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100+ Baseball Dog Names: Ideas for Home Running Dogs 

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By Nicole Cosgrove

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It’s no secret that this sport is one of the most popular in America. So much so it’s been nicknamed “America’s Pastime.” Even as children, one of the first team sports we learn to play is catch—tossing a baseball back and forth until we eventually gain the coordination to swing a bat and have it connect to that very ball and sending it high into the sky. The gratification of hitting your first home run is likely a feeling that will stick with you your entire life, sparking a love for the game that will only grow as you do.

Now, if you have owned a puppy before, you know that fetch is a popular sport among pooches and is basically the equivalent of dog baseball. If this is your first time around when it comes to dog ownership, you can bet that you will become familiar with this game real soon! Most pups won’t shy away from a good game of ball once they hit the dog park. You might come to find that the two of you share the same deep devotion to baseball, so of course, you’ve landed in the greatest place to find a baseball-themed dog name!

We have the best baseball names for dogs and our well-rounded list includes your favorite players, teams, mascots, lingo, and more! If you are a true baseball buff, the right name for your brand-new puppy is sure to be on this list! 

We hope that with our name suggestions, you are able to hit it out of the dog park!

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Baseball Dog Names: Female

  • Polly | Polly Wolfe 
  • Yuki | Yuki Kawabata
  • Toni | Toni Stone 
  • Jean | Jean Faut 
  • Doris | Doris Barr
  • Betty | Betty Trezza
  • Millie | Millie Deegan
  • Panos | Vickie Panos 
  • Lena | Lena Styles 
  • Gera | Bernice Gera
  • Eri | Eri Yoshida
  • Dorothy | Dorothy Kamenshek 
  • Connie | Connie Wisnieski
  • Sophie | Sophie Kurys
  • Olive | Olive Little 
  • Ila | Ila Borders 
  • Ayami | Ayami Sato 
  • Dottie | Dottie Shroeder
  • Effa | Effa Manley 
  • Mamie | Mamie Johnson 

Baseball Dog Names: Male

  • Cobb | Ty Cobb 
  • Felix | Felix Hernandez 
  • Dickey | R.A. Dickey 
  • Bonds | Barry Bonds 
  • Chipper | Chipper Jones 
  • Babe | Babe Ruth 
  • Hanley | Hanley Ramirez
  • Willie | Willie Mays 
  • Honus | Honus Wagner
  • Arod | Alex Rodriguez
  • Braun | Ryan Braun 
  • Ichiro | Ichiro Suzuki
  • Canseco | Jose Canseco 
  • Robinson | Robinson Cano
  • Harper | Bryce Harper 
  • Musial | Stan Musial 
  • Darvish | Yu Darvish 
  • Ortiz | David Ortiz 
  • Sandoval | Pablo Sandoval 
  • Jeter | Derek Jeter 
  • Swisher | Nick Swisher
Dog playing catch
Image Credit: CC0 Public Domain, Pickpik

Baseball Lingo Dog Names 

Someone new to the game might find these names a bit silly, but with someone of your baseball know-how, you can appreciate the diversity this list brings to baseball dog names. From positions to terminology, equipment to awards—we have got them all covered. You might find yourself drawn to the name Homer if your dog is in it for those long-distance runs to collect those homerun balls. They could fit a name like Ace if they are equally as good at sending the ball back to you when thrown. 

  • Meatball | Easy throw to hit 
  • Cap 
  • Nubber | A ball hit off the end of the bat, doesn’t travel far 
  • Chew 
  • Yakker | A curveball
  • Rookie 
  • Catcher 
  • Beanball | When a batter is hit in the head with the ball by the pitcher
  • Pitcher 
  • Cookie | Easy pitch, easy to hit 
  • Cleats 
  • Pickel | A rundown 
  • Slugger | Hard-hitting batter 
  • Bat 
  • MVP | Most valuable player 
  • Outfielder 
  • Mitt 
  • Dinger | A homerun
  • Southpaw | Left-handed pitcher or batter
  • Runner 
  • Tater | A homerun 
  • Shortstop 
  • Basemen 
  • Uncle Charlie | A curveball
  • Umpire 

Baseball Team Dog Names 

Baseball teams might seem like an endless pool of options, but we’re mainly focused on those we watch during the coveted baseball season. We’re talking about Major League Baseball. However, if you don’t see your favorite team listed here, Major or not, that doesn’t mean it won’t make a great name for your pup! 

