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100+ Basketball Dog Names: Ideas for Drooling Dribbler Dogs 

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By Nicole Cosgrove

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Nothing like lacing up your favorite pair of sneakers, throwing on a jersey from your treasured team, and hitting the courts. That is until you found a pup who enjoys the game just as much as you. Watch out Airbud (90’s movie reference). Whether your new buddy loves watching you shoot hoops on the weekend or rally’s behind the same basketball team as you, there is nothing more special than the bond between pet owner, doggo, and unwavering love for the game. 

Basketball is one of those sports that draw in sports fans of all kinds that often have us spotting famous faces sitting courtside. There are many cool reasons you might find yourself looking for a basketball-inspired dog name – your love for the game, the fact that your dog is bound to grow to an impressive height, or the way they pull off a jersey. Maybe you’ve discovered your dog has a once in lifetime talent – dribbling the ball better than half the people you play with. Regardless of your reasoning, we’re happy to have you and feel this is the best spot to find the top-rated basketball-themed dog names. 

Big, small, female, male, lean, or slightly round – we have adorably fun names for all types of basketball-loving dogs.  

We start off our basketball names with a list of some of the key players in the WNBA & NBA. Now, you will only find a select few here but we encourage you to choose whichever player you love! 

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Girl Basketball Dog Names

  • Tuarasi | Diana Tuarasi 
  • Fowles | Sylvia Fowles 
  • Parker | Candance Parker 
  • Delle Donne | Elena Delle Donne 
  • Tamika | Tamika Catchings 
  • Griner | Brittney Griner 
  • Maya | Maya Moore 
  • Swoops | Sheryl Swoops 
  • Cappie | Cappie Pondexter 
  • Dupree | Candance Dupree 

Boy Basketball Dog Names 

  • MJ | Michael Jordan 
  • LaBron | LaBron James 
  • Metta | Metta World Peace 
  • Wilt | Wilt Chamberlain 
  • Pippen | Scotty Pippen 
  • Jabbar | Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
  • Kobe | Kobe Bryant 
  • Bird | Larry Bird 
  • Wade | Dwayne Wade 
  • Moses | Moses Malone 
  • Ming | Yao Ming 
  • Shaquille or Shaq | Shaquille O’Neal 
  • Magic | Magic Johnson 
  • Barkley | Charles Barkley
  • McAdoo | Bob McAdoo
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Basketball Lingo Dog Names 

One of the coolest ways you can pay homage to your favorite sport, aside from naming your pup after an all-star player, is to select a dog name inspired by basketball lingo. Each sport manages to adopt its own language over time and basketball is no exception. Below you will find a list of the most commonly used terms in addition to ones you might have never heard of. 

  • Baller | a person who plays basketball, or someone with wealth or status 
  • Dribble | act of bouncing a basketball consistently 
  • Spalding | Basketball equipment brand 
  • Hops | a player who can jump high
  • Dagger | A shot at the end of the game that makes the difference in the points unmatchable
  • Flop | a bad play resulting in a foul 
  • Barclay | Barclay Center 
  • Jersey | Uniform worn by players 
  • Alley | Alley-Oop, an offensive play 
  • Guard | Position 
  • Nike | sporting goods brand 
  • Swish | a basket scored where the ball touches nothing but net 
  • Layup | A shot made within two feet of the basket 
  • Hoops | A casual game of basketball 
  • Marv | Marv Albert, Broadcaster
  • Wiggle | An agile player who can move between defending players with ease 
  • Adidas | sporting good brand 
  • Dunk | When a player scores a ball by placing it directly in the net while  grabbing the rim
  • Rebound | An opportunity to score when the ball is caught off the back board 
  • Elbow | A way of blocking other players 
  • Airball | A ball thrown without reaching the net or backboard 
  • Meatball | Another word for a basketball 
  • Basket | Another word for the net 
  • Rebok | Brand of sporting equipment 
  • Key |  The area of the court where most shots are taken from 
  • Gunner | A player who attempts many shots that are usually unsuccessful
  • DD | Double Dribble 
  • Brick | A shot that fails to make it to the net 
  • Wedgie | When the basketball becomes stuck between the net and backboard 

