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10 Best Dog Belly Bands – 2023 Reviews & Top Picks

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By Nicole Cosgrove

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We love dogs, but sharing your home with one can sometimes be like bringing home a drunken frat boy. They tear things up, devour all your food, and pee wherever suits their fancy.

We may not be able to help with the first two problems, but we can help solve the third, thanks to one of the belly bands featured here. Acting like a diaper, belly bands for male dogs wrap around their waist, covering his genitals and catching any streams of urine before they can hit your carpet or upholstery.

That’s the idea, anyway — but unfortunately, some of them are practically worthless. In the reviews below, we’ll show you which bands are worth the money, and which ones will only make the mess worse.

With our help, you can finally get a handle on the mess your dog leaves behind (getting rid of the drunken frat boy is still up to you, however).

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A Quick Look at Our Favorites in 2023

Rating Image Product Details
Best Overall
PlayaPup Dog Washable Belly Bands PlayaPup Dog Washable Belly Bands
  • Stretchable fabric bends with pup
  • Provides constant, gentle pressure
  • Liner is optional
  • Best Value
    Second place
    Paw Legend Washable Dog Belly Bands Paw Legend Washable Dog Belly Bands
  • Highly absorbent
  • Incredibly soft fabric
  • Stay in place well
  • Premium Choice
    Third place
    Pet Parents Premium Dog Belly Bands Pet Parents Premium Dog Belly Bands
  • Pad sewn-in to diaper
  • Material doesn’t crinkle
  • Easy to adjust size
  • Teamoy Reusable Belly Bands Teamoy Reusable Belly Bands
  • Two layers of microfiber across middle
  • Elastic edges trap liquids
  • Large Velcro bands make them easy to put on
  • Pet Magasin Dog Belly Manner Band Pet Magasin Dog Belly Manner Band
  • Thick and absorbent
  • Waterproof shell traps liquids
  • Room for extra pee pads
  • The 10 Best Dog Belly Bands

    1. PlayaPup Dog Washable Belly Bands – Best Overall

    PlayaPup PP6034-M Dog Washable Belly Bands

    The PlayaPup Washable is made with a soft, stretchable fabric that provides gentle pressure without creating discomfort. The material is very flexible, so it will bend with your dog instead of restricting his ease of movement. The Velcro closure lets you customize the fit as well.

    There’s enough room to add a liner if you like, but the band is machine washable, so it’s easy to clean if your pooch has an accident. It dries quickly (regardless of whether it got wet in the washing machine or from being in the line of fire), so it should be ready to go again quickly after being soaked.

    Your pup doesn’t need to be embarrassed by wearing it, either, as it’s available in a wide variety of colorful patterns.

    One minor issue we found is that, if your dog is a “splooter” (meaning he lays flat on his stomach with his legs extended behind him), the band will slide down his legs and require readjustment. This doesn’t affect all dogs and only takes a second or two to fix, so it’s hardly worth moving the PlayaPup Washable out of the top spot.

    • Stretchable fabric bends with pup
    • Provides constant, gentle pressure
    • Liner is optional
    • Machine washable and dries quickly
    • Available in many colors
    • Dogs who “sploot” can weasel out of it

    2. Paw Legend Washable Dog Belly Bands – Best Value

    Paw Legend Washable Dog Belly Bands

    One inescapable fact of using a belly band is that it will eventually get peed on. You’ll want to wash it when it does, of course, but that means your dog will be running around band-free while it’s in the washing machine.

    Paw Legend solves this problem by sending you three bands, and you get all three for less than the cost of a single band from other manufacturers.

    Don’t think that means they skimp on quality, though; in fact, we consider this the best dog belly band for the money. Each band is easy to secure and stays in place well, and they’re super absorbent, so you shouldn’t have an issue with leaks.

    The fabric is extremely soft and unlikely to irritate your dog. Instead, the biggest issue is actually the Velcro — it’s too strong. That makes it difficult to take each band off when it needs replacing, and the Velcro snags all kinds of dust and fur.

    Even so, the Paw Legends represent great value for the money, and they’re true contenders for the top spot. The PlayaPup Washables are just a tad bit more convenient, however.

