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10 Best Cat Collars in 2023 – Reviews & Top Picks

Kristin Hitchcock

By Kristin Hitchcock

british short hair cat wearing flea collar

At first, choosing a cat collar may seem simple and straightforward. However, there is quite a lot that goes into choosing a high-quality cat collar. For instance, sizing is essential to prevent the collar from becoming either too loose or too tight. Safety, durability, and ease of use are all essential features in determining the best cat collar for your feline.

There isn’t a straightforward answer to the best cat collar out there. Your cat’s needs and your preferences need to be taken into account. What the best collar is for someone else may not be the best collar for you.

In this article, we’ve reviewed some of the best cat collars on the market. One of these should be suitable for your feline.

A Quick Comparison of Our Favorites of 2023

Rating Image Product Details
Best Overall
Hepper Hemp Breakaway Cat Collar Hepper Hemp Breakaway Cat Collar
  • Breakaway
  • Color options
  • Made from hemp
  • Budget Buy
    Second place
    Red Dingo Nylon Cat Collar with Bell Red Dingo Nylon Cat Collar with Bell
  • Nylon construction
  • K-ring
  • Breakaway clip
  • Third place
    GoTag Nylon Breakaway Cat Collar with Bell GoTag Nylon Breakaway Cat Collar with Bell
  • Machine-washable
  • Can be personalized
  • Nylon construction
  • Pawtitas Glow in the Dark Nylon Breakaway Cat Collar with Bell Pawtitas Glow in the Dark Nylon Breakaway Cat Collar with Bell
  • D-ring
  • Glow-in-the-dark
  • Nylon construction
  • Frisco Rose Breakaway Cat Collar with Bell Frisco Rose Breakaway Cat Collar with Bell
  • Metal ring for ID tag
  • Polyester webbing
  • Sturdy plastic hardware
  • The 10 Best Cat Collars

    1. Hepper Hemp Breakaway Cat Collar – Best Overall

    Chartreux cat with hepper collar_Grey

    The Hepper Breakaway Cat Collar is easily one of the #1 best overall collars on the market. It is made with 100% hemp webbing, reducing the risk of allergic reactions and rubbing. If your cat previously had fur loss around their neck due to collars, you may want to try this one. The collar is also UV resistant, making it perfect for outdoor cats. We all know that cats like to sunbathe, and having a collar that keeps that in mind is nice.

    The collar is adjustable, fits most felines, and is constructed with high-quality metal slip-locks. You can wash the collar with soap and warm water, and it is mold-resistant, so you don’t have to worry too much about it getting wet.

    We love that this collar is breakaway. If it gets stuck on something, the collar will open instead of causing injury to your cat. Cats like to climb and jump, so their collars get stuck on things pretty often.

    • Breakaway
    • Many colors available
    • UV-resistant
    • Hemp
    • Adjustable
    • Only pastel colors

    2. Red Dingo Classic Nylon Breakaway Cat Collar with Bell – Budget Buy

    Red Dingo Classic Nylon Breakaway Cat Collar

    The Red Dingo Classic Nylon Breakaway Cat Collar with Bell is a bit cheaper than most other options on the market. It comes in a variety of colors but has a straightforward design. It is one of the simplest available. It is a good option for those who just want a cat collar that works. It does have a bell, which helps protect the wildlife from your cat’s hunting instincts.

    Featuring a nylon webbing material, this collar is quite durable. It can resist the weather without much of a problem and doesn’t irritate most cats’ skin. In addition, the abrasion-resistant ribbon ensures your cat’s long-lasting comfort and keeps the collar intact, even if your cat does tend to be a bit rough on it.

    The K-ring is stainless steel and can easily be used to attach an ID tag. It is recommended that all cats have an ID tag, even if they spend most of their time indoors. In addition, the fish clip features a quick-release design that can be undone quite quickly if tension is applied. This makes the collar safe to wear when your cats are outside, as it’ll break away if caught on branches. Plus, you can throw it in the washing machine for quick and easy cleaning. All these features make it the best cat collar for the money.

    • Nylon construction
    • K-ring
    • Breakaway clip
    • Simple design
    • Isn’t as durable as some other options

    3. GoTag Personalized Nylon Reflective Breakaway Cat Collar with Bell

    GoTags Nylon Personalized cat collar

    We liked the GoTag Personalized Nylon Reflective Breakaway Cat Collar with Bell but it comes with a higher price tag. Its mostly so much more expensive than most collars because it can be personalized. You can put your name and your phone number directly on the collar, allowing you to forgo an ID tag altogether. It can be engraved with up to 21 characters, which is enough for most identification.

