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4health Cat Food Reviews in 2021


Here at Hepper.com, we love cats, and so we write professional cat food reviews for you to choose the best diet for your feline. Today, 4health cat food is under the spotlight.
We purchased and tested the recipes below. Find out the results of our analysis below.

For us, this dog and cat food manufacturer was little known. Let’s face it, 4health pet food doesn’t dominate the market, and it’s not as available as other big fish we’ve already reviewed here. What moved us to write a 4health cat food review today was… the neighbor’s cat!

Mr. Shadow eats the dry and wet food of this brand so eagerly that we just couldn’t stay on the sidelines. So, we’ve learned everything about 4health cat food, – frankly speaking, it wasn’t easy because this brand is a private label – and now we are ready to give away a secret of its popularity among some cats.

Given that the tagline of 4health cat food is “Optimal nutrition for optimal health,” it must be a high-quality product with dozens of health benefits for Mr. Shadow. Let’s see if it’s genuinely so.

CatPet. Club’s rating:

  • Reputation: 7/10
  • Ingredient Quality: 9/10
  • Recipes Variety: 9/10
  • Health Benefits: 8/10
  • Cost: 7/10
  • Customer Feedback: 7/10
  • Score: 7,8/10

Above is our overall rating for 4health cat food. Sorry, Mr. Shadow, we had to do that. And now, for the most exciting part: recipes, 4health pet food history, customer feedback, our experiment with this cat food, and our final verdict.

Stay tuned!

Best 4health Cat Food Reviews 2021

This one is among the most popular 4health dry cat food recipes. Suitable for both adult cats and kittens, it has chicken and turkey meals as primary protein sources, with no questionable ingredients that might hurt your feline’s health. And yet, make sure your cat doesn’t have any food allergies before feeding it with this recipe: it also contains fish meal, which is a potential allergen for some cats. With chicken and turkey inside, this recipe still contains less protein than average. Consult your vet if Indoor Cat Formula For Adult Cats is enough for your feline to stay healthy and support the necessary level of vitamins and minerals. Given that it doesn’t list any by-products or bulk-adding fillers as top components, this 4health indoor cat food is a good option for cats to eat.

  • Calories: 352 per 100g

When compared to the Indoor Cat Formula recipe, this 4health grain free cat food can do worse for cats because of seafood being its primary component. Whitefish and fish meal here are potential allergens. Also, if your cat has sensitives to egg products, this 4health cat food is not her choice to eat. Yet, this recipe contains quality ingredients (turkey and turkey meal) and doesn’t list by-products or bulk-adding fillers. All this makes it worth trying for cats with no allergies. Animal-sourced fats and plant ingredients such as additional vitamin and mineral sources make Grain-Free Whitefish, Pea & Potato With Real Turkey a higher quality product. But make sure your cat drinks enough water and eats wet food too, as this recipe (as well as any other dry cat food, actually) has significantly less moisture than a feline needs daily.

  • Calories: 395 per 100g

We consider this recipe an above-average cat food because of its quality ingredients and a minimum of unpronounceable chemicals inside.

Top ingredients here are chicken, chicken meal, and turkey meal, all being great protein sources for your cat. It also contains fish and egg products, which can cause trouble to felines with allergies or food sensitivities.

This recipe is full of vegetable ingredients: carrots, peas, potatoes, pumpkin, sweet potato, and more. It even has blueberries! All they aren’t must-have components for your carnivore to eat, but they aren’t harmful in a small amount as well. Cat food manufacturers use them as a carbohydrate substitute.

  • Calories: 322 per 100g

This one is 4health canned cat food, wet one, and therefore healthier for cats to eat. The first five ingredients in the recipe are turkey (meat, skin, and bones), turkey broth (it adds moisture to the formula), liver, salmon, and dried egg product. Please pay attention to the fact there are some grains in this food, making it more difficult for a cat to digest.

Also, Turkey & Salmon is full of vegetables and fruits. It sounds good and makes the cat food look healthier, but the truth is that a feline doesn’t need these components in her ration. So, all they don’t provide any additional benefits though are still not that harmful to a cat to eat.

More than that, we’d like you to pay attention to such components as guar gum and carrageenan in this recipe. Some experts claim these elements are additives that may be possible contributors to health problems.

If your cat loves the combination of turkey and salmon – you’re also welcome to check out this recipe by American Journey.

  • Calories: 102 per 100g

4health Special Care Sensitive Stomach Formula contains chicken as a primary protein source, with chicken liver and turkey as additional protein sources for your cat to stay healthy. Thanks to such ingredients, this recipe has fewer carbohydrates than average and enough amount of protein. All this, together with by-products and bulk-adding fillers absence, makes Special Care Sensitive Stomach Formula a top choice for cats with corresponding health issues.

And be careful if your feline suffers from seafood allergies: the recipe contains fish. With no artificial colors and flavors inside, this 4health wet cat food still has one questionable component: carrageenan. It’s an additive that may be a contributor to specific health problems if overused.

  • Calories: 98 per 100g.

