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Are Great Danes Hunting Dogs? The Surprising Answer

Patricia Dickson

By Patricia Dickson

male black great dane

If you listen to the legends, they will tell you that Great Danes were originally bred as hunting dogs for wild boar. However, that was years ago, and today’s modern Great Danes might not be so suited for taking on a hunting tip with you.

The dog being so large does have its advantages, but it can have its disadvantages as well. So, do Great Danes still make good hunting dogs? The answer is no; they have evolved quite a bit and don’t make the best hunting dogs. We’ll go into why and more in the blog below.

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The 5 Reasons Great Danes Are Not Good for Hunting

In most cases, it’s best not to use a Great Dane for hunting. Here are a few reasons why.

1. Great Danes Have Short Coats

A Great Dane has a short, single-layer coat, which doesn’t do much to protect it from the elements. As a hunter, you already know you spend hours in freezing conditions. Great Danes aren’t prepared for those types of conditions.

white great dane
Image Credit; TMArt, Shutterstock

2. Great Danes Are Susceptible to Overheating

Hunting dogs are constantly running and handling prey struggling to get away. Great Danes have large bodies, which makes it super-easy to overheat, so the animal isn’t prepared for that type of chase-and-catch situation.

3. Great Danes Don’t Have Great Stamina and Endurance

While Great Danes are known for being pretty athletic, they actually aren’t known for their stamina and endurance capabilities. Field hunts typically last for several hours, which isn’t a good fit for these canines.

male great dane dog on grass
Image Credit: belu gheorghe, Shutterstock

4. Great Danes Don’t Travel Well

If you think about it, many forms of hunting require you to travel in a small plane or even a small hunting vehicle. This isn’t the type of transport for a Great Dane, who is a giant dog that doesn’t fit well in most vehicles. The dog’s large size also makes it hard for it to hide in blinds and any other areas that usually provide camouflage.

5. Great Danes Are Sensitive to Loud Noises

Unless you’ve trained your Great Dane from a very young puppy to ignore loud noises, this isn’t the right dog to take hunting with you. Great Danes are afraid of loud noises, so the sound of shotgun blasts and firing rifles near the dog can lead to the dog suffering from emotional distress. It’s better to leave your Great Dane at home when you go on hunting trips for this reason.

great dane dog in the woods
Image Credit: Nikolas Otto, Shutterstock

What to Look for in a Good Hunting Dog?

While Great Danes don’t make the best hunting dogs, there are dogs out there that do and actually enjoy it. We’ll give you some tips on what to look for in a good hunting dog below.

  • Endurance and Stamina
  • Double coats for plenty of insulation against the cold and water
  • A good sense of smell and sight
  • High intelligence
  • Trainability for hunting

These are a few of the things that you should look for when looking for a good hunting dog, so leave your Great Dane at home, and find a dog more suited to hunting with you.

a female great dane standing on long grass
Image Credit: David Pegzlz, Shutterstock

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A Great Dane will make a great addition to any home, and they make amazing pets. However, if you want a hunting dog, you might need to find another dog to go hunting with you. Great Danes just don’t have the stamina, endurance, and size needed to make good hunting dogs.

If you’re looking for a hunting dog, try a Terrier, Hound, or Dachshunds. However, if you want a pet that will stick by you, be loyal and loving, and always be by your side, a Great Dane is your best choice.

Featured Image Credit: Tara Lynn and Co, Shutterstock

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