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Austrian Black & Tan Hound | Dog Breed Info: Pictures, Traits & Facts

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By Nicole Cosgrove

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Height: 19 – 22 inches
Weight: 33 – 49 pounds
Lifespan: 12 – 14 years
Colors: Black with fawn-colored markings
Suitable for: Active families looking for a dog that is good with kids
Temperament: Friendly, intelligent, energetic

The Austrian Black And Tan Hound is probably a breed that you haven’t heard of because of its rarity. As the name implies, its origins are across the pond in Europe. While the American Kennel Club doesn’t recognize this dog, the United Kennel Club (UKC) and Federation Cynologique Internationale (FCI) do. The latter knows him by his German name, Brandlbracke.

Experts believe that the Austrian Black And Tan Hound is a descendant of the Celtic Hound of myth and legend. That makes this pooch related, albeit, distantly to others of its kind, such as the Irish Wolfhound and Greyhound. This lineage also provides some clues about what kind of dog the Austrian Black And Tan Hound is.

This pup is a scent hound. His keen sense of smell served him well both in the countryside and in more rugged terrain. The breed’s history is a bit obscure. He likely hunted upland game like hares. His job was to find the prey after hunters shot them. This background speaks to his strong prey drive and high wanderlust potential. The Austrian Black And Tan Hound is a canine that needs to run.

divider 10Austrian Black And Tan Hound Puppies

A beautiful shot of a cute puppy Austrian Black and Tan Hound looking at the camera
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Many dogs with a similar past have an independent streak. The Austrian Black And Tan Hound is no exception. He is also smart, which he depended on in the field to find his quarry. That means this pooch will not fare well in an apartment or maybe even in the city. He prefers a yard in which to run, with his nose always to the ground.

The rarity of the breed means that the Austrian Black And Tan Hound is a relatively healthy dog with few major issues. He is low-maintenance but does shed seasonally. Because of his wanderlust potential, it’s imperative to start training early with this pooch. Therefore, it means a commitment on your part for early socialization, too. Not much gets by the attention of this pup.

The Austrian Black And Tan Hound is a lovable, good-natured dog. He is loyal and affectionate with his family. Overall, he is a handsome dog, with distinct markings. His nickname, Vieräugl, refers to the tan spots above his eyes, which make it appear as if he has four! In fact, the UKC breed standard considers it a disqualification in the show ring if he doesn’t have them.

3 Little-Known Facts About the Austrian Black & Tan Hound

1. The UKC Officially Recognized the Austrian Black And Tan Hound in 2006.

It took a bit of time before the Austrian Black And Tan Hound received his proper recognition. The history of the breed is unknown before the 19th century. That may have been a factor in why it took the organization as long as it did to give him this status.

2. The Austrian Black And Tan Hound’s Nickname Gives More Clues About His Personality.

The breed’s other name, Brandlbracke, consists of two German words that describe the Austrian Black And Tan Hound to a tell. Brand means fire, perhaps a reference to the pup’s speed in the field or his unique markings above his eyes. The second part, bracke, refers to a hunting dog, which was the dog’s historical role.

3. The Celtic Hound Origins of the Austrian Black And Tan Hound Is a Testament to the Dog’s Other Jobs.

The origins and legends of the Celtic Hound are shrouded in mystery and lore. One of the more romantic purposes of this ancient canine was as a protector of those in need who traveled the mythical realm of eternal youth, the Otherworld.

A closeup shot of an Austrian black and tan hound dog eating the grass_Wirestock Images_shutterstock.jpg
Image Credit: Wirestock Images, Shutterstock

Divider 3Temperament & Intelligence of the Austrian Black And Tan Hound 🧠

The Austrian Black And Tan Hound is about as good-natured as dogs come. They are smart pups that are happiest running off their energy and exploring their world. Their background has made them independent, so you must keep an eye on him lest he goes after a rabbit or other small animal. He’s a playful pooch that will enjoy the time outside with you.

