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Are Dobermans Good Running Dogs? The Impressive Answer!

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By Misty Layne

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When searching for the perfect four-legged friend to add to your household, you should look at more than just the costs of owning a certain breed or what health problems they may have. You should also consider how well a dog will fit in with your lifestyle. If you enjoy binging the latest K-drama every chance you get, you don’t want to adopt an extremely high-energy dog! Likewise, if you’re active and enjoy activities such as running and hiking, you won’t want to get a lap dog.

If you are a fan of hiking and daily runs, you need a dog that can keep up. And one breed that definitely has a lot of energy to spare is the Doberman. But does the Doberman make a good running dog? Absolutely! And here’s why.

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Why Dobermans Are Good Running Dogs

The Doberman breed is built for activities such as running. These dogs are strong, muscular, swift, and have enough energy to keep up with the most active person. And they love their daily exercise!

How swift is the Doberman? The average Doberman can run anywhere from 25–30 miles per hour—that’s as fast or faster than Usain Bolt! And a Doberman that’s in exceptionally good shape can run 32–35 miles per hour. It’s fair to say your Doberman will be able to outrun you any day of the week.

And Dobermans can run for a long time, as they have incredible endurance. In fact, the average Doberman can run anywhere from 5 to 10 miles. Of course, how fast and long your Doberman can run will depend on how in shape and healthy it is.

doberman dog fetching a ball
Image Credit: annolyn, Pixabay

What to Take Into Account When Running with a Doberman

You can’t just adopt a Doberman puppy and immediately start running with it, though. Much like a human, your pup will need to build endurance and strength to keep up with you. So, keep these things in mind when running with a Doberman.

1. Don’t Start Too Young

You actually shouldn’t begin running with your Doberman until it’s older; in this case, between 1 ½ to 2 years of age. Before that, your dog’s joints and bones won’t be fully grown or strengthened, which means running with them can seriously damage the joints and bones. (Especially since Dobermans are more prone to joint issues in the first place.)

2. Start Slow

As we said before, your Doberman will need to build up its strength and endurance just like you needed to when you first started running. That means starting out slow when you finally start going out with your dog by going on short walks first, then long walks. After that, you can build up to short runs, then longer runs.

You’ll also want to train your dog on how to run with you and ensure your pup knows commands used while running and how to safely run beside you.

owner walking her doberman dog
Image Credit: YamaBSM, Pixabay

3. Check-in With Your Dog Often

The first few times you go out with your Doberman will be a test to see how long your Doberman can handle being outside to walk (and then run). So, you’ll need to watch your dog closely and check in often to make sure your dog isn’t pushing itself too hard. If you find that your dog has started whimpering or see it slowing down, then you’ll know your pup is tired out and ready to head home.

4. Keep Things Positive

Running should be an activity that’s enjoyable for your Doberman, not one that seems like a chore. So, keep things positive while you run by giving your dog lots of praise and affection for doing such a good job keeping up with you!

doberman with his owner in the garden
Image Credit: liaoxh1981, Pixabay

5. Check the Weather

Because Dobermans have thin coats, they’re more susceptible to changes in temperature than other breeds. So, if it’s a sweltering day, your pet won’t last nearly as long (and asphalt and concrete may burn its paws). And if it’s cold outside, your Doberman will need a sweater or jacket to run in (and possibly booties, as the pads of its feet can be damaged by too much cold).

6. Carry Water With You

Your pet can quickly become overheated (especially in hotter weather), so if you’re running a fair distance with your dog, ensure you bring water. You may need to stop for a break or two during the run to let your Doberman cool down.

male owner giving water to the doberman dog
Image Credit: Josep Suria, Shutterstock

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Final Thoughts

The Doberman makes an excellent running companion, though you’ll need to wait for your dog to reach the age of 2 or so before you can take it running. You’ll also need to start out slow to build your pup’s endurance and strength. Before long, though, you’ll likely find yourself struggling to keep up with this incredibly fast dog!

Featured Image Credit: Vivienstock, Shutterstock

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