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Are Cockapoos Hypoallergenic? Breed Facts & FAQs

Jessica Kim

By Jessica Kim

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Cockapoos are hybrid dogs that first appeared in the 1960s. They’re a mix between Poodles and an American Cocker Spaniel or English Cocker Spaniel. Poodle mixes are popular because they’re often referred to as hypoallergenic dogs that are great for allergy sufferers. However, there is no such thing as a 100% hypoallergenic dog. So, Cockapoos can be great pets that may help minimize allergic reactions, but they’re not completely hypoallergenic dogs.

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What Causes Dog Allergies?

Contrary to popular belief, dog allergies aren’t caused by dog hair. Rather, people get allergic reactions to proteins found in dogs’ skin cells, saliva, and urine.

This is why people may still get an allergic reaction from hairless dog breeds, like the Chinese Crested dog. These dogs may not shed heavily, but their skin is more exposed and sensitive to skin issues, which can cause dandruff.

Although people aren’t allergic to dog hair itself, they may still get stronger or more frequent reactions from dogs that shed more. Loose hairs can help spread proteins all over the house and on furniture.

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Cockapoos Aren’t Always Hypoallergenic

The level that Cockapoos shed depends on what kind of coat they inherit. Cocker Spaniels shed moderately, while Poodles shed minimally. So, if a Cockapoo inherits a wavy, mixed coat, you can expect it to shed more. Cockapoos with curlier coats are likely to shed less because they’ve inherited the Poodle’s coat.

So, rather than falling for misleading marketing, always check the appearance and texture of a Cockapoo’s coat to determine how much it may shed. Also, all dog breeds will shed to a certain extent. So, beware of such claims if you’re looking for a new dog.

Other Allergy-Friendly Dogs

If you’re looking for low-shedding dogs, try to look for dogs that have a single coat and aren’t seasonal shedders. The following breeds shed a lot less than other dog breeds:

Image By: srw-photo, Shutterstock

How to Reduce Allergic Reactions to Dogs

Bringing home a low-shedding dog can help with reducing allergic reactions. You can also do a few other things to try to make living with dogs easier for allergy sufferers.

If you can, create a dog-free room in your home that people can retreat to without worrying about coming in contact with a dog. You can also put gates around certain areas to prevent the dog from entering.

Regular grooming can also help immensely, as it reduces the number of loose hairs clinging to clothes and furniture. Grooming should be carried out by a person who is not allergic.

Hepa filtered vacuum cleaners and air conditioning can be a useful addition to the household and reducing the number of carpets and soft furnishings may help too.

It’s also essential for pet owners to fully potty train their dogs as many people can have allergic reactions to pet urine. You can also train your dog to refrain from licking others on command.

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Cockapoos aren’t 100% hypoallergenic dogs, and some may actually shed moderately if their coats closely resemble a Cocker Spaniel’s coat. You can try different methods to reduce shedding and minimize allergic reactions.

However, some people may not ever build immunity to dog allergies. So, before you bring any kind of dog home, make sure to speak with your doctor to explore options that you can take to live with dogs. If living with dogs doesn’t seem like a viable option, there are plenty of other wonderful pets that you can care for that won’t trigger any allergies.

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