Basketball Team Dog Names 

There is no doubt in our mind that you and your dog will make the best of teammates not only in your own game of ball but as lifelong friends. So in the spirit of comradery and being a good sport, you might find that choosing a basketball team as your loyal friend’s trusty name is the way to go! Here are a few NBA teams that would sound great:  

  • Lakers | Los Angeles
  • Clippers | Los Angeles
  • Rocket | Houston
  • Spur | San Antonio 
  • Bull | Chicago 
  • Maverick | Dallas 
  • Piston | Detroit 
  • Raptor | Toronto 
  • Knicks | New York 
  • Pacer | Indiana
  • Nugget | Denver 
  • Celtic | Boston 
  • Cavalier | Cleveland 
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Image Credit: Pxfuel

Basketball Dog Mascot Names 

Adopting a brand new puppy is like bringing home a mascot for your very own life. You choose the breed, its gender, and other specifics right down to their coloring. Of course, you can’t decide their personality but that’s the fun surprise you get to unwrap as they grow. You might find this next set of interesting name choices because they are the most notable mascots in NBA basketball. 

  • Hugo | Charlotte Hornets 
  • Benny | Chicago Bulls 
  • Crunch | Minnesota Timberwolves 
  • Hooper | Detroit Pistons 
  • Boomer | Indiana Pacers
  • Slamson | Sacramento Kings 
  • Champ | Dallas Mavericks 
  • Rumble | Oklahoma City Thunder 
  • Clutch | Houston Rockets 
  • Bango | Milwaukee Bucks 
  • G-Wiz | Washington Wizards 

Bonus: Famous Basketball Player Dog Names

You might be inspired by the dog names chosen by the players themselves as many of these talented athletes have doggies of their very own. While they may not be basketball-related, they are still wonderful options that are pleasantly weaved with a cool backstory. 

  • Siber | German Shepherd | Gordon Hayward 
  • Jewelz | Labrador Pit Bull Mix | Glenn Robinson 
  • Muppet | Robin Lopez 
  • Molly | Bernedoodle | D’Angelo Russel 
  • Kobe | Pit Bull | Paul George 
  • Kane | Pit Bulls | Demarcus Cousins 
  • Flash | Frenchie | Ben Simmons 
  • Rocco | English Bulldog | Klay Thompon
  • Sage | Rhodesian Ridgeback | Michael Carter Wiliams 
  • Chaney | Rhodesian Ridgeback | Blake Griffin
  • Riley | French Bulldog | John Wall 
  • Koko | Husky | Meyer Leonard 
  • Noah | Bulldog | Justise Winslow 
  • Buckets | Husky | Quincy Pondexter 
  • Natty | Rottweiler | Jahil Okafor 
  • Harvey | Labradoodle | Patty Mills 
  • Chief | Cane Corso | Ben Simmons
  • Jefe | Bulldog | Justise Winslow 
  • Gotti | Pit Bulls | Demarcus Cousins 
  • Bella | Husky | Meyer Leonard 
  • South Side | French Bulldog | John Wall 
  • King | Pit Bull | Paul George 

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Finding the Right Basketball-Inspired Name for Your Dog

There you go! We’ve included all things basketball for you to consider during your name selection process for Fido. Whether your new addition shares a love for the game or they simply are loved just as much as the sport itself, each suggestion is a cool way of showing your appreciation and colliding two worlds that are otherwise unrelated. 

If you were a fan of the classic names, you might have chosen Hoops or Jersey, perhaps you decided on something a little unconventional and goofy like Meatball or Dunk. Whatever you have landed on, you can be sure that your dog will love it and wear it with pride. 

If you are looking for a few additional ideas before you make a final decision, check out our other popular name posts below: 

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