Of course it is Mercedes-Benz.

There are so many wonderful things happening in this ad and press release I can’t even list them all.

Primarily, I would like to say thank you for:

1) Recognizing our dear house cat.  (Instead of always reaching for the elusive sex appeal and unreachable beauty of the big cats.)

2) Hilarious use of kitty language in a press release (they said purr-fect AND cat-itude!)

3) Imagining for a moment the life of a feline movie star (trained cats? could they possibly be more spoiled than other cats?)

4) Showing me that I want to be that cat.

First watch the Ad:


And now available for your entertainment, the official press release:



The swoopy, feline form of the Mercedes-Benz CLA is set be the subject of a new, purr-fectly judged TV ad, launching this weekend.

The aerodynamic CLA is a car with cat-titude and the ad will be shown for the first time a whisker before 7.30 pm, during ITV’s Britain’s Got Talent this Saturday.

The CLA has the one of the most aerodynamic shapes of any production car – meaning it uses less fuel and creates less noise as it purrs along the road. By way of demonstrating its remarkable aerodynamic credentials, the new advert introduces a sleepy kitty to the CLA’s swoopy coupé form, with predictable results.

The star, a placid tabby cat called William, didn’t use up any of his nine lives, nor his cat-like reflexes during the course of the making of the advert – being specially trained for the occasion and docile in nature, having appeared on screen for nearly 10 years. Employing camera trickery and old fashioned props, William was able to slide on a piece of gently moved fabric across the windscreen under the careful supervision of his trainer.

Giving viewers paws for thought, the result is a simple, light-hearted demonstration of slippery aerodynamics in action.


[via jalopnik.com]