Are Austrian Black And Tan Hounds Good for Families? 🏡

The Austrian Black And Tan Hound makes an excellent family pet. He is affectionate and loves kids. What’s even better is that he has the stamina to keep up with them. It’ll be a contest to see who gets tired first! This pup is relatively comfortable with strangers, too. He’s not the best watchdog because he’s not as vocal as some breeds. His voice is distinctive when he decides to speak his mind.

Do Austrian Black And Tan Hound Get Along with Other Pets? 🐶 😽

It’s always a roll of the dice when it comes to a dog with a hunting past. The Austrian Black And Tan Hound will chase an animal that runs from him, including your cat. There is also a risk with other small animals, like guinea pigs and rabbits. That’s instinct at work. As far as dogs go, you might have better luck. It wasn’t unusual for canines to go in the field with others.

Divider 4Things to Know When Owning an Austrian Black And Tan Hound:

We’ve covered the basics about owning an Austrian Black And Tan Hound. Now, let’s delve into some specific observations about this scent hound and what you can expect as a pet owner. After all, having a dog in your home has its joys and challenges. With the right circumstances, we hope you’ll have much more of the former.

Food & Diet Requirements 🦴

As a medium-sized dog, the Austrian Black And Tan Hound needs a diet formulated for like breeds. Foods vary, depending on the size and life stage of your pet. Small pups like a Yorkshire Terrier, for example, mature much quicker than larger canines. Therefore, their food is more energy-dense to support their rapid growth.

We recommend feeding your Austrian Black And Tan Hound a high-quality diet that satisfies the nutrient requirements of your pet. This pooch isn’t as prone to weight gain than other dogs. However, you should still monitor his shape and adjust his intake to match his activity level and appetite.

Exercise 🐕

Some describe the Austrian Black And Tan Hound as a set of lungs with four legs. It’s an apt assessment of the activity level of this pooch. We suggest daily walks in addition to playtime in the backyard. That will give him the necessary mental stimulation that his keen intelligence craves. It’s also an excellent opportunity to socialize with other people and dogs to refine his canine manners.

The high activity level of the Austrian Black And Tan Hound makes him less than an ideal candidate for crate training. He’ll fare much better with time with you to bond. Dogs like him sometimes develop bad habits like barking if left alone too long.

Training 🦮

The Austrian Black And Tan Hound is relatively easy to train. He is an independent dog but also an intelligent one. Using treats as training aids will make it quicker to get him to obey. This breed is somewhat sensitive when it comes to harsh reprimands. Positive reinforcement is the key to making inroads on this score. It will also help to forge the bonds between you and your pet.

Austrian Black Tan Hound
Image Credit: Brett Sayles, Pexels

Grooming ✂️

Grooming is easy-peasy with the Austrian Black And Tan Hound. His short coat needs little maintenance other than a weekly session with a curry brush. We suggest routine ear cleaning and a check of his paws as part of your routine. His intense curiosity and activity level may lead him to explore places and things he should avoid. Be sure to trim his nails regularly, especially if he doesn’t walk on the pavement a lot.

Health and Conditions ❤️

As we discussed earlier, the Austrian Black And Tan Hound is generally healthy. Many health conditions develop from overbreeding, which isn’t an issue with this breed. However, we recommend screening for joint problems, which plague many medium to large dogs. Many of the other things that may occur are often the result of the pooch’s inquisitive nature.

Minor Conditions
  • Skin conditions
  • Ear infections
Serious Conditions
  • Hip dysplasia
  • Elbow dysplasia

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Male vs. Female

Male and female Austrian Black And Tan Hounds are well-matched in size. Their temperaments are similar, too. Your choice comes down to preference and whether you choose to breed your dog. Bear in mind that the rarity of this pooch might make finding a mate difficult. We suggest discussing the decision and timing of spaying or neutering your pet with your veterinarian.

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Final Thoughts: Austrian Black And Tan Hound

The Austrian Black And Tan Hound might not be the most popular breed, but he isn’t short of energy or personality. This pooch is an affectionate pet that will bring joy to any household. His needs are few: a large space to run and play with plenty of attention from you. In return, you’ll have a loyal companion that will get along well with everyone in your family, especially the kids.

Featured Image Credit: Wirestock Images, Shutterstock

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