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10 Best Apps to Stop a Dog from Barking in 2023 – Reviews and Top Picks

Jessica Kim

By Jessica Kim

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Living with a dog can be one of the most rewarding experiences. However, training a dog comes with significant challenges. It takes time and patience to train dogs to disengage from disruptive behaviors, including excessive barking. Barking is a natural canine behavior, and it can be difficult to manage your dog’s barking. However, it’s possible to train dogs to reduce their barking or stop barking on command.

These days, you can find all kinds of apps that help dog owners train or redirect their dogs from barking. Our reviews of apps that can be used to stop a dog from barking will help you determine which ones are the best fit for your situation.

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The 10 Best Apps to Stop a Dog from Barking

1. iTrainer Dog Whistle & Clicker – Best Overall

itrainer dog whistle and clicker

Compatibility: iPhone
Rating: 5/5 stars
Number of Ratings 29.1k ratings

iTrainer Dog Whistle & Clicker is a dog training app that can help reduce dog barking. It has a simple, user-friendly interface with over 50 different kinds of sounds, including dog whistles, clickers, and animal sounds. The dog whistle feature has frequency settings that range from 100–35,000 Hz, and you can use it to get your dog’s attention without adding any additional noise that’s detectable by human ears.

You can also use five different clicker sounds, and you can assign each sound to a specific command or trick. The app is free to download and has a good number of free features. You can unlock more sounds by upgrading to premium, and the premium fee is only about $2.

This app is the best overall app to stop a dog from barking because it’s straightforward and effective in getting your dog’s attention while they’re barking. The only limitation is that it’s only available in the Apple App Store and not available for Android users.

  • Simple, user-friendly interface
  • Dog whistle feature has varying frequency options
  • Premium fee is only about $2
  • Only available in Apple App Store

2. Dog Whistle – High-Frequency – Best Value

dog whistle high frequency

Availability: Android
Rating: 3/5 stars
Number of Ratings 7.27k ratings

Using the Dog Whistle – High-Frequency app can be completely free, making it the best app to stop a dog from barking for the money. The free version does have ads that play every once in a while, but it’s not as frequent as most other free dog whistle apps. You can also purchase the full version of the app at a relatively affordable price, and you’ll no longer be interrupted by ads.

This simple and straightforward app allows you to quickly change the frequency of the dog whistle to help you get a dog’s attention and redirect it from barking. The frequencies range from 100–22,000 Hz. If you want to use the app for more intensive training purposes, you can assign the different frequencies to different commands.

  • Completely free to use
  • Frequencies range from 100–22,000 Hz
  • Ad-free premium version available
  • Free version plays ads

3. Dogo App – Premium Choice

dogo app

Availability: iPhone and Android
Rating: 8/5 stars in App Store; 4.6/5 stars in Google Play Store
Number of Ratings 10.4k ratings in App Store; 107k ratings in Google Play Store

The Dogo App is a comprehensive dog training app that includes managing dog barking. The app uses positive dog training techniques to ensure your dog learns with enthusiasm and confidence. It has different subscription packages, with the most basic package being about $4.99/month. Fortunately, you can opt for a 7-day free trial period before choosing a monthly subscription plan.

The Dogo App has a built-in clicker and has short training lessons and tutorial videos to help you learn how to train your dog to stop barking properly. Once your dog has mastered this skill, you can move on to trying out over 100+ training exercises. You can also opt to have a personalized training plan and receive direct feedback from dog trainers to ensure your puppy is set up for success.

  • Uses positive dog training techniques
  • 7-day free trial period available
  • Has built-in dog clicker
  • Receive direct feedback from dog trainers
  • Monthly subscription required

4. GoodPup – Best for Puppies

goodpup logo

Availability: iPhone and Android
Rating: 8/5 stars in App Store; 4.5/5 stars in Google Play Store
Number of Ratings 9.3k ratings in App Store; 1.01k ratings in Google Play Store

GoodPup is an excellent app for establishing a strong foundation for your new puppy. It connects you with a professional dog trainer, and you can develop a personalized training plan together. You’ll also receive daily guided practices and check-ins, and you’ll be able to connect with your dog trainer once a week via video chat. The app also has a 24/7 chat feature that you can use to get advice from dog behavior and veterinary experts. So, even if your puppy’s barking or whining in the middle of the night, you can still chat with someone for help.

