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10 Best Dog Anti-Itch Sprays of 2023 – Reviews & Top Picks

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By Nicole Cosgrove

dog scratching

Every time you look over at your dog, it seems like they are digging away at their skin. It may feel good to them to scratch like a maniac, but the after affects aren’t so hot. It can lead to open wounds, which can lead to other undesirable outcomes like hair loss and infection. Your pet may suffer from food allergies, flea allergies, environmental allergies, or simply dry skin. But they are suffering from something, as it’s your job as a pet parent to figure it out.

In the meantime, you’ll want something to relieve their misery. We looked into it for you and found the 10 best dog anti-itch sprays we could find to soothe the annoying irritation they face.

A Quick Glance at Our Favorites in 2023

Rating Image Product Details
Best Overall
  • Free of dry agents
  • Moisture added
  • Soothes itching and pain
  • Best Value
    Second place
    Burt’s Bees Honeysuckle Burt’s Bees Honeysuckle
  • Affordable
  • All-natural
  • Moisture added
  • Premium Choice
    Third place
    Pets Are Kids Too Pets Are Kids Too
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Moisturizing
  • Bodhi Oatmeal Bodhi Oatmeal
  • Eco-friendly
  • Traceable ingredients
  • Effective for multiple species
  • Curaseb Curaseb
  • Helps yeast
  • fungus and itching
  • Clean smell
  • For both dogs and cats
  • The 10 Best Dog Anti-Itch Sprays

    1. VetWELL Anti Itch Spray – Best Overall

    VetWELL Anti Itch Spray

    When it comes to soothing the itches, we chose the VetWELL Anti Itch Spray as our number one. We think it has all that you could expect in an anti-itching spray. First, it is compatible with dogs, cats, and horses. So, if you have other species with dry skin problems, they could benefit from this as well.

    Formulated by a veterinarian, it has the activate ingredient called Pramoxine which helps all the problematic symptoms that accompany itching. It eases the overall feeling and stops the irritation associated with it. It provides relief for a few different skin irritants like hot spots, allergies, and flea bites.

    It’s free of alcohol and soap, with added moisture. That is incredibly important with anti-itch products, so it does not further dry out the skin. While we think there is a high possibility this can solve your dog’s problem, it won’t work for all issues. Sometimes, anti-itch products aren’t a substitute for veterinary care.

    • Free of dry agents
    • Moisture added
    • For multiple species
    • Soothes itching and pain
    • Won’t work for all dogs

    2. Burt’s Bees Anti-Itch Spray – Best Value

    Burt’s Bees FF7267 Anti-Itch Spray

    The Burt’s Bees company is highly revered for making natural products that are wonderful for pets and humans alike. When it comes to the biggest bang for your buck, the Burt’s Bees FF7267 Anti-Itch Spray is the best dog anti-itch spray for the money.

    This spray is made of all-natural ingredients so it shouldn’t further irritate your pet’s skin. It is fragrance free and without harmful chemicals. With moisturizer added, it should also soothe the dryness and flakiness. While this type is only for dogs, it also has a safe enough pH to be suitable for puppies.

    Burt’s Bees has a satisfaction guarantee. Just as with our number one, this particular product may not work with all dogs due to potential underlying factors. However, if it doesn’t work for your dog, the company is completely open to hearing about your dissatisfaction.

    • Affordable
    • All-natural
    • Moisture added
    • Satisfaction guarantee
    • May not work for every dog

    3. Pets Are Kids Too Anti Itch Spray – Premium Choice

    Pets Are Kids Too Anti Itch Spray

    If all you know is that you have an itchy dog and are willing to pay higher price for a working product, Pets Are Kids Too Anti Itch Spray is another favorite of ours, landing in our top three. It has a very pleasing scent opposed to some of the others on our list. So, it refreshes the coat smell and moisturizes the area.

