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Are Boxers Good For First-Time Owners? Know Before You Get One!

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By Nicole Cosgrove

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With their sweet faces, inquisitive expressions, and muscular bodies, Boxers have charmed their way into many of our homes and hearts. They’re known to be energetic and affectionate dogs, always up for a long walk or wrestling with their favorite human.

If you’re getting a dog for the first time, Boxers would make a great choice provided certain conditions are met. Keep reading to learn about the history of Boxers, their traits and physical characteristics, and the type of home environment in which they thrive.

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A Brief History of Boxers

Boxers were first bred in Germany and are classified as working dogs. They were often used to bait bulls and control cattle in slaughterhouses. They have also been used as police dogs and seeing eye dogs.

Boxers were first brought to the United States after World War I and started to become popular in homes and on job sites in the 1930s. The name, “Boxer”, is rumored to come from their habit of using their forelegs and forepaws during playtime, much like a human Boxer would.

Personality and Temperament

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Many people consider Boxers a breed of dog that has it all: they’re intelligent, playful, and courageous. A first-time dog owner will likely find Boxers to be a breed that checks off all the boxes. They easily pick up tricks and take well to training, which is important considering how much joy and energy they want to share with their humans! Their brawny build contrasts with their sweet and affectionate nature. They love cuddles, pets, and praise. Their soulful and curious expressions will certainly charm anyone into giving extra treats or buying them a new toy.

First-time owners are probably looking for a dog that provides protection as well as affection. Look no further than the Boxer for a dog that is unwaveringly loyal, courageous, and committed to its humans. They are patient and comfortable with children, and are a perfect match for a family.

Care Information

While a Boxer is a well-rounded and popular breed, they do have certain requirements that have to be met for them to live long and happy lives. Their seemingly endless energy is part of what makes them so well-loved, but they need plenty of exercise and interaction to channel that energy in positive directions. A Boxer that is kept cooped up most of the day will likely become destructive to furniture and other belongings. Aim for long daily walks, weekend hikes, and romps at the dog park.

Boxers are a prime example of a companion animal—they are at their most content with their human by their side. They make an excellent choice dog if you looking for a true companion to accompany you through life with a bright and fun-filled spirit.

Boxers are relatively easy to care for as a breed, which is a pro for first-time owners. Their coats are short and smooth with minimal shedding; a good brushing twice a month keeps their fur healthy and under control.

Extreme heat or cold is not good for Boxers; be sure they are not left outside on either very hot or very cold days. For walks on cold days, they’ll need a jacket. This breed does have a tendency to drool, and it is impossible to predict how “drooly” your particular dog will be. Make sure you’re comfortable with this typical Boxer trait before you welcome one into your family.

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Making the decision to get a dog is a huge one, even more so if it’s your first time owning one. If Boxers have caught your eye, you can be sure that you’re choosing a breed that has many wonderful physical and emotional qualities. They are intelligent, brave, and affectionate, with a charming mix of muscular bodies and sweet, squished faces. If you have the time to give them plenty of exercise and playtime, a Boxer will be a good fit for your life and will undoubtedly become a cherished member of your family.

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