  • Yankee | New York Yankees 
  • Cardinal | St Louis Cardinals 
  • Braves | Atlanta Braves 
  • Cub | Chicago Cubs
  • Mets | New York Mets 
  • Ranger | Texas Rangers 
  • Red | Cincinnati Reds 
  • Giant | San Francisco Giants 
  • Dodger | Los Angeles Dodgers 
  • Sox | Boston Red Sox 
  • Rocky | Colorado Rockies 
  • Marlin | Miami Marlins 
  • Jay | Toronto Blue Jays 
  • Astro | Houston Astros 
  • Pirate | Pittsburgh Pirates 
  • Brewers | Milwaukee Brewers 
White dog with tennis ball
Image Credit: Pikrepo

Baseball Food Dog Names 

Anyone who has been to a baseball game knows the experience is not complete without at least one trip to the concession stand. These might be a little outside the box as they’re not an obvious baseball dog name, but they still lend themselves well to our theme!

  • Hotdog 
  • Nacho 
  • Churro 
  • Burg 
  • Taco 
  • Brisket 
  • Sundae 
  • Waffle 
  • Bacon 
  • Parfait 
  • Sausage 

Dog Mascot Names 

Mascots are an integral part of a baseball team. They unite the fans, bring energy to the players, and provide an exciting insight into the team’s culture. Much like a dog can do for a family! If you find your dog is a total hype man, bringing positive vibes and great energy where they go, you will find that one of these names might be fitting. If not, this section might provide a little inspiration for creating your very own mascot name for your fur baby. 

  • Phillie Phanatic 
  • Fredbird 
  • Paws 
  • Stomper
  • Billy the Marlin 
  • Pirate Parrot 
  • Sluggerrr
  • Mr Met 
  • Mariner Moose 
  • Bernie Brewer 
  • Orbit 
  • Screech 
  • Wally the Green Monster 
lab with baseball bat
Image Credit: Fotokostic, Shutterstock

Dogs Owned by Famous Baseball Players 

Companionship is a wonderful thing desired by many and is often fulfilled by the friendship of an attentive pup! Baseball players are no exception—these incredible athletes share the same doting love for canines as us average folk. Here are a few famous names accompanied by their dogs!

  • Missy | Adam Jones 
  • Bailey Bru | Bud Norris 
  • Chapstick | Jose Canseco 
  • Happy | David Ortiz
  • Swag | Bryce Harper 
  • Yogi | JP Arencibia
  • Bear | Jose Canseco  
  • Astro | David Price
  • Jax | Jake Arrieta 
  • Buddy | Sandy Alderson 
  • Chloe | Jose Canseco 

Bonus: Baseball Dog Movie Names

Whether they be the star of the show or a supporting actor, these famous baseball dogs have sure made a name for themselves on the big screen. Baseball movies are rarely complete without the likes of a canine cameo. So here are our favorite dog characters from the most popular baseball movies. 

Air Bud | Air Bud: Seventh Inning Fetch

This movie franchise has touched on many sports—where an athletic golden retriever possesses the skills to play on a real-life baseball team. Air Bud is a classic household dog name for any sports lover. 

Hercules | The Beast | The Sandlot

A group of baseball-loving children runs into a series of problems, one being a giant mastiff when their baseball is hit beyond their fence. 

Rhubarb | Rhubarb

This one is a touch ironic, but we thought it would make a cute addition. A baseball team owner adopts a kitty and names him Rhubard, and when he passes, leaves his baseball to the feline. 

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Finding the Right Baseball Name for Your Dog

Pairing your new fur baby with the right name is usually the first or last step most people take when adopting a new puppy. If you are someone who is eager to find the name before you bring them home, you look for inspiration in the things you already love dearly—baseball is a great example. If you’ve waited to bring your pup home and have allowed them to get settled before choosing a name, you might have found that they love the ball game as much as you do. Regardless of your individual journey, you’ve managed to come to the conclusion that a baseball-inspired dog name is a way to go! 

We hope that our ideas have given you additional perspective on the potential baseball dog names you could choose. The ultimate home run would be that you found the perfect name for your pooch among our favorite baseball dog names

Baseball may have sounded like a great idea initially, but if you aren’t completely sold, here are a few other name posts for you to take a peek at.

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