    Unlike some products, this has added vitamins, that act as an anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial. If your pet is constantly digging this is very helpful, as it can potentially ward off infection. Since it is made from all-natural ingredients, it’s totally safe for your pet to lick. It won’t hurt them or cause a negative reaction.

    If you buy this choice, you are also giving to a good cause. A portion of the income goes to pets who have cancer to cover medical costs. You even get a picture of the pet you helped, which is a very personal touch.

    • Proceeds benefit other dogs
    • Anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory
    • Moisturizing
    • Expensive

    4. Bodhi Dog Anti Itch Oatmeal Spray

    Bodhi Dog Anti Itch Oatmeal Spray

    The Bodhi Dog Anti Itch Oatmeal Spray is amongst the most versatile selections on our list. It’s compatible with dogs and multiple other species. That is ideal if you have more than one pet who is prone to itching.

    The scent of this product is also quite pleasant due to the lightness of odor. However, it does dissipate quickly, so if you’re wanting a smell that will linger—this isn’t the right scented spray. Two major ingredients are oatmeal and baking soda, which can provide relief tremendously.

    This is cruelty-free and environmentally friendly with completely traceable ingredients. While this may not be ideal for every pet, they do have a satisfaction guarantee to give a worry-free purchasing experience.

    • Eco-friendly
    • Traceable ingredients
    • Effective for multiple species
    • Aroma goes away quickly

    5. Curaseb Anti Itch Spray

    Curaseb Anti Itch Spray

    Curaseb Anti-itch Spray could provide your pet with the relief you both have been hoping. This spray covers many bases outside of standard skin irritation. It helps with yeast, bacteria and fungus—which means it treats more than the average spray. You can use it on both dogs and cats, so it provides household versatility.

    It has a very clean smell that isn’t too strong or medicine-like. But because it uses light fragrance. Some pets may be sensitive to the odor. So, if you need a mild or fragrance-free formula for your pooch, this kind isn’t for them.

    Because this is a medicated spray, it can affect pets differently. Some will be unphased by this, while others may have a bad reaction. It safer to prevent your pet from licking this if at all possible.

    • Helps yeast, fungus and itching
    • Clean smell
    • For both dogs and cats
    • Could cause negative reaction
    • May be sensitive to odors

    6. Vet Organics Anti-Itch Spray

    Vet Organics Anti-Itch Spray

    This Vet Organics Anti-Itch Spray is another antiseptic on the list. It can help clean wounds related to scratching. Some pets will vigorously scratch, which can become infected. Eco Spot will disinfect the area and the formula is gentle enough to use on kittens and puppies.

    The company suggests another product of theirs if your pet suffers from allergies, as the spot treatment may not work as well without it. It’s meant for itchy spots, open wounds, and scabbed over areas. It’s gentle, not smelling too medicated or chemical-like.

    Because all issues are individualized, this product may not work for all issues related to itching. Even if it doesn’t the company has a satisfaction guarantee, so you can get your money back.

    • Disinfectant
    • Gentle enough for young kittens and puppies
    • May not work for every situation
    • May not work without a combination of products

    7. TropiClean OxyMed Spray

    TropiClean OXAISP8Z OxyMed Spray

    The TropiClean OXAISP8Z OxyMed Spray is a potential solution for your pet scratching. It contains oatmeal, which is supposed to soothe the skin to reduce irritation. It works on contact and is safe to use on both dogs and cats.

    It is free of soaps and detergents, so it won’t further irritate or dry out the skin. You can apply directly to hot spots and other problem areas. It will not hurt your pet if they ingest the treatment, but licking up large quantities is not recommended.

    While this is an effective itch treatment, it does contain wheat gluten in the ingredients. If your dog has a gluten allergy, it may further aggravate the problem. If you do opt to use this type of spray, be sure to observe after use. If there is any worsening so you can address a potential gluten issue—if you haven’t been sure of the underlying cause.

