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Best Cat Food Delivery Services in 2021

We all know that a cat’s health mainly depends on what it eats: a proper diet is a key to happiness and well-being. There is a myriad of ready cat foods available on the market, but most of the options are not devoid of disadvantages. Some foods contain artificial flavors and colors, while others lack fiber or have too many peas and potatoes.

Natural fresh food is always better for cats – all in all, they are carnivore animals that eat meat.

If you don’t have time to cook meat meals for your feline friend, don’t despair. Cat food delivery service is here to help you out. There is a number of excellent delivery services in the US: they will ship freshly-cooked pet food right to your door.

My guide will help you select the best online cat food delivery. We will review a few popular services, find out where exactly they ship to and what they offer.

Main types of cat food delivery services


There is no particular classification of cat food delivery services, but most of them can be divided into two categories:

  • Online pet stores. They offer brand cat foods (kibbles, freeze-dried, wet) produced on industrial facilities. This option is suitable for pet owners who prefer buying long-lasting foods and want to save.
  • Freshly-cooked cat food delivery services. They offer fresh and frozen meat and veggie meals with a short shelf life but the best quality. All in all, this is what nature created carnivores for – they love raw meat, and it’s simply ideal for their digestion.

Top Cat Food Delivery Options in 2021

Darwin’s Pet offers 100% natural raw meat foods that don’t contain gluten or wheat. Recipes contain vegetables and greenery added for balanced nutrition, as well as vitamins, minerals, and Omega fatty acids. What exactly do they offer? Natural Selections series includes premium raw cat food made of chicken, turkey, or lamb sourced from the US and New Zealand. The meat is organic – animals were raised without steroids, antibiotics, and artificial hormones.

Intelligent Design™ Veterinary Formulas are made to address certain health problems in cats. They also do not contain pesticides and grains. However, you need a prescription to order this food!

Darwin’s Pet raw cat food delivery is available around the US, and there is a great bonus for cat owners: you can assign a free pet food consultation with their specialist.

  • Delivery area: Across US
  • Types of foods and diets available: Fresh raw pet food with human-grade ingredients, veterinary meals
  • What makes it special: The service allows ordering custom food size. Organic meat meals are enriched with vitamins and Omega fatty acids.

Raw Paws online store offers online cat food delivery to any US state and provides a decent choice of various frozen and freeze-dried pet foods. There, you can find various meat patties, meat & tripe blends, and many more options. Various types of meat are available: turkey, chicken, beef, duck, lamb, etc. The price depends on the product selected. The recipes with tripe are pretty affordable.

Aside from regular cat food recipes, Raw Paws sells treats (jerky, freeze-fried, soft chews, biscuits, dried meat, etc.). Raw Paws is one of the best fresh cat food delivery services in price terms because it has regular sales and offers clearance items – you can save a pretty penny on pet food.

  • Delivery area: Free shipping across the US
  • Types of foods and diets available: Frozen, fried-frozen, organs, patties, treats
  • What makes it special: Raw Paws provides same-day delivery around the US and offers a wide array of frozen meat meals and freeze-dried food.

Need the cheapest cat food delivery? Consider PetFlow service: it offers the whole range of wet and freeze-fried cat food from the leading manufacturers. Although they do not cook meals, they offer high-quality alternatives to such brands as Orijen, Fromm, Hill’s Science, PureVita, and Acana. Shipping of orders worth $49+ is free regardless of the state!

There is a decent choice of prescription foods for urinary and gastrointestinal health, a series of recipes for kidney and renal support, better skin, and weight management. To boost your cat’s health, you can also buy treats and supplements.

You can order Lotus, I and Love and You, Merrick and Wysong cat foods from PetFlow.

  • Delivery area: Currently ships to the 48 contiguous United States. No shipping to Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, or Canada available.
  • Types of foods and diets available: Dry, wet, freeze-dried, prescription food, treats, vitamins & supplements
  • What makes it special: Offers a wide choice of freeze-dried and prescription food produced by leading brand. Free shipping starting from $49 is available.

Being one of the best cat food delivery services around, Nom Nom Now received props and acclaim for cooking delicious food of human-grade ingredients. What would your feline friend like today – chicken breast with asparagus and spinach, or fish feast with yucca and carrots? No matter what your picky pet prefers, it will enjoy fresh, 100% natural food rich in protein, vitamins, and minerals. Variety packs are available, as well – I recommend buying them for the first trial.

Additionally, you can order cat treats like beef and chicken jerky: those are great for dental health. Supplements like probiotics and powder for joints & mobility are available, as well. Nom Nom Now provides door delivery and makes a 20% discount off the first order. Although it’s far not the cheapest homemade cat food delivery service, the exceptional quality is worth every buck.

