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Are Havanese Good With Cats? Breed Socialization Explained

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By Nicole Cosgrove

a havanese dog and persian cat under a pink blanket

Are Havanese good with cats? It’s a question many people have asked and might leave some scratching their heads. After all, when you add two animals of different species into the same household, it can be hard to predict how they’ll get along. Based on the factors mentioned in this post, it’s safe to say that Havanese dogs can get along with cats.

But don’t worry. We’re here to answer your burning question: can cats and Havanese dogs get along? Let’s explore this topic to find the answer!

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Characteristics of Havanese Dogs

Havanese dogs are small but mighty! They usually weigh between 7 to 13 pounds and stand up to 11 inches tall. These dogs have a naturally mild-mannered temperament, and they’re known to be sweet, loyal, intelligent, and social.

Plus, they love being around people—Havanese make great companions! They’re also known to be fairly active and curious, so they need to get regular exercise.

long-haired havanese dog outdoors
Image Credit: buchsammy, Pixabay

Characteristics of Cats

Whether big, small or somewhere in between, cats make wonderful companions. On average, they weigh 8 to 10 pounds and are typically less than 10 inches tall. Cats are independent, social animals, and they often love to cuddle.

Moreover, cats are usually active and curious, just like Havanese dogs. They also need plenty of physical and mental stimulation, so it’s important to provide them with toys and activities that help keep them busy.

That said, cats can be unpredictable sometimes—they might love being around people or prefer staying alone. It’s crucial to watch for any signs of aggression or discomfort.

Now that you know a bit about both Havanese dogs and cats, let’s dive into the answer to our question—are Havanese good with cats? Read on to find out!

Factors That Determine Whether Havanese Dogs and Cats Get Along

When it comes to whether Havanese dogs and cats get along, there are a few factors that can influence the outcome. Of course, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer, as every Havanese dog and cat is unique with their own temperaments, personalities, and socialization levels.

You, therefore, need to take all of these factors into consideration when introducing a Havanese pup to a new feline family member.

Tips for Introducing a Havanese Dog to a Cat

To ensure your Havanese pup and cat get off on the right paw, there are a few tips you can follow.

  • The first one is to keep them separated initially. Introducing them face-to-face too soon could lead to unnecessary stress for both animals and create negative associations with each other.
  • Once they’re familiar with each other’s smells and sounds, gradually increase their exposure over time while maintaining a positive atmosphere. This could involve giving treats or providing plenty of praise when your pup is behaving around the cat.
  • Lastly, introducing a Havanese dog to a cat has the potential for success if you make sure to look out for the signs that their relationship is developing in a healthy manner.

With a bit of patience and understanding, you’ll soon have your furry family members getting along just fine!

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Are Havanese Good With Other Pets?

Maybe you have a rabbit or guinea pig in your home—how will your Havanese react to them?

The answer is that it depends on the individual dog. If your pup has been socialized and trained well, it should be able to get along with most animals. But it’s always best to err on the side of caution and introduce them in a slow and controlled manner.

To ensure your pup’s success, shower them with love and attention. Providing training and socialization opportunities are also essential elements to consider. With these advice points in mind, you can be certain that your Havanese will harmoniously coexist alongside any other animals in the home!

irish pied havanese dog in the studio
Image Credit: Linn Currie, Shutterstock

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Bringing a Havanese dog and cat together requires patience, diligence, and reward-based training. Every pet has its own personal traits that may take time to be accepted by one another. With the right attitude, positive reinforcements, and appropriate techniques, this process can go much smoother!

With knowledge and mindfulness of how each animal acts, you can create a peaceful and loving home for your Havanese dog and cat.

Featured Image Credit: Dorottya Mathe, Shutterstock

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