As a rule, the first five ingredients in 4health wet cat food can help you understand its quality. Ideally, they need to be protein sources, with no (or minimum) by-products, starches, and artificial colors and flavors. 4health wet cat food such as Chicken & Beef is about chicken, chicken broth, liver, beef, and dried egg.

As well as other canned cat food formulas, this one contains grains, vegetables, and fruits. Unnecessary for a cat’s ration, they do not provide any additional health benefits but for all that aren’t harmful if in small amounts.

Guar gum and carrageenan are also here; both used as thickening agents in cat food. They may cause health problems if in large amounts. And it’s self-evident that your cat can’t eat 4health Chicken & Beef Dinner if she suffers from beef or eggs allergies.


  • Calories: 102 per 100g.

About 4health Company

The #1 question of most pet owners is, “Who makes 4health cat food?” So, the brand owner here is Tractor Supply Co., an American ranch chain from Tennessee. They started in 1938 as a tractor parts supplier, but pet food and supplies are of their top priority now. Back in 2017, they reported pet products accounting 47% of their total sales.

Therefore, 4health cat food is a private label, with “premium ingredients at a great value.”

It’s all well and good, but who’s the manufacturer? Is 4health cat food made by Diamond?

Yes, it is. According to the information from the official website and 4health cat food reviews, it’s Diamond Pet Food that makes 4health pet products. They are a manufacturer with five facilities across the USA, and they also make food for brands such as Canidae and Taste of the Wild.

As for 4health cat food ingredients, Diamond primarily makes them in the US but also obtains a few from Belgium, France, and New Zealand. Plus, some elements come from China.

Is 4health Good for Cats?

is 4health good for cats

On their official website, Tractor Supply Co. claims that their 4health products for cats and dogs are of premium quality. With real meat as a #1 ingredient, 4health cat food is also full of omega fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals – everything your carnivore needs for her healthy and happy life.

Do you remember Mr. Shadow, our neighbor cat who’s in love with 4health pet food? We asked his veterinarian if she would recommend the 4health products to other cats. Here’s what she said:

As far as I know, this food has been recalled twice for some unknown reasons. This fact may confuse cat owners who want their four-legged friends to eat the best products only. However, I can’t see anything too harmful in 4health wet cat food or 4health dry cat food. When speaking of ingredients, no cat food manufacturer is perfect: all have some questionable components, to one degree or another. So, I’d recommend considering a cat’s tastes and health issues when choosing food for her. 4health is the right choice for felines with no allergies and health problems, especially if your cat loves this food as much as Mr. Shadow does.


It seems that 4health cat food reviews don’t lie when specifying the benefits of 4health products for cats’ well-being. The manufacturer doesn’t include corn, wheat, or soy into the recipes, which makes this food good for cats with health sensitives. And despite a quite narrow spectrum of tastes to choose for your cat, all they meet the nutritional needs of adult cats and kittens.

Aimed at providing cats with a balanced diet, 4health promises fresh meat and less filler in their cat food than other brands. It’s recognized by the AAFCO Cat Food Nutrient Profiles, so vets don’t prohibit these products in general. Yet, make sure to consult yours when deciding to try feeding your pet with 4health cat food. Forewarned is forearmed, after all.

Has 4health Been Recalled?

Yes. 4health cat food recalls happened twice:

  • In 2012, the manufacturer recalled all the 4health pet food they made in Gaston, South Carolina. The reason: potential salmonella contamination.
  • Later, in 2013, they recalled 4health and other cat food brands of theirs again. The reason: potentially too low thiamine levels in food, which is an essential vitamin for cat health.

Also, Petful has recently reported that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) “identified 4health as one of 16 pet food brands that may be linked to heart disease in dogs and cats” in June 2019. However, none of those brands have been recalled before, with most being dry and “grain-free” recipes.

Types of food available

You’re probably wondering, which types of cat food 4health cat food has to offer? Well, their recipes variety is enough to satisfy even the fussiest eaters.

4health pet food offers both dry and wet food formulas for your feline. With seventeenth wet and eight dry recipes, they all are of four lines: 

  • Standard
  • Grain-Free
  • Special Care
  • Untamed

In the above 4health cat food reviews, we’ve described some recipes from three main lines. As for 4health untamed cat food, it offers five recipes, two wet and three dry, all with natural ingredients of high quality.

Turkey, duck, lentil, salmon, chickpeas – these are the top five ingredients of 4health untamed cat food line. Choose it for your cat if she isn’t allergic to seafood and if she’s active to support her energy to run, jump, and play.

My Review of 4health Cat Food

my review of 4health cat food

So, we’ve read all the information about the brand in 4health cat food reviews, asked the vet, and checked all available customer feedback. We’ve seen our neighbor, Mr. Shadow, eating and loving 4health wet cat food recipes. That’s all well and good, but what about our own cats?

We went to the 4health pet food official website and ordered two recipes for our Smokey and Rambo: Special Care Sensitive Stomach Formula and Indoor Cat Formula For Adult Cats.

