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How Much Does a Bengal Cat Cost? 2023 Price Guide

Patricia Dickson

By Patricia Dickson

Bengal cat standing in the garden

If you’ve ever had the good fortune to meet a Bengal Cat, you already know what an amazing breed they are. Bengal Cats are a rare breed and only bred by specialty breeders, which means that they’re quite expensive and hard to find.

However, even if you can find a Bengal Cat at a reputable specialty breeder, there’s more to caring for this cat than just paying the purchase price and taking them home. There are one-time costs for setting up your home to make the cat comfortable and monthly costs to consider. The cost for Bengal cat can be between $1,500 to $3,000 from the breeder with monthly costs around $50 to $250.

If you locate a Bengal to adopt, you’ll need to invest a significant amount to keep the cat healthy and happy. However, Bengals aren’t predisposed to many health concerns, and if you maintain their veterinary care, you’re less likely to encounter expensive bills from the vet. In the guide below, we’ll break down the costs of owning one of these gorgeous cats for you, so join us.

Bringing Home a New Bengal Cat: One-Time Costs

It’s important to note that Bengals are usually expensive to acquire. While the costs of keeping the cat healthy and happy are much the same as other breeds, the purchase cost can be expensive.

bengal cat lying on the floor
Image Credit: lshman000, Pixabay


The chances of finding a Bengal cat that someone is just trying to rehome are very slim. If you find a Bengal that someone is giving away, there is very little chance that the cat is a purebred Bengal Cat.

The cats are so rare that many breeders offer a take-back program, meaning if the owner decides to rehome the cat, the breeder will take the cat back. This also means that the person looking to give away the cat for free might be breaking the contract they made with the breeder, so be very careful when looking for a Bengal that someone is trying to give away.

Also, any cat you get for free will need a complete examination from your vet. Some owners give away cats that have health conditions, and the last thing you want is to adopt a sick cat that you’ll only enjoy for a short time.


As with finding this cat breed for free, you’re unlikely to find one at a local rescue center to adopt. People pay a lot of money for Bengal Cats, and they aren’t going to give them up easily. If you find a Bengal Cat at a shelter, ask about their history and health status to determine if the cat is in good health before making a final decision.

bengal cat sits on woman's lap
Image Credit: golubovystock, Shutterstock


  • $1,500 to $3,000

You can expect to pay anywhere between $1,500 to $3,000 for a Bengal Cat. Since they are incredibly rare, they are expensive to breed, especially if the breeder does it ethically, and that’s always what you want when looking for a breeder. For show-quality Bengals, you’ll pay much more. Before making such a large investment, it’s wise to research the breeder thoroughly. Ask to visit the facilities to ensure they’re sanitary and the cats are cared for well. You should also ask to see documents about the Bengal’s health and determine if they’re had vaccinations and deworming treatments.

Initial Setup and Supplies

  • $300 plus

After you pay the purchase price for your Bengal Cat, you’ll need to set up the house to bring your little friend home. The one-time equipment and supplies needed for this cat can also be expensive. You should expect to pay $300 or more to set your Bengal Cat up safely.

Unlike some breeds, Bengals are active cats that go through toys a bit faster. It’s also best to buy high-quality equipment for your Bengal Cat so that you don’t have to replace it so soon. Cat trees, elevated platforms, and scratching posts are perfect for the high-energy Bengal.

young bengal cat playing an interactive toy
Image Credit: Evdokimova, Shutterstock

List of Bengal Cat Care Supplies and Costs

Pet Carrier $35
Food and Water Bowls $9
Cat Litter $20
Cat Tree $75
Cat Bed $20
Scratching Post $50
Brush $7
Toys $20
Cleaning Supplies $25
Litter Box $25
Litter Scoop $10

How Much Does a Bengal Cat Cost Per Month?

  • $50 to $100 per month

Now that you know the one-time costs of owning a Bengal cat, we can discuss the monthly costs. Except for the numerous cat toys you’ll have to replace, Bengals are really no more expensive than other cat breeds, and you can expect to spend between $50 to $100 a month keeping your cat healthy and happy.

charcoal bengal cat lying
Image Credit: Smile19, Shutterstock

Health Care

  • $30 to $380 per month

Bengal Cats are pretty healthy animals, so health care shouldn’t be as expensive as caring for a breed with several health concerns. You can expect to pay $30 to $380 a month for health care. The way to keep your Bengal from being on the high end of those costs is by taking them in for regular checkups with your vet. Typically, visiting the vet twice a year will ensure your Bengal stays healthy and stays current on vaccinations. However, as your pet ages, you’ll likely have to visit the vet more often.


  • $30 to $90 per month

Food costs can run you anywhere from $30 to $90 a month, according to the type and quality of the food you feed your Bengal. They are a larger breed, so they eat more than most cats. Also, because of their endless energy, Bengals benefit from high-protein formulas to provide enough fuel for their acrobatics and daily exercise. Unfortunately, cat food with higher protein levels is usually more expensive because of the meat-heavy ingredients.