    It is constructed with nylon, like most high-quality collars. It doesn’t fray easily and can withstand quite a bit of wear-and-tear. The reflective band makes your cat more visible in low-light settings. The safety buckle is completely breakaway, so you don’t have to worry about it getting snagged on branches and other things. The bell also warns wildlife about your cat’s presence, which can provide them with some protection.

    This collar is even machine-washable to ensure that the ID information stays clear and obvious. The collar is highly adjustable so that it can fit on most cats.

    • Machine-washable
    • Can be personalized
    • Nylon construction
    • Breakaway collar
    • Expensive

    4. Pawtitas Glow in the Dark Nylon Breakaway Cat Collar with Bell

    Pawtitas Glow in the Dark cat collar

    The Pawtitas Glow in the Dark Nylon Breakaway Cat Collar with Bell is a so-so collar. It features a wide-fitting design as well as neoprene padding to ensure extra comfort for your feline. In addition, it has a glow-in-the-dark design, which can make the cats more viewable at night. The collar doesn’t require a light to be reflective. It just glows all the time. It also features a semi-reflective ribbon, allowing it to reflect light in even low-light conditions.

    The single strip of nylon is quite durable and doesn’t fray as severely as other options. Its nylon is reinforced, so it doesn’t rip badly in the least. The buckle does feature a breakaway design, so your cat can wear it safely when outside. It comes with a removable bell. This bell is helpful in protecting wildlife from your cat’s hunting instincts, as the bell will provide them with some warning of your cat’s presence.

    It does feature a D-ring, allowing you to add an ID tag.

    • Glow-in-the-dark
    • Nylon construction
    • D-ring
    • Breakaway design
    • Doesn’t glow very brightly
    • Irritates some cats’ fur and skin

    5. Frisco Rose Polyester Breakaway Cat Collar with Bell

    Frisco Rose Polyester Breakaway Cat Collar

    The Frisco Rose Polyester Breakaway Cat Collar with Bell is designed for both indoor and outdoor felines. Because it is a breakaway collar, it is safe for outdoor felines. If it gets stuck on a branch or something else, it can break away and set your cat free. It is made with high-quality polyester webbing, which prevents it from breaking unnecessarily. It has sturdy plastic hardware so that the buckle can last through quite a bit of use. The rounded edges won’t poke your cat or you when you’re putting it on.

    There is a metal ring for an ID tag, which all cats should wear whether they live indoors or outdoors. The buckle is quick-release, so it will release quickly if the correct force is put on it. This is the mechanism that makes it safe when your feline is outside.

    This collar is very adjustable so that it will fit on most cats. The prints are pretty eye-catching as well, so there are plenty of options to choose from.

    • Metal ring for ID tag
    • Polyester webbing
    • Sturdy plastic hardware
    • Quick-release buckle
    • Adjustable
    • Bell is not removable

    6. Necoichi Japanese Kimono Bow Tie Cotton Breakaway Cat Collar with Bell

    Necoichi Japanese Kimono Bow Tie cat collar

    Compared to other cat collars, this Necoichi Japanese Kimono Bow Tie Cotton Breakaway Cat Collar with Bell is fancier. If you want something a little fancier for your cat, you may be interested in this collar. It is handcrafted and a bit higher-quality than some other cat collars. It is made from chirimen rayon, which is the same fabric they use for kimonos. This fabric is entirely safe and durable, so it should withstand quite a bit of use. It is absolutely a unique collar if that’s what you’re looking for.

    The collar also includes a golden charm and a breakaway buckle clip. If it gets caught up, it can quickly become undone. Therefore, this collar is safe for cats to use outside. However, if they happen to get snagged on a branch, the cat collar will come undone.

    The adjustable design is high-quality and fits many different cats. Therefore, you should be able to adjust it without too much of a problem easily.

    With all that said, this collar is a bit more expensive than most other options. For this reason, we only recommend it if you really want something unique for your feline. Otherwise, choose a less expensive option.

    • Unique design
    • Breakaway buckle
    • Adjustable to fit a range of different cats.
    • Expensive
    • Bow can be a bit larger for smaller cats

    7. Country Brook Design Summer Polyester Breakaway Cat Collar

    Country Brook Design Summer Pines cat collar

    The Country Brook Design Summer Polyester Breakaway Cat Collar, in particular, is made with a variety of cool blues, greens, and yellows. However, this same company makes a wide variety of different collars with all sorts of different colors. The collar is lightweight for all-the-time wear, including during the summer. The collar is made in the USA from soft polyester. This material is durable and soft. It doesn’t fray easily at the edges or wear down.