The monthly subscription for this app is relatively expensive and costs a little over $34 per week, but when you compare the costs to traditional in-person dog training sessions, it’s very affordable.

  • Daily guided practices and check-ins
  • Connect with dog trainers via video chat
  • 24/7 chat feature
  • Must pay about $34/week

5. Puppr

Puppr dog training app

Availability: iPhone and Android
Rating: 8/5 stars in App Store; 4.5/5 stars in Google Play Store
Number of Ratings 21.9k ratings in App Store; 4k ratings in Google Play Store

Puppr is another dog training app that can help you train your dog to stop barking on command. The app contains training courses and masterclasses taught by celebrity dog trainer Sara Carson and her Super Collies. You can either purchase certain lesson packs or sign up for a monthly subscription. Once you purchase a lesson, you’ll be guided through step-by-step video instructions to help train your dog to stop barking in manageable steps.

The Puppr community is active and strong, and you and your dog can participate in fun challenges with other community members. Being a part of the community can motivate you to keep working at training your dog to stop barking, and another incentive to train is earning badges as your dog masters new skills.

The app includes a 24/7 chat feature that connects you to a team of professional trainers. However, unlike GoodPup, a video chat feature isn’t available.

  • Step-by-step video instructions
  • Strong online community
  • 24/7 chat feature
  • No live video chat available

6. EveryDoggy

everyday doggie

Availability: iPhone & Android
Rating: 6/5 stars in App Store; 4.3/5 stars in Google Play Store
Number of Ratings 3k ratings in App Store; 4.51k reviews in Google Play Store

EveryDoggy is a dog training app for both puppies and dogs that helps dog owners train and teach their dogs obedience skills and tricks. The app contains over 70 different tricks and games to help keep your dog mentally and physically active, including training to stop barking. Keeping your dog mentally stimulated also prevents boredom which can reduce barking.

This app also includes a built-in clicker and a dog whistle to help catch your dog’s attention. You can choose a free version and a premium version. You can get by with the basics if you have the free version, but if you’re looking for more guidance with training, it’s best to purchase the premium version, which can be purchased with either a monthly or annual subscription. You’ll also have access to a chat feature where you can attach videos of your dog’s progress for review.

  • Over 70 different tricks and games
  • Built-in click and dog whistle
  • Built-in chat feature
  • Free version is pretty limited

7. Pupford

pupford academy logo

Availability: iPhone and Android
Rating: 7/5 stars in App Store; 4.3/5 stars in Google Play Store
Number of Ratings 2.7k ratings in App Store; 1.66k ratings in Google Play Store

The Pupford app is a dog training app that offers a free 30-day training course for new puppies, and it includes positive dog training techniques. It’s one of the few apps that offer substantial basic obedience training for free. So, with some time and dedication, you can teach your dog to stop barking with just the free version.

Once you complete the 30-day course, you can opt to sign up for training packages and memberships to Pupford Academy. This unlocks training courses for over 100 different behaviors and tricks. If you find that you and your dog need some extra training with barking, you can purchase the Barking Solutions course. The app also helps you track your dog’s progress and mark specific behaviors.

Unlike many other dog training apps, this one doesn’t have a chat function. It does offer access to a private Facebook group, but you aren’t guaranteed to connect with a dog trainer through it.

  • Free 30-day training course
  • Premium membership grants access to over 100 courses
  • Course specifically addressing barking is available for purchase
  • No chat feature

8. Barkio

barkio logo

Availability: iPhone and Android
Rating: 7/5 stars in App Store; 4.7/5 stars in Google Play Store
Number of Ratings 794 ratings in App Store; 2.76k ratings in Google Play Store

Oftentimes, it’s helpful to have a dog camera in the home to monitor your dog’s behavior while you’re gone. If your dog tends to bark more when you’re away, you have better chances of catching what triggers your dog to bark. Dog cameras can be expensive, and Barkio offers a more cost-effective solution.