    • Free of soap and detergent
    • Safe to use for dogs and cats
    • Contains wheat gluten
    • May not be useful for some animals

    8. Davis Pramoxine Anti-Itch Dog Spray

    Davis Pramoxine Anti-Itch Dog Spray

    The David Pramoxine Anti-Itch Dog Spray made the list at our number seven. As the name implies, pramoxine is the active ingredient to help stop the itching. It’s formulated to condition the skin and prevent excessive itching.

    It has oatmeal in the ingredients, which soothes the skin. It doesn’t dry out the skin any more, but it also doesn’t have quite as potent of an effect as some of the other sprays we tried out. It’s also not medicated so it won’t work to keep your dog safe from infection if they are breaking the skin.

    However, because of the conditioning properties, it does soften the area—which can prevent breakage from occurring. It isn’t as effective but if your dogs itching is milder, this may be just the solution you were looking for.

    • Added pramoxine formula
    • Not as effective as others
    • Not an antiseptic

    9. Veterinary Formula Anti-Itch Spray

    Veterinary FG01325 Formula Anti-Itch Spray

    While the Veterinary FG01325 Formula Anti-Itch Spray is a pretty terrific anti itch for dogs product, it does rank down toward the bottom of the list for a few reasons. This spray is an antiseptic and antifungal formula that is supposed to take care of itching topically.

    While it did seem to reduce itching, it doesn’t seem to reduce issues with fungal infections as it claims. Also, this would be useless for dogs with food allergies, since it is on skin only. Also, it seems to worsen redness with extremely irritated spots.

    So, while it may work to relieve some symptoms for dogs, it may not work for all issues, and not even some that it is supposed to. This will vary on a case by case basis.

    • Reduces itching
    • Makes red spots brighter
    • Not a good antifungal spray
    • Will not work for all issues

    10. Vet’s Best Itch Relief Spray

    Vet’s Best 3165810007 Itch Relief Spray

    The Vet’s Best 3165810007 Itch Relief Spray is our last pick. It is at the bottom for one reason: possible toxicity. This product actually does work to prevent most itching issues. It has a lot of wonderful ingredients that soothe skin. However, tea tree oil is one of the main ingredients.

    Tea tree oil is toxic to dogs in larger quantities. So, if you apply this to an area of the skin where the pup can lick it off, you run into the risk of potentially putting your dog in a bad predicament. Be sure to put on areas that your dog cannot lick off to protect your dog.

    Though it works for some, the scent may be far too strong for others. It is extremely odorous and won’t work for a sensitive-nosed dog. The bottle does say it is for seasonal itching, so this may not work for many types of underlying reasons for the irritation.

    • Good for seasonal itching
    • Toxic tea tree oil
    • Extremely odorous
    • Won’t work for all dogs
    • Should not be licked

    Final Verdict – The Best Dog Anti-Itch Sprays

    While not one product will be right for every dog, we stand by the VetWELL Anti-Itch Spray as our pick for the best dog anti-itch spray. It’s safe, effective and veterinarian-formulated. It will stop skin irritation without the use of fragrances and other harsh chemicals. It also is free of drying agents like soaps and alcohol—so you should see no worsening of dry skin or irritation.

    If you want effectiveness without the extra cost, the Burt’s Bees FF7267 Anti-Itch Spray is an ideal choice to try out. They are a well-known company, so you can trust their reputation. It’s all-natural, so your pet can stay their healthiest with no adverse effects. Not to mention, they have a satisfaction guarantee if things don’t work out.

    If you want to devote a few dollars to pets with cancer, Pets Are Kids Too Anti Itch Spray is a very pleasant-smelling product that works wonders. Having a picture of the dog you help with your order is an extra bonus, so you know your investment is worth something.

    The effects of allergies and irritation are, no doubt, miserable for you both. Hopefully, you have found a product that works best for your pooch so they can finally stay itch-free.

    Featured Image: Peggy und Marco Lachmann-Anke from Pixabay

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