    It comes with a bell, which helps warn the wildlife of your cat’s presence. The breakaway buckle allows your cat to wear this collar outside safely. If it gets snagged on a branch, the collar will break and allow the cat to get free. This accessory is suitable for cats that spend lots of time outside.

    While this collar does work for some users, it seems to have inconsistent quality. The claps sometimes don’t work. The collar is made of a very smooth material, so they must be regularly resized. Otherwise, it will slip off your cat, and they will likely lose it. The quick-release also releases far too quickly, which can be a problem even if you get it properly adjusted.

    • Soft polyester design
    • Comes with a bell
    • Lightweight
    • Adjustment comes undone quickly
    • Quick releases engage too easily
    • Smooth material makes the collar slippery

    8. Safe Cat Snag-Proof Polyester Breakaway Cat Collar

    Safe Cat Snag-Proof Polyester Breakaway Cat Collar

    Like most collars on this list, the Safe Cat Snag-Proof Polyester Breakaway Cat Collar is made of nylon for durability. This material is also pretty inexpensive, making it a good option for inexpensive cat collars. The buckle is designed to break away when enough tension is put on the collar, potentially saving your feline from choking. If it gets stuck on a branch or similar object, then it’ll easily break away. It can be adjusted from 8 to 12 inches, allowing it to fit most adult felines. There are also many different colors available, so you can choose whichever one you like best.

    Most negative reviews revolved around this collar breaking after only a few months. It may be that the quick-release function can come engaged far too quickly, which causes the collar to break when it doesn’t need to. The material of the color is relatively thin, though, so it can break simply from too much wear and tear.

    The bell is not removable, which can be a problem if your feline stays mostly indoors.

    • Breakaway buckle
    • Inexpensive
    • Breaks away a little too easily
    • Thin material
    • Bell is not removable

    9. Collar Direct Leather Cat Collar

    CollarDirect Leather Cat Collar

    As the name suggests, the Collar Direct Leather Cat Collar is made of real leather. It seems to be a step above most collars on this list for this reason. However, it seems to sacrifice a lot of the other features for the leather design. Many people had trouble with the sizing system, for instance. The small isn’t necessarily best suited for “small” cats, but the medium may be too large. The sizing system is just somewhat tricky to use.

    A bell is included, but it is just the right length for cats to get to it. Many owners reported that their cat chewed on their bell or something similar. This can be a choking hazard, or the cat may cut their mouth on the bell. You cannot remove the bell from the collar.

    The material is a stretchy elastic, which supposably allows the cat to break free if the feline gets trapped by a branch. However, this collar isn’t actually a “breakaway” collar. Instead, it is simply elastic. Therefore, this isn’t as safe as a breakaway collar.

    • Made of real leather
    • Includes a bell
    • Not a real breakaway collar
    • Sizing is complicated
    • Bell can be chewed on

    10. Necoichi Chirimen Plum Blossom Breakaway Cat Collar

    Necoichi Chirimen Plum Blossom cat collar

    Like the other Necoichi collar on this list, the Necoichi Chirimen Plum Blossom Breakaway Cat Collar features a unique design. It is made of chirimen rayon, which is the same material that is used for kimonos. It is advertised as being very durable and sturdy. It is pretty soft, especially compared to the nylon collars. It is adjustable and can fit on many different cats for this reason. It does come with a bell to help scare away wildlife before your cat catches them.

    The collar does feature a breakaway design, which keeps your cat safe during outdoor exploration.

    This collar is quite a bit more expensive than other options, though. This is mainly due to its unique design. It doesn’t look like any other collar out there. They’re adorable for owners that want something different, so the company charges a bit extra for them. Their durability doesn’t necessarily meet this price, though. Many people reported them breaking after only a few months. The bell is also quite loud, which may annoy some owners and cats.

    • Unique design
    • Breakaway
    • Not as durable as other options
    • Expensive
    • Loud bell

    Buyer’s Guide: Choosing the Best Cat Collars

    Choosing a cat collar requires you to make several decisions. It isn’t often as simple as choosing the one that you think looks the best. There are many different features that a cat collar can potentially come with. The features that matter most to your will depend on your feline’s lifestyle. Some are not important if your cat is strictly indoors, for instance.

    In this section, we’ll review some of the most important decisions you’ll need to keep in mind while choosing the perfect collar for your feline.


    While collars are generally pretty safe, there are several safety factors that you need to keep in mind. For instance, if your cat commonly spends time outside, then your feline may be at risk of strangulation due to their collar. If they get a branch stuck in their collar and jump, they can potentially strangle themselves.