Bengal cat near food bowl
Image Credit: Svetlana Rey, Shutterstock


  • $0 to $50 per month

The Bengal requires minimal grooming, and you shouldn’t have to brush them often or get professional grooming for your Bengal Cat. If you use a professional, it will cost around $50 a month. However, the cat’s silky short coat only needs weekly brushing, and since they love spending time with humans, you shouldn’t have problems getting them used to monthly nail clipping and weekly tooth brushing.

Medications and Vet Visits

  • $0 to $200 per month

As previously stated, Bengal Cats are a pretty healthy breed. You can expect to pay from $0 to $200 monthly for medications and vet visits. The upper end of the cost will come if your cat is sick and needs medication or vet visits more often than normal. During the winter, you’ll likely spend less if your cat is healthy because when the temperature rises, you’ll need flea and tick medication to protect your cat.

vet checking bengal cat
Image Credit: Pressmaster, Shutterstock

Pet Insurance

  • $5 to $40 per month

Pet insurance is not required in any state in the USA, but getting a policy for your Bengal is a good idea. You can expect to pay between $5 to $40 a month, according to your location, your insurance provider, and the policy you choose. Researching several insurance providers is essential because some insurers charge more for expensive pedigree cats like Bengals, and others may not insure them at all.

Enroll your Bengal kitten early to get the most out of your health insurance. If they contract an illness as adults, your insurance may cover it, but if you wait to enroll your pet later, the insurer may consider it a preexisting condition and refuse to reimburse you for the treatment.

pet insurance website flashed on the tablet
Image Credit: Rawpixel.com, Shutterstock

Environment Maintenance

  • $5 to $30 per month

You can expect to pay between $5 and $30 a month to maintain the environment that your Bengal Cat will live in. Products like litter box liners, accessories, and cardboard scratchers are just a few things you can expect to spend money on. Of course, you’ll have to replace bedding, bowls, and toys as needed as well.

Litter box liners $10 per month
Deodorizing spray or granules $15 per month
Cardboard Scratcher $5 per month


  • $30 to $60 per month

An energetic Bengal must be entertained, or they can become bored and destructive. You can expect to spend between $30 to $60 monthly on toys for your cat. You can also look into subscription boxes, which will send you a monthly surprise box of goodies for your cat for a set price. It’s best to provide several types of toys for your intelligent Bengal; they get tired of the same toy and may find another personal belonging in your home to entertain them. They love to run around, so a laser pointer is ideal to get them moving. They also enjoy playing with plush toys and teasers.

bengal cat scratching the vertical scratch post
Image Credit: Olga Smolina SL, Shutterstock

Total Monthly Cost of Owning a Bengal Cat

  • $50 to $250 or more per month

Owning a Bengal Cat comes with a few expenses, but besides the high purchase price and expensive high-protein food, caring for a Bengal is similar to other breeds. You can expect to spend $50 to $250 a month on your Bengal Cat for various supplies.

Additional Costs to Factor In

You can factor in a few additional costs to care for your Bengal Cat. If you go away on vacation or business trips, you don’t want to leave your cat alone. You can pay a pet sitter to care for your cat or pay a friend to come over. Also, Bengal Cats can be hard to train, so you might also want to take your cat to a professional trainer.

Bengals can also be quite destructive to walls, carpets, and furniture, especially if they’re bored, so you may want to set money aside for repairs.

silver bengal kitten sitting
Image Credit: TheCats, Shutterstock

Owning a Bengal Cat on a Budget

While most people who can afford a Bengal Cat from a reputable breeder don’t need a strict budget, you still want to save money where you can. You can do that by purchasing pet insurance that will help should the worst happen. While it might be more expensive monthly, it will help if your cat has an accident or contracts a chronic illness.

You can also employ your friends and family to help you care for your cat on a budget. Instead of hiring a pet sitter, you can ask a friend to look after your Bengal. Family and friends can help you save money by giving you equipment and supplies for your pet that they no longer need.

Saving Money on Bengal Cat Care

Searching for coupons and online promotions can help you save a few dollars on your Bengal. Some pet food companies provide coupons if you follow them on social media or provide your email. You can also buy your Bengal’s food in bulk quantities and save money on toys by using a subscription service. If you need to get your Bengal fixed, you can see if the shelters or vet offices are holding a spay and neuter event soon in your area. They charge lower prices to encourage more owners to get their pets neutered or spayed.

bengal cat on blue training mat
Image Credit: Svetlana Rey, Shutterstock


Bengal Cats are rare, and they require a considerable investment to ensure your needs are met. You shouldn’t expect to find a Bengal Cat in a rescue shelter or for free on a social media site since Bengal owners rarely give them up easily. If they do, they usually have a contract with the breeder that says they’ll return the cat if they can’t keep it.

If you decide to pay the price to keep a Bengal as a pet, know that you’ll get a loyal, loving feline in return.

Featured Image Credit: Jeannette1980, Pixabay

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