Also you are welcome to check a list of human-grade foods if you are particularly interested in this segment


  • Delivery area: Free shipping across the 48 contiguous states
  • Types of foods and diets available: Chicken cuisine + fish meals with vegetables and greenery, supplements and gut health food
  • What makes it special: Freshly made food enriched with vitamins and minerals delivered to your door. Microbiome test kits available for checking cat’s gastrointestinal health at home.

If you prefer making bulk purchases, and your refrigerator can accommodate enough frozen cat food, Wild At Heart might be the most affordable cat food delivery service. They have free shipping for orders worth $50-200 and provide a broad array of meat foods. Turkey, rabbit, chicken, beef – you can find whatever your four-legged friend likes.

Besides, there is an enormous selection of jerky treats, vegan meals, and supplements, as well as natural medications. Discounts are often provided for various products.

  • Delivery Area: Free delivery in Lower mainland to Vancouver ($50), UBC/Point Grey, Richmond, Delta, White Rock, South Surrey ($100), North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Abbotsford ($200)
  • Types of foods and diets available: Pure meat meals, organ meat, raw meaty bones, freeze-dried food, treats, veggie meals, dietary supplements
  • What makes it special: A wide choice of meat meals and mixed foods like patties, nibbles, and freeze-dried recipes


Smalls fresh cat food delivery is a special service: cat owners like it for the personalized approach and the chance to fully customize pet’s meals. You can register and select special recipes for each of your feline friends. Thanks to the subscription program, you can save and receive fresh cat food regularly – no more wasting time on cooking or shopping!

Smalls сompany uses quality ingredients (chicken, turkey, beef) and adds only natural moisture to improve digestion and prevent kidney & urinary issues. Ready meals are delivered right to the user’s door, carefully packed in vacuum bags. I recommend using their sample kits to find out what your picky cat likes more.

  • Delivery Area: The continental US for free
  • Types of foods and diets available: Chicken, beef, and turkey cat food in various formulas.
  • What makes it special: Offers sample box for cats to try, allows fully customizing cat’s diet, and assign the subscription to receive meals regularly. It provides refunds if cats don’t like the food.

If your four-legged friend prefers dry food, consider subscribing for monthly cat food delivery by Pet Wants service. It offers freshly-made kibbles for adult cats and kittens while using high-quality ingredients. Chicken, duck, herring, and other recipes are available. Also, there is food for lean cats available.

I also recommend buying their freeze-dried salmon treats: it’s not just delicious – it helps to sustain dental health and would be a great pick for training your cat (a rare pet will refuse to do your commands for such a yummy). Unfortunately, there are no pate and meat pieces in the menu provided by PetWants cat food delivery service. However, it includes enough features to justify its price point.

  • Delivery area: All around the US
  • Types of foods and diets available: Kibbles, treats, supplements
  • What makes it special: Delivers non-expensive dry food that meets AAFCO standards and requirements for all life stages.

Right cooked cat food delivery service offers a decent range of recipes in home-cooked style. All it takes is just a couple of minutes to defrost the food – and it’s ready to be served. Each meal lasts for six days in the refrigerator after being defrosted, so you can forget about daily cooking. Although the choice of foods is far from extensive, they focus on quality. Your cat will enjoy chicken or turkey pate recipe with seeds and vegetables.

The diet can be customized according to the cat’s weight and level of activity: Raised Right will make up a diet plan based on your goals (weight maintenance, weight gain or weight reduction). Also, the company offers single-ingredient treats made of pork, lamb, beef, or turkey liver.

  • Delivery area: All 48 continental states in the USA.
  • Types of foods and diets available: Meat & veggie pate, treats
  • What makes it special: Offers turkey and chicken pate recipes with seeds and veggies for a pretty reasonable price.

How to choose the best cat food delivery? 

Here’s a short and simple algorithm for defining the suitable cat food delivery brand:

  1. First, you need to take into account your location. Where exactly do you need cat food delivery: Chicago or Sacramento, Texas, or Wyoming? Not all delivery services operate all over the USA – mind that.
  2. Do you have time to cook? If not, choose freshly-cooked food delivered every day or week. If you have a few free minutes, frozen and freeze-dried meals would be great – all you need is to defrost them and serve to your cats. Or maybe a high quality regular cat food will fit you best? Make sure to check our guide on how to choose the cat food.
  3. What does your cat like? Make sure the shop offers the formats of meals your pet prefers (pate, patties, kibbles, etc.). 

Always remember that there’s a huge variety of high quality cat foods (both dry and canned) as well.

In a word

Once your cat switches to fresh food, you will notice a significant improvement in digestion and well-being. Select one of the above-mentioned services and subscribe to auto cat food delivery. From this moment, you won’t have to worry about cooking – your cats will be happy and well-fed. 

Worry about the cost of such a service? First, many stores offer first-purchase discounts and discounts. Secondly, many websites offer free delivery for purchases worth $50-100. 

P.S. If your cat has never eaten raw or fresh foods, make sure the switch to the new diet is smooth and flawless – try to avoid pet’s stress. 

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