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7 Useful Cat Haircuts

You know that Hepper.com is here to help cat parents make their furry friends’ lives better. We share our knowledge and experience to enrich your feline’s life, improve her health, and promote her wellbeing.

And today, we’ve decided to discuss cat haircuts for you to understand whether it’s a trendy whim or something that could be useful for a feline.

When doing a cat haircut is a good idea

While some cat owners choose pet hair vacuums and decide on the right brushes to maintain their felines’ coats, others may notice their four-legged friends avoid grooming.

Reasons vary: age, medical conditions (joint pain or overweight), or a cat’s breed traits.

Whatever the cause, pet parents need to pay attention to the situation and take their feline’s grooming under control. That’s where a cat haircut can help.

Why is grooming so critical for felines?

Not only is it a matter of style or neat look, but it’s also a health matter. Cats who can’t clean themselves can develop allergies and infections:

When not grooming, a cat fails to distribute her natural skin oils through the body. These oils allow a feline to keep her coat shiny and her skin – parasite-free. Dirty fur and hairballs contribute to flea appearance, causing flea allergy dermatitis in the long run. Other problems may include feline cowpox, dandruff, acne, contact dermatitis, and fur loss.

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Plus, grooming matters for a cat’s ears, teeth, and eyes health too:

And while you can assist a little ball of fur with oral and ear hygiene, long hair over her eyes can irritate and lead to inflammation. If that’s the case, trimming cat hair can help.

When doing a cut is a bad idea

Do cats need haircuts? Except for the reasons mentioned above, they don’t. Some pet owners believe that a long hair cat haircut will save their furry friend from the summer heat, but it’s a bad idea.

Claudine Sievert, DVM, explains:

Claudine Sievert

“Not only does a cat’s fur save her from cold weather, but it also helps a cat deal with the heat by supporting proper thermoregulation in her body. Trimming cat hair just because you love funny cat haircuts, a la dragon cat haircut, etc., may lead to sunburns and dandruff in your feline.”

— Claudine Sievert, DVM

Important: Please, read this guide about cat shaving to find out if you should actually shave your cat. (Spoiler: most likely you shouldn’t)

Top 7 useful cat haircuts:

If a feline avoids grooming for some reason, a cat hair cut could be a good idea to help her keep fur and skin looking neat and healthy. Below you’ll find seven cool cat haircuts that are not only stylish but also useful to try.

1) Lion cut

The Lion cut is one of the most popular cat haircut styles among pet owners. Its result reminds a lion because a groomer shaves most of a cat’s body, leaving long fur on her tail, head, legs, and shoulders. This haircut is excellent for long-haired felines who are prone to matting and hairballs on bellies.

2) Kitten clip

This one is a perfect choice for long- or medium-haired felines who shed too often and are prone to matting. Why is its name Kitten? It’s because the haircut is an all-over trim to take fur down to the length of a short-haired cat’s coat, making her look a few years younger.

3) Belly shave

The belly area is prone to matting more than any other, so some pet owners choose this cat cut hair to ease self-grooming for their felines. It’s precisely what its name says: A groomer shaves nothing but a belly close to the skin, which is unnoticeable when a kitty sits or walks.

4) Comb cut

This cat haircut looks similar to a Lion style, but a slight difference remains there still. While the fur remains long on a cat’s head, shoulders, legs, and tails, her coat on the back isn’t shaved but trimmed short here. The Comb cut is beneficial for reducing cat’s shedding and matting. At the same time, it allows keeping your four-legged friend super soft for cuddling.

5) Sanitary clip

The Sanitary clip is more about practicality than beauty or style. It’s a limited cat cut hair where the only trimming area is around the genitals. The haircut is helpful for overweight or senior cats who have troubles with grooming and staying clean. Choosing this haircut for your feline, get ready to renew it every 6-8 weeks.

6) Panther cut

The Panther cut is a more extreme version of the Lion cut, leaving fur on a cat’s head, legs, and ends of tails only. All other areas are shaved completely, including the hair around a feline’s neck. It’s one of the cat hairstyles that comes in handy for kittens with severe matting or skin problems to ease treatment.

7) Summer trim

This cut may help cats with extraordinarily long and thick hair deal with severe matting and reduce hairball formation. Groomers will trim cat fur a bit, cutting about 1/8th of an inch and avoiding the face area. Such summer trim will not harm a cat’s thermoregulation but help her remain neat.

The role of grooming

Self-grooming is natural for cats, and it’s not only about staying neat. It allows a feline to distribute her natural skin oils through the body, promoting health and relieving stress this way.

When it comes to grooming a cat with specific combs or brushes, the procedure helps prevent intense shedding, matting, and hairballs. Regular grooming resolves fur-related problems, minimizes the need for cat haircuts, and promotes a rarer use of a Roomba for pet hair.


How long does it take for a cat to grow its fur back after a haircut?

It depends on the breed. If you shave a long-haired kitty, she’ll need 4-6 months for her fur to regrow. For short-haired breeds, it will take around three months or less.

How long should I wait until my cat gets used to her haircut?

As a rule, cats get used to haircuts within a few days. But adverse reactions happen too: hiding for days, hissing when you touch a cat, acting unhappy, or even changing eating habits. If that’s your case, please avoid future haircuts for that feline.

Why is my cat hissing at my other cat after a haircut?

The reason may be her aggressive reaction to a scent of disinfectant a groomed cat brings from a saloon. A cat considers it a threat, or it may remind her of some negative experiences.

In a word 

Now that you know the pros and cons of trimming cat hair, the question “Do long-haired cats need haircuts?” is fair to close, agree? And with the above useful cat hairstyles in the pocket, you can choose the haircut that best fits your feline.

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