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15 Best Designer Dog Bed Brands of 2023 – Reviews & Top Picks

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By Emma Stenhouse

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As dog owners, we all know that our perfect pooches deserve the absolute best. Our dogs spend so much time in their beds, so it makes sense to find the best that you can. We’ve rounded up 15 of our favorite designer dog beds of this year, from luxurious faux fur bolster beds to chew-resistant memory foam. If you’ve been dreaming of a custom-made dog bed to suit your pup’s exact requirements, that’s possible too!

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The 15 Best Designer Dog Beds

1. Jax & Bones

Jax & Bones dog bed

If you’re looking for a luxury bed for your pampered pooch and that’s made using eco-friendly materials, then a Jax & Bones dog bed is the best designer dog bed for you! The stylish Arrow Lounge Bed is handmade in Los Angeles and is available in sizes to suit dogs from Chihuahuas to Akitas. Made from a tough 100% cotton canvas, this bed has comfy raised sides and is overstuffed with an eco-friendly and hypoallergenic filling made from recycled soda bottles.

2. P.L.A.Y

P.L.A.Y dog bed

P.L.A.Y creates designer dog beds that combine fashion and function. It uses premium quality hypoallergenic fabrics, stylish designs from a range of worldwide artists, and eco-friendly fillings. There’s plenty of different types of beds to choose from, including the award-winning Lounge Bed, with a washable cover and furniture-grade craftsmanship and filled with the perfect amount of high-loft filling to provide a bed that your dog is sure to adore.

3. Animals Matter

Animals Matter

Animals Matter is the perfect designer dog bed if you’re looking for a dog bed that uses orthopedic foam for comfort but still looks stylish rather than functional. Its luxurious Faux Fur Rug has a suede base, NASA-certified memory foam interior, and a soft and plush faux fur top. It uses organic, vegan, and eco-friendly materials, with all products being made in the U.S.A. With every purchase, they also support non-profit organizations like Dogs Playing for Life.

4. Wild One

Wild One dog bed

Wild One’s chunky tiered foam bed is made with a water-resistant lining for easy cleaning and has soft side rails for your precious dog to snuggle up against. Wild One uses high-quality poly-weave fabric, creating a durable and comfortable designer dog bed. We think that all of its products, including the dog beds, are also pretty stylish!

5. Harry Barker

Harry Barker dog bed

Founded by Carol Perkins in New York, Harry Barker creates designer dog beds with an affordable price tag. The earth-friendly fabrics, eco-friendly dyes, and recycled fillings for the dog beds mean you can feel good about helping the environment while keeping your dog comfortable at the same time! The Tweed Rectangle Dog Bed cover and insert are perfect for a stylish neutral house.

6. Found My Animal

Found My Animal dog bed

Found My Animal was “founded” by two rescue dogs, which inspired their owners to create a line of luxurious animal accessories. The Velvet Dog Bed is available in a range of colors, from monochrome grays and blacks to rich jeweled tones. You can also buy a cover on its own, to either mix colors when you feel like it, or have a spare when you need to wash your dog’s bed.

7. Hello Doggie

Hello Doggie dog bed

Hello Doggie makes a range of luxury pet products, including the irresistibly soft Divine Dog Bed. This bed is handmade in the U.S.A. and has soft faux fur fabric, a lowered front for easy access, and even an overstuffed pillow for your pup to snuggle up to, making it one of the best designer dog beds! Its unique designs, including a few limited editions, means you can be sure your dog is getting only the best.

8. Pets So Good

Pets So Good dog bed

If you’re looking for a minimalist, Scandi-style bed for your pampered pup, then the Linden Day Bed from Pets So Good is a winner. It’s made with a modern and clean design using a birch wood base with a deeply padded base, side, and back. The high-density foam helps support your dog’s body as they rest, and the elevated bed is great for older pooches.

9. Bowsers

Bowsers dog bed

Bowsers creates a stylish range of designer dog beds and crates, all with superb design features that set them apart from the rest. If your pupper loves to snuggle up somewhere cozy, then they’re going to love the Canopy Dream Fur Dog Bed. The scooped front creates easy access, while the overstuffed bolsters provide plenty of comfort. Added to all this is a soft canopy that gives your dog a feeling of security as they doze.

10. Velvet Hippo

Velvet Hippo dog bed

Velvet Hippo makes high-quality and sustainable pet products that look stylish, but more importantly, they are supremely comfortable for your dog. Their Hex Cushion Bed is a cleverly designed dog bed to support and comfort your dog, no matter what position they love sleeping in best! The rugged canvas outer is designed to stand up to plenty of digging as your pup finds the perfect spot for their all-important nap.

11. Scandinave

Scandinave dog bed

The Scandinavians are famous for their sense of style, and the Flint Micro velvet Scandinave Pet Sofa uses this minimalist design aesthetic to provide a comfortable sofa just for your dog! Scandinave sells their products on online dog marketplaces rather than their own site, so you can find them on one of our favorite designer dog beds, muttropolis.com. The sleek lines won’t compromise your dog’s comfort, though, and they’ll love the comfortable foam base combined with backrest and side cushions for ultimate comfort!

12. Huts and Bay

Huts and Bay dog bed

We know that some dog beds can be a bit boring, but at Huts and Bay, that’s definitely not the case! While its Teepee Tent A. Camo might look super on-trend, it’s packed full of thoughtful features that make it perfect for your dog. This bed is made with the highest quality materials with great interior touch among your spaces to keep your dog comfortable (and cleaning up after them a breeze).

13. Orvis

Orvis dog bed

If you need a tough dog bed that can stand up to an energetic dog’s tough and tumble antics, then Orvis has got you sorted. Its ToughChew Memory Foam Bolster Dog Bed is made using a tough rip-stop nylon base and a chew-resistant fabric upper. The dense foam provides therapeutic support to your dog, so once you’re home after a long and active walk, you might find that your dog doesn’t want to get out of their designer dog bed again!

14. Pendleton

Pendleton dog bed

The Pendleton National Park Dog Bed features the brand’s distinctive and bold striped designs in a range of four colorways. What’s more is that the sales of this dog bed support the National Park Foundation, so you can feel good about helping preserve our natural environment while also keeping your dog comfortable.

15. Hero Pet Beds

Hero Pet Beds dog bed

Hero Pet Beds handcraft its dog beds to the highest standards, and you can create a custom bed to suit your dog’s exact requirements! Choose the shape, size, color, trimming, and filling to create a truly unique bed that your dog will love. If you’ve been dreaming of a certain type of dog bed to suit your home’s décor, then Hero Pet Beds will be able to create what you’re after!

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Featured Image Credit: Jordan Bigelow, Unsplash

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