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Are Shiba Inus Good with Kids? Breed Facts & FAQs

Hanh Duong

By Hanh Duong

shiba inu dog with young boy sitting in the grass

It’s crucial to do your research before considering getting a new pet, especially if there are kids involved. Shiba Inus are becoming increasingly popular, and as a result, many families are unsure whether it is appropriate to bring one home to a household with children. The good news is that properly trained and socialized Shiba Inus can get along great with kids.

This article will go through a variety of perspectives on Shiba Inus and whether they make the ideal house pet for you and your children.

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Is a Shiba Inu a Good Family Pet?

The Shiba Inu can be a wonderful family pet.1 This is particularly obvious when you socialize the dog from an early age and raise them from puppyhood. When the dog accepts someone as a family member, they become incredibly devoted and will never leave their side. A Shiba and a child may develop a unique attachment as a result of their sensitivity and loyalty.

Shibas’ size is another advantage. They are not as big and strong as the German Shepherd, for example, but also not too small to be crushed by aggressive children. Additionally, their size makes them simpler to control on walks. The dog is probably not large enough to drag an older child, even when they’re eager. Bonding and friendship will occur by educating both parties on how to get along with one another.

Pretty girl is reading book with shiba inu puppy
Image Credit: Silverkblackstock, Shutterstock

What Makes Some Shibas Unsuitable for Children?

Shibas that are not well-trained or socialized will exhibit certain unpredictable traits, which can include aggression. They also tend to be more independent and aloof, so they might not have the patience to deal with boisterous kids who don’t respect their personal space.

These canines are likely to get upset if their food or toys are taken away from them by young children, and there may be a risk of a bite or nip in this circumstance. Any breed of dog has the potential to be dangerous around young children, however, as every dog has a unique temperament.

How Do You Introduce a Shiba Inu to a Child?

You must teach your children to treat your Shiba Inu with respect. Let them know that your Shiba is not a toy or something to pull or push. Likewise, Shibas also need to be taught how to live peacefully at home with children.2 Remember to only allow young children to interact with the dog when an adult is nearby—never leave them unsupervised.

It’s ideal to introduce a Shiba to a child for the first time in a neutral environment, such as a park. A particular area that your furry friend enjoys would also be a good choice for the initial meeting. By doing this, the dog may feel happier and have pleasant memories of the first meeting.

You should bring your Shiba’s favorite treats and toys to strengthen the good associations. It’s crucial to talk to the child about appropriate behavior before they meet the dog to ensure that it’s a pleasant experience for both of them.

shiba inu dog introduced to children
Image Credit: MENG KONGSAK, Shutterstock

Are Shiba Inus Easy to Train?

Shiba dogs are renowned for having a strong sense of independence and being challenging to train. These canines are intelligent and independent thinkers, so can be somewhat stubborn. Therefore, you should start training and socializing at an early age. As long as you use the proper methods, they can become obedient pets and great family members—with some time and patience.

Do Shibas Only Bond with One Person?

Shibas and their owners share a very special relationship that will remain for the rest of their life. They tend to bond more closely with one person, but will still be a dedicated companion to the rest of the family.

Are Shiba Inus Suitable for First-Time Owners?

Due to their intelligence and independence, Shiba Inus can be hard to train. For first-time owners who are not familiar with dog training, it can thus be more challenging.

The ideal Shiba Inu owner is an experienced and very patient owner who is able to recognize and respond to their dog’s needs. Most Shibas would do better if cared for by a person who is confident, firm, and even more determined than they are.

shiba inu dog resting
Image Credit: Piqsels

What Should You Know Before Getting a Shiba Inu?

The crucial thing to remember before getting a Shiba is that they should never be left unattended. These dogs are known for being expert escape artists. They escape mainly through unlocked gates, open doors, or even a loose leash or collar. But as long as you supervise them, these cute pups can still play in small, enclosed outdoor spaces. In addition, Shiba Inus are dominant pets and may struggle to live with other dominant canines.

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The small and beautiful Shiba Inu has a long history in Japan. These dogs were once hunters, but now they are beloved pets around the world.

Shibas are generally not dangerous to children if they are well-socialized and trained. However, each dog is different, so a careful analysis of each situation is still required. Teach your children how to behave respectfully with this dog and never leave young children alone with a Shiba.

Featured Image Credit: MENG KONGSAK, Shutterstock

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