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How Much Does a Beagle Cost? (2023 Price Guide)

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By Nicole Cosgrove

Beagle dog

This small compact dog loves to play and has the best sniffer around. Beagles were originally bred as scenthounds to track small animals and as such have advanced smelling abilities. While they are still used as scenthounds, you’ll now just as likely find them living as companions in people’s homes. These dogs are loving and friendly. They get along well with other dogs and people. Beagles can be known to vocalize often, so you will need to train your beagle to control this habit. Early training and socialization will help your beagle grow into a pleasant dog. There are many reasons to love Beagles, but we of course must consider how much it would cost to own a beagle of our own. Let’s break down some of the costs associated with owning a beagle.

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Beagle Dog Price: One-Time Costs

There will be initial costs associated with bringing your beagle home such as adoption fees or purchase price. This can range greatly depending on where you find your beagle.

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Free Beagles

You may be lucky enough to snag your very own beagle for free! This may happen if someone you know is giving away puppies or if a shelter is running a free adoption promotion. Don’t forget though, nothing in life is truly free. You will still have costs that you will need to pay for your beagle later down the line.

Beagle Adoption

  • $50–$500

Adoption fees can vary widely based on the organization you adopt from. Typically, local city or county shelters will have a lower adoption rate than a privately run breed-specific rescue. The adoption fees can range from $50-$500.

Beagle Breeders

  • $300–$1,200

A lower fee from a breeder may be cause for worry. Purebred breeders who are following higher breeding standards will usually have a higher fee due to increased costs in vet care and day-to-day care of their dogs. It is important to do your research into whichever breeder you choose to ensure they are reputable. From a breeder, a Beagle costs between $300 and $1,200.

Beagles Cost: Initial Setup and Supplies

  • $710–$1,200

There will be initial setup costs associated with bringing a beagle into your family. You will need initial vet care such as vaccines, examinations, and spay or neuter surgery. Having your pet microchipped is also very important to ensure your pet is returned to you if they are lost. You will also need to buy a bed and toys for your pet. If you are going to crate train your dog a dog crate will cost around $50-$150. Nail clippers and a brush are also good items to purchase in preparation for getting your pet.

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Image Credit: olginaa84, Pixabay

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List of Beagle Care Supplies and Costs

Fill out this table (these are examples – adjust them to match the pet in question):

ID Tag and Collar $15-$20
Spay/Neuter $150-$350
X-Ray Cost $100–$250
Vaccines $50-$75
Microchip $40-$75
Teeth Cleaning $150-$300
Bed $30-$60
Nail Clipper (optional) $10
Brush (optional) $8
Dog crate $50-$150
Toys $30-$50
Carrier $70-$150
Food and Water Bowls $10

How Much Does a Beagle Cost Per Month?

  • $143–$325 per month

The monthly costs of owning a beagle may be more than you expected. It is important to be prepared for the costs associated with dog-owning. You will need to provide adequate health care, environmental maintenance, and entertainment for your dog.

Beagle Health Care Costs

  • $90–$220 per month

Keeping your beagle healthy is one of the most important jobs of being a pet owner. Food, grooming, medications, and pet insurance will be things you will need to pay for at least monthly. Let’s look at the breakdown of some of these costs.

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Image Credit: AlbanyColley, Pixabay

Beagle Food Costs

  • $20–$60 per month

It is important to feed your beagle a high-quality diet to keep them healthy and happy. You should be feeding them approximately one cup of food per day split into two servings. This should cost around $20-$60 per month.

Beagle Grooming Costs

  • $25–$50 per month

Beagles have relatively low maintenance grooming needs. Their nails should be trimmed and ears should be cleaned at least once a month. If you choose to have them bathed at the same time, all three should cost you from $25-$50.

Beagle Medications and Vet Visits

  • $18–$35 per month

All dogs should always be on a monthly flea and heartworm prevention. Fleas can be a bother to everyone in your household if an infestation were to take hold and heartworms can be a death sentence for your dog. For a combination pill that prevents both fleas and heartworms, it will cost around $15-$30. A vet visit to have these pills prescribed will run you around $30-$50, but only one visit is necessary per year unless your dog is sick. If your budget monthly for your yearly visit, it should cost only $18-$35 per month for both the visit and the medications.

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Image Credit: greghristov, Pixabay

Beagle Pet Insurance Costs

  • $25–$75 per month

Pet insurance can be a lifesaver when an unexpected illness or accident occurs. Different policies will cover different ailments. Some policies only cover accidents, while some cover both illnesses and accidents. Be sure to look into the fine print on your policy to know what is covered. A pet insurance policy will cost between $25-$75 per month depending on the coverage.

Beagle Environment Maintenance Costs

  • $23–$55 per month

50-100 words about the overall maintenance costs for this pet. Focus on monthly replacement costs rather than one-time purchases.

Walking your dog will be a daily occurrence if you do not have a backyard for them to freely run in. To be a good neighbor you will need to purchase poop bags to clean up after your dog on your daily walks. These will cost from $6-$20 per month. Other monthly costs you will need to consider are treats and dental chews for your pets. Treats can cost from $7-$15 per month and dental chews can cost from $10-$20 per month.

Poop bags $6-$20/month
Treats $7-$15/month
Dental chews $10-$20/month

Beagle Entertainment Costs

  • $30–$50 per month

You want to make sure that your beagle is entertained and has toys to play with. If your beagle is not mentally stimulated it can lead to bad behaviors such as tearing up your furniture or shoes or digging holes in the backyard. A subscription to a monthly dog toy box is a great solution to this and will cost you from $30-$50 per month.

Image Credit: Alexey Androsov, Shutterstock

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Total Monthly Cost of Owning a Beagle

  • $143–$325 per month

Though these costs may surprise you, they are all necessary for raising a happy and healthy dog. There are few additional costs you should consider as well.

Additional Costs to Factor In

There are the regular monthly expenses that you will pay every month for your dog. However, there are also some other intermittent costs to look out for. If you are going on vacation and can’t take your pooch along with you, you will need a pet sitter to watch your dog. This will cost between $15-$60 per day. If your dog becomes ill and you do not have pet insurance to cover it, it may cost you from hundreds to even thousands of dollars. Training for your pet if they are naughty or if you just want them to be the best pet around can cost from $30-$80 per class.

Owning a Beagle on a Budget

What if you are on a tight budget, but it’s still your dream to own a beagle? Don’t worry, there are a few tips that we can share to help you own your dream dog while staying within your budget.

Image Credit: JOSÉ SOMOVILLA, Pixabay

Saving Money on Beagle Care

Always shop around for monthly costs such as vet care and food. The prices vary widely and you can usually find a better price if you shop around first. Investing in pet insurance may seem like increasing your costs, but it will save you money in the long run when your pet inevitably becomes sick or is injured. For monthly medications, look online for cheaper prices as the medications from your vet will usually have a mark-up on prices.

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Conclusion: Beagle Cost

The upfront costs of purchasing or adopting a beagle can be free to up to $1,200. The one-time costs associated with getting your beagle such as supplies will cost between $710-$1,200. Don’t forget to consider your monthly costs which will run between $143-$325 a month. Owning a pet is a worthwhile investment and will bring you and your family much happiness throughout the journey.

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