I am so happy to announce that the amazing animal photographer Robin Schwartz has included our Hepper Pod in one of her recent shoots.

Robin explores inter-species relationships and many of her photos feature her daughter with an animal – from domestic cats to exotic monkeys.  Robin’s work was most recently covered in the New York Times, is in over 40 books and in magazines and museum collections around the world.  For more of her photographs, check out her website and the New York Times magazine.

When we first started emailing each other I noticed her email signature “Exploring Interspecies Relationships”, and I knew I’d like her.  Hepper products are designed with good looks in mind, but my underlying motivation with the company was to create a happy comfortable home space for both cats, dogs and humans. From the look of her Sphynx cat, Jacob in the Pod, I’d like to think that I’ve made at least one cat happy today.

The photos below are actually from another shoot: Entertainment Tonight’s The Insider show filmed Robin and her daughter Amelia for a spot that will air on Wednesday March 28 at 7pm (NYC time).  More photos coming soon!