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150 African Cat Names: Our Top Picks for Your Cat (With Meanings)

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By Nicole Cosgrove

african wild cat

While some felines are timid and quiet, others have infinite energy that helps them tear through your home at incredible speeds. Selecting a name for your wild new friend can be agonizing when you spend hours researching a unique moniker that rises above the stereotypical characters in films and television programs.

Since the ancestors of domesticated cats originated from the cradle of civilization, a name from the African continent may be fitting for your furball.

How To Name Your Cat

Browsing through lists can help you find the perfect name, but it also helps to study your new pet and get a feel for its personality. Does the animal approach people cautiously, or does it cry out in joy when humans appear? What is striking about its appearance? These questions can help you shorten your lists of possible names, but you can also consider factors such as:

  • The colors and patterns of the cat
  • Body shape
  • The pitch of the cat’s meow
  • The month of the animal’s birth
  • How the cat reacts to children or other pets

Male African Cat Names

Choosing a name from the African continent for your male cat means that you hold the animal in high regard. Many of the names are several thousand years old, and most of them have powerful and spiritual meanings. However, you can also find titles with more humble meanings like Thulani, which means “the quiet one.” If you’re a fan of African jazz, you can name your pet after the ground-breaking musician Fela Kuti or his brother, Femi.

  • Abasi: Serious or strict
  • Abdullah: Servant of God
  • Abiola: Born in riches
  • Abrafo: Ghanaian warrior
  • Addo: King of the road
  • Adisi: The clear one
  • Ahmed: Highly praised
  • Amadi: Free man
  • Amare: Handsome boy from Ethiopia
  • Amari: Eternal
  • Amogelang: Receive
  • Arno: Eagle
  • Ashraf: Noble and distinguished
  • Azizi: Precious one
  • Baahir: Brilliant and dazzling
  • Baako: Firstborn child
  • Babatunde: Returning father
  • Babu: Firstborn child of Osiris
  • Badru: Born on a full moon
  • Bahman: Avalanche and 11th month of Persian calendar
  • Bandile: Growing family
  • Bassel: Brave
  • Bongani: Grateful one
  • Bwana: Gentleman and man in charge
  • Chidike: God is strong
  • Chukus: God does great things
  • Dakarai: Happiness
  • Dalmar: Versatile
  • Damu: God of vegetation or child of Enki
  • Dzigbode: Patience
  • Essam: Protect
  • Fela: Lucky and happy
  • Femi: Love me
  • Gamal: God is my reward
  • Hakim: Wise ruler
  • Halif: One who promises or ally
  • Hasani: Handsome one
  • Ibrahim: Father of several children
  • Jabulani: Man who rejoices
  • Jawara: Lover of peace
  • Jomo: Farmer
  • Juma: Born on Friday
  • Kaijura: Acts like a squirrel
  • Kamogelo: Welcome
  • Katlego: Successful
  • Khalid: Immortal
  • Lethabo: Joy and happiness
  • Lubanzi: Love of God
  • Mahmoud: Praised one
  • Malik: King
  • Mandla: Strength
  • Melokuhle: Standing up for what’s right
  • Mosi: Firstborn child
  • Moustafa: Chosen one of Muhammad
  • Mpho: Gift
  • Mwenye: Owner or boss
  • Nabil: Nobile
  • Nakia: Faithful and pure
  • Ola: Arise
  • Omari: Praise God
  • Onkarabile: Prayers answered by God
  • Radhi: Forgiveness
  • Ramses: Child of the Sun God
  • Rufaro: Prayers answered by God
  • Sbusiso: Blessed
  • Siaybonga: Thank you
  • Simbarashe: Power of God
  • Sipho: Gift
  • Sizwe: Nation
  • Tafari: Awe-inspiring
  • Tariq: To take action or strike
  • Tau: Lion
  • Teboho: Peace or thankful
  • Thulani: Quiet one
  • Tshepiso: Promise
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Image Credit: Jumpstory

Female African Cat Names

Like the male names, many female titles relate to God, nature, and royalty. If you skim down the list, you’ll notice that five of the names have the same definition. Princess is a popular name in several regions on the continent. Adaeze is an Igbo name, Shahina is Arabic, Urbi is Egyptian, Jahzara is Ethiopian, and Nkosazana is a Xhosa name. A cat who is too wild to be a princess can be named after the hunter Winda, or a feline born on a Friday can be called Efua.

  • Abdallah: Servant of God
  • Abeni: Girl who is prayed for
  • Aberash: Giving off light
  • Abiba: Beloved one
  • Ada: Firstborn daughter
  • Adaeze: Princess
  • Aicha: Alive and well
  • Alaba: Second child after twins
  • Alkebu-lan: Mother of Mankind (oldest African name)
  • Amara: Child of mercy and grace
  • Amma: Born on a Saturday
  • Anele: Last born
  • Anipe: Daughter of the Nile
  • Asha: Life
  • Ayaan: Beautiful flower
  • Bamidele: Follow me home
  • Barika: Success awaits
  • Chidinma: God is beautiful
  • Chimamanda: God will not fail
  • Chiumbo: Small child
  • Cleopatra: Fame (Greek)
  • Efua: Born on Friday
  • Elna: Beloved
  • Esi: God’s gift
  • Fatima: Motherly
  • Gamuchirai: Receives blessings from God
  • Hadiza: Always first
  • Hasana: Beautiful
  • Hibo: Gift
  • Imani: Having faith
  • Ime: Patience
  • Izara: Part of a tree
  • Jahzara: Princess
  • Kamaria: Moonchild
  • Kaya: Restful place or home
  • Kehinde: Youngest twin
  • Keitumetse: Happy
  • Kes: Born when the father is in trouble
  • Khadija: Trustworthy and respected
  • Lerato: Love
  • Makena: Happy one
  • Malaika: Angel
  • Mandisa: Sweet
  • Mariama: Gift of God
  • Marli: Wished for child or star of the sea
  • Masego: Blessings
  • Monifa: Lucky child
  • Mpho: Gift
  • Nala: Gift
  • Nandipha: God’s gift
  • Nia: Purpose
  • Nkosazana: Princess
  • Oluchi: God’s work
  • Oratile: Origin
  • Paleasa: Flower
  • Panya: Little mouse
  • Puleng: In the rain
  • Ramla: One who predicts the future
  • Rhema: Compassion
  • Sade: Honor earns a crown
  • Shahina: Princess
  • Shani: Wonderful
  • Sibongile: Thank you
  • Siphesihle: Precious gift from God
  • Sura: Traveling by night, brave, or princess
  • Taiwo: Taste the world
  • Taraji: Hope
  • Thabisa: Bringing joy
  • Thandiwe: Loving one
  • Tsholofelo: Hope
  • Urbi: Princess
  • Winda: Hunter
  • Zahara: Flower
  • Zola: Peaceful or quiet
  • Zuri: Beautiful
singapura cat outdoors
Image Credit: jojosmb, Shutterstock

Final Thoughts

Bringing a new cat into your family is an incredible adventure, but it’s incomplete without an appropriate name for the animal. African names denote beauty, love, strength, and honor, and they’re ideal for special male and female kitties.

Whether your pet looks like a little mouse like Panya, or struts around like he’s the boss like Mwenye, we hope you find an African name that suits your beloved feline.

Featured Image Credit: EcoPrint, Shutterstock

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