Good news:

Cats loved both recipes. With chicken as a primary ingredient, the food also contained probiotics and taurine – crucial for a cat’s healthy heart and vision. Also, the price was ok. (We would have got free shipping if we had ordered more!)

Bad news:

For this cat food to be good value for money, you need to buy large bags and order more items to get free shipping. For those buying one small bag a time, the game isn’t worth the candle: it will be too much time- and energy-consuming.

What Customers Say About 4health Cat Food

Since 4health pet food is a private label brand that is not as popular and available as other premium cat food brands on the market, customer reviews aren’t that many to ascertain the exact pros and cons of their food.

And yet, some of them speak volumes:

“I have two cats, and they both love 4health untamed cat food. Finally, I’ve found recipes that are affordable for me and yummy for my cats. I notice they are more active and look healthier now: shiny fur and strong muscles are what make me think of 4health as a great brand to try.”

Stella, about 4health Untamed Stillwater Marsh Recipe Duck & Lentil Formula.

“Okay, that’s what I’ve been looking for a long time: grain-free food for my Maine Coon that he  would love and I could handle. Grain-Free Turkey & Giblets Dinner is what makes my cat happy! But anyway, I do my best to feed with other recipes too for him to avoid addiction and eat a more balanced diet.”

Anonymous, reviewing 4health Grain-Free Turkey & Giblets Dinner.

Some reviews are quite negative, though:

“My Jasper had problems with his stomach after trying this food! Yes, he loved the taste and ate it eagerly, but we had to visit our vet. Vomit and diarrhea are not what I expect to get when buying food for my pet, sorry.”

Liam, reviewing 4health Indoor Chicken Formula.

Long story short, it looks like 4health cat food has both pros and cons.


  • a reasonable price
  • specific recipes for weight management and dealing with food sensitivities
  • a variety of recipes for a cat to choose what she likes most
  • rich in omega fatty acids for a cat’s health
  • no corn, wheat, or soy ingredients
  • no by-products inside


  • too many carbohydrates, according to some 4health cat food reviews
  • the brand is not so popular to find enough detailed reviews and customer feedback for better understanding “who is who”
  • two recalls, which makes some customers doubt in 4health pet food quality


And these are the most frequently asked questions from customers about 4health cat food. We’ve answered them here for you to have all the necessary information in one place.

Where is 4health cat food manufactured?

Both the official website of the brand and numerous 4health cat food reviews claim the product is manufactured in the USA and is primarily made from the US ingredients. The manufacturer of 4health cat food is Diamond Pet Food; we all know it for Canidae and Taste of the Wild cat food brands.

Where can I buy 4health cat food?

4health cat food is available at the Tractor Supply official website, which seems to limit the access for countries other than America to support the reputation of a private label brand. But you can also find 4health pet food at Amazon and order it from there.

What 4health cat food helps with hairball control?

For your cat to control hairballs, support the immune system, and maintain their healthy lifestyle in general, consider 4health indoor cat food formulas: Indoor Chicken Formula (wet), All Life Stages Cat Formula and Indoor Cat Formula (dry), Grain-Free Indoor Cat Formula (dry), Turkey & Salmon Dinner (wet), and others.

What are the ingredients of 4health wet cat food?

4health wet cat food comes in four lines: standard (traditional), grain-free, special care, and untamed. Most of 4health cat food ingredients here are natural and protein-rich to help your cat stay healthy: chicken, turkey, fish, beef, and vegetables. It covers all the nutritional needs of indoor adult cats but is also okay for kittens to eat.

So Should You Buy 4health Cat Food?

If we were in your case, we would give it a try. 4health cat food ingredients are of high quality, their recipes don’t contain by-products or bulk-adding fillers, and this food is reasonably priced if compared to the other premium cat food brands.

Sure enough, nobody’s perfect. Experts notice some questionable elements in 4health pet food: guar gum and carrageenan, for example. Also, their recipes can be not a good fit for cats with some allergies or food sensitivities to fish or egg products. But, as a responsible owner, you check the ingredients before feeding your cat, right? So, just pay attention to what’s inside and if your feline is sensitive to any components of 4health cat food. This is why 4health isn’t included into our annual top cat foods list but still, it’s a very decent option.

The problem with this brand is that it’s not that popular on the market. It’s a private label, so there are not many people who tested it and then reviewed it in detail. As for now, positive reviews prevail over negative ones, so feel free to consult your vet and choose 4health cat food for your four-legged friend. Who knows, maybe she will love it as much as Mr. Shadow does.

Over to You

4health cat food is a private label brand from Tractor Supply Co. It’s not that popular and open to customers as other premium brands, but it doesn’t make them third-rate or shady by default. Available at the official website of Tractor Supply and Amazon, 4health offers both dry and wet food for your cat’s well-balanced diet.

4health cat food ingredients are natural and full of animal-sourced proteins to improve your feline’s immune system, digestion, and overall well-being. Just consult your vet and make sure your cat doesn’t have any allergies before feeding it with some 4health recipes.

And don’t forget to read other cat food reviews here at Hepper.com to choose the best diet for your feline!

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