Barkio is an app that enables you to connect two devices, such as phones, tablets, and laptops, to monitor your dog. One device acts as a camera, and you can use the other to view your dog while you’re outside the home. The app also has a microphone feature where you can talk to your dog and calm them down if they start barking.

Barkio does require a membership subscription, but it’s less than $30 a year.

The only consistent issue that Barkio users experience is not being able to mute the camera. So, it’s difficult to discreetly open the app and view the camera without hearing your dog bark unless you’ve completely silenced your phone first.

  • Connects any two devices together
  • Helps you find what’s triggering your dog to bark
  • Microphone feature enables you to speak and calm down your dog
  • Can’t mute the camera

9. Pet Monitor VIGI

pet monitor VIGI

Availability: iPhone and Android
Rating: 8/5 stars in App Store; 4/5 stars in Google Play Store
Number of Ratings 2k ratings in App Store; 47 reviews in Google Play Store

Pet Monitor VIGI is another dog camera app that connects two devices together. It’s not as user-friendly and is a little more limited than Barkio, but the app just requires one purchase of $4.99, and you can link up to five devices through the same account. After you purchase the app, you get access to a camera and microphone system that enables you to talk to your dog if it’s barking while you’re away. You can also allow Pet Monitor VIGI to send alerts for barking and motion tracking.

Since the app relies heavily on a strong internet connection, it’s important to make sure your home has stable internet. Otherwise, the video can lag significantly, or you may not be able to view anything at all.

  • One-time payment of just $4.99
  • One account can link up to five devices
  • App sends notifications for barking and motion detection
  • Interface can be a little difficult to navigate
  • Requires very strong and stable internet connection

10. Dog Whistle & Clicker

dog whistle and clicker

Availability: iPhone
Rating: 4/5 stars
Number of Ratings 775 ratings

The Dog Whistle & Clicker app is a simple and straightforward app that has a dog whistle that ranges from 0– 140,000 Hz. The free version of the app provides access to a dog whistle and clicker, and the premium version unlocks more animal sounds and training tips. You can also choose different clicker sounds to assign specific sounds to certain commands or tricks. Since there are so many sound options, it’s likely that you’ll find one that catches your dog’s attention and redirects it from barking.

Currently, this app is only available for iPhones, and most users end up upgrading to the premium version because the free app has many ad pop ups.

  • Dog whistle has wide range of frequencies
  • Has different clicker sounds and animal noises
  • App includes training tips
  • Only available for iPhones
  • Free version has a lot of ad pop ups

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What App Is Best for My Dog?

The type of app that best works for your dog will depend on what you’re trying to achieve and what’s causing your dog’s barking. Some apps have much simpler features, while others are more robust and offer more support.

If you’re simply trying to redirect your dog and get their attention while they’re barking, it may be more appropriate for you to get a dog whistle app or an app that has different animal noises that are likely to get your dog’s attention. These apps can distract your dog or draw their interest away from whatever’s causing them to bark.

If you want to train your dog to stop barking, a dog training app would be more applicable. These apps tend to be more expensive, but most are still more affordable than traditional in-person dog training sessions. Try to look for apps that offer a chat function that connects you to a professional dog trainer. Speaking with a live trainer in real time can help you correct any mistakes and strengthen communication between you and your dog.

For dogs that start barking due to separation anxiety, a dog camera app can be helpful. These apps will connect two devices together to create a video feed of your dog while it’s home alone. They also usually come with a microphone feature that enables you to talk to your dog and soothe it if it starts barking. You can also purchase a dog camera that comes with an app. Just keep in mind that a reliable dog camera is often expensive.

a woman using a laptop with a beagle dog on her lap
Image Credit: Kampus Production, Pexels

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Out of our reviews, the iTrainer Dog Whistle & Clicker is the best app for stopping a dog from barking because it’s easy to use and offers a quick solution to redirect dogs from barking. The Dog Whistle – High-Frequency is a good budget-friendly option, but it comes with ads. If you’re looking to invest more in training your dog to stop barking, the Dogo App is an excellent choice that offers much support. You can find many apps that use different methods to stop dogs from barking. Exploring different ones will help you find a solution that works for your unique dog.

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