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5 Cat care tips during the lockdown

Elizabeth from Plymouth (UK) asks:

Hello Hepper.com team! Thanks for helping millions of cat owners enrich the lives of our furry friends! Recently I adopted Apricot the cat. She is a cute orange tabby cat with a very kind personality. I wanted to ask you if there are any extra tips or precautions on cat care during the lockdown?

Thanks in advance,


Claudine Sievert, DVM answers:

Hello Elizabeth! Thank you for your kind words, we try our best to become one of the most reliable sources of cat care and nutrition advice.

1. Adjust your cat’s diet. Quarantine significantly lowers your pet’s caloric expenditure. This is why it’s important to lower the caloric intake to maintain the healthy weight of your cat. Shifting to low-calorie low-carb food and using a slow feeder will help you with this. Extending the mealtime will improve digestion and lower caloric intake will prevent obesity.

2. Keep your cat mentally active and calm. Treat dispensing toys is a great way to occupy your pet’s mind. This involves your cat’s fine motor skills and activates numerous centers in his or her brain. Furthermore, if your cat is stressed because of isolation or hyperactive, you can put the calming treats inside.

3. Train your pet to use a cat treadmill. Four out of five cats will understand how to run on a treadmill in less than five minutes. The most important thing here is to gradually increase and decrease the speed to prevent stress. An exercise wheel is a perfect instrument to help your cat spend extra calories, stay fit and healthy.

4. Let your cat enjoy the outdoors while staying indoors. Did you know that there are several creative ways to let your cat breathe fresh air and enjoy the sun while staying at home? For example, you can install a window solarium for cats that will let your feline friend watch the birds. Another great option is a catio for an apartment balcony.

5. Give her some extra space. Cat’s love having their own private territory where they can feel safe and calm. If you are short of a budget – you can just place a cardboard box in a quiet corner of a room and put a small pillow inside or make your own cat tree. If you are ready to invest in some cat furniture – you can buy a quality cat condo tree, a wall-mounted cat perch, or a cat bed.

Thank you for reading this! We wish your pets to be healthy and happy! Click here to ask your own question.

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