    The solution to this problem is breakaway collars. These collars break when enough tension is put on them. In your cat’s everyday life, they typically don’t put enough tension on them to break them. The idea is that they will only break when your cat is hanging from the collar.

    However, this isn’t always true. Some break prematurely, especially if your feline tends to scratch at the collar. If they scratch too much, they may end up pulling the collar off.

    Some brands have gotten rid of the breakaway collar and replaced it with extreme elastic. However, these are untested and may not work as well as the breakaway collars. Generally, we recommend a breakaway collar instead, as they have been used safely for years. ‘

    While breakaway collars are essential for outdoor cats especially, indoor cats should wear them as well. This is because there are several situations where a cat may catch their collar on something indoors. Furthermore, indoor cats can get outdoors accidentally, and they need to have a safe collar in these situations.

    cat with flea collar lying on the bed
    Image Credit: sharshonm, Shutterstock


    Most cat collars are pretty inexpensive. The only options that start breaking the bank are handcrafted, made out of costly material, or highly personalized. “Boutique” collars are usually the only ones that are extremely expensive.

    If you’re buying an average collar, few features will raise the price. However, if the collar can be personalized, then it is usually quite a bit more expensive. This is because the collar will take more work than other options. The extra labor raises the price. Unique designs also tend to cost more, as you can’t find collars like them anywhere else.

    The material that the collar is made out of often matters considerably. Some are quite a bit more expensive due to their material.


    You want your cats’ collar to fit perfectly. If it is too small, then it can irritate your cat’s skin and fur. Some may even rub fur off, which can lead to bald spots and more irritation. This is most common in rougher collars that aren’t made of a soft material, but any too-tight collar will also cause this issue. If the collar is too big, your cat will likely be able to slip right out of it. They may slip their collar off while outdoors, which can be a safety hazard.

    For this reason, we recommend an adjustable collar. Most high-quality collars on the market today are very adjustable, which allows them to fit various cats. You should also measure your cat’s neck so that you know what size collar you need. This can be done most easily by using a piece of string, quickly wrapping it around your cat’s neck, and then using that for measurement purposes.

    Breakaway Red Collar Cat
    Image Credit: Daniel Rajszczak, Shutterstock


    Many collars feature reflective strips that can be seen easily at night. These may help drivers see your feline, which can prevent accidents. However, this isn’t always the case. These reflective stripes work with varying degrees of success. Some are pretty high-quality, while others aren’t. They may be highly reflective, but others may not be reflective at all.

    Other collars are glow-in-the-dark, which can help you see your cat even if there isn’t a secondary source of light. Unfortunately, this often isn’t so helpful for those in cars. However, it does make them easier to see and find at night.

    With that said, you must be cautious with glow-in-the-dark collars. Some of them are not glow-in-the-dark at all. Others glow a lot. This can be annoying if you’re trying to sleep at night and your cat wants to sleep on your bed. Furthermore, some of the chemicals they use to make the collars glow can be quite dangerous. Many owners have reported that their cats have lost hair and developed skin problems from one of these collars.


    The primary purpose of a collar is to provide your identification so that your cat can be returned to you if lost. Most of the time, collars have a ring of some sort that can hang an ID tag. This is typically how people keep this critical information on their pet.

    Some personalizable collars can be printed with your identification information, though. This eliminates the need for an ID tag. Unfortunately, these collars are usually more expensive since they are personalized according to your needs. However, you save money by skipping the ID tag altogether, so it isn’t horrible news.

    With that said, people generally know that cats have ID tags. Most people know to look for these tags when they see a cat wandering around. If the collar is printed with information, then they may not immediately recognize what it is. This is especially true from a distance, when the printing may not be precisely visible.

    We recommend ID tags or a personalized collar, even if your cat is microchipped. The average person can’t read a microchip and will need to take the cat to the vet or animal shelter. However, they can read a phone number on a tag.

    orange-and-white-tabby-cat-with-collar dark background inside tile
    Image Credit: Sydneymills, Shutterstock


    If you’re looking for a cat collar that simply works, we recommend the Hepper Hemp Breakaway Cat Collar. It features a quick-release buckle just in case your cat gets caught on something outside, is made of 100% hemp, and comes in a few beautiful colors.

    The Red Dingo Classic Nylon Breakaway Cat Collar with Bell is a reasonably simple collar with a straightforward design. It is much cheaper than other collars, but it works. It can be attached to an ID tag and is made with decently durable material.

    Hopefully, this article provided you with some guidance on the best cat collar for your feline. Our reviews should help you narrow down the list, while our buyer’s guide can provide some guidance on what to keep in mind when choosing a collar.

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