ikea’s design aesthetic with materials and inspirations drawn from Chinese design.

Designers and artisans in Sweden and China collaborated on the collection which even references ping-pong diplomacy in a modern and fresh way. Examples include  a paddle-decorated vase, a tea towel and a plate featuring a lucky cat holding a paddle. Other pieces in the collection include bamboo stools, lantern shades and geometric-printed fabrics.

The collaboration is a big deal to all involved. Marcus Engman, Ikea’s head of design says, “It was a new way to work with design. We learned even more about working together, about sharing ideas and how everyone can contribute to one single product. The result is that the whole group takes credit for the ideas.”

Yet another reason to go visit Ikea – you know, aside from the Swedish meatballs.