    • Great value for the price
    • Three bands per order
    • Incredibly soft fabric
    • Stay in place well
    • Highly absorbent
    • Difficult to take off
    • Velcro snags lots of dirt and debris

    3. Pet Parents Premium Dog Belly Bands – Premium Choice

    Pet Parents Premium Dog Belly Bands

    If you suspect that incontinence might be a permanent problem instead of a temporary annoyance, it may be worth investing in a higher-quality belly band — and the Pet Parents Premium is about as high-quality as you can get.

    These bands have a pad sewn into the diaper themselves, so you don’t have to worry about dealing with disposable liners (or cleaning up leaks). The material isn’t crinkly or uncomfortable, either, so your dog shouldn’t have any issues moving around in them.

    The Velcro is adjustable, allowing the bands to accommodate a few extra pounds if you’ve been spoiling your pup lately. It’s designed not to pull or trap fur, either, so there’s little risk of hurting your pet as you put them on.

    While they’re machine washable, they take forever to dry (which is one of the downsides to having a sewn-in pad). Also, the sizing runs a little small, so order one size larger than you think you’ll need.

    The Pet Parents Premiums are great belly bands, but it’s hard to justify their price when the above options perform just as well.

    • Pad sewn-in to diaper
    • Material doesn’t crinkle
    • Easy to adjust size
    • Velcro won’t rip out fur
    • On the pricey side
    • Take forever to dry

    4. Teamoy Reusable Belly Bands

    Teamoy TY00401 Reusable Belly Bands

    The Teamoy Reusable has a giant strip of Velcro on one side, allowing you to put them on quickly and easily, even if you have a squirming pup on your hands. This also lets you put them on tightly, so there’s less chance of them slipping off at an inopportune moment.

    These bands were created with leaks in mind, as the middle portion has two layers of microfiber to absorb urine and prevent liquids from spilling out. The elastic edges help keep moisture from spilling out the sides as well.

    However, despite all this attention to leaks, the interior pad is surprisingly thin. This limits how much it can soak up, and so most of the absorption is left to the microfiber. This isn’t ideal, and it means you’ll have to deal with an extremely soggy diaper when you take it off.

    Also, they can be hand- or machine-washed, but we recommend doing it by hand, as they can shrink if you put them in your washer and dryer.

    The Teamoy Reusable are good bands that were very nearly great. If they just added a little more thickness to the pee pads, they’d likely find themselves higher on this list.

    • Two layers of microfiber across middle
    • Elastic edges trap liquids
    • Large Velcro bands make them easy to put on
    • Can be hand- or machine-washed
    • Pee pad is very thin
    • Get soggy after being used
    • Can shrink if machine-washed

    5. Pet Magasin Dog Belly Manner Band

    Pet Magasin PET0002211 Dog Belly Manner Band

    Like the Teamoy Reusable, the Pet Magasin Manner Bands have a large Velcro patch on one side; however, the Velcro on these tends to be more of a nuisance than a feature, as it snags on everything, including your pet’s fur.

    The bands themselves are thick and absorbent, with a waterproof shell that does an excellent job of trapping liquids. They come in several bright colors, so you can instantly tell if your dog has wriggled out of his.

    That’s an issue, too, as they tend to be a little loose in the front. As a result, a dedicated escape artist can slither right out.

    You can take out some of that slack by adding a few extra absorbency pads, and we like that these give you enough room to do that. However, we feel you shouldn’t have to alter them to make them work properly, which is why we can’t justify ranking the Pet Magasin Manner Bands higher than fifth.

    • Thick and absorbent
    • Waterproof shell traps liquids
    • Room for extra pee pads
    • Bright colors make them easy to see
    • Velcro gets caught on everything
    • Escape artists can wriggle out of them
    • Loose in the front

    6. Mkono Dog Belly Bands for Male Dogs

    Mkono Male Dog Belly Band

    The Mkono is a very small band designed for very small dogs, but even then you may have some difficulty wrapping it around their waists. There’s very little give in these belly bands for male dogs — at least until you wash them, at which point the fabric sags.

    That’s likely due to the fact that they’re made of cotton. The good news is that makes for a very comfortable band, and your dog shouldn’t complain too much about wearing one. They’re also inexpensive enough that replacing them shouldn’t be too big of a deal.

    Be careful about using them during the summer, though, as they get extremely hot. Also, be aware that they don’t have an absorption pad built-in, so you’ll have to purchase those separately.

    The Mkonos are a decent choice if you have a toy breed and are struggling to find a band that will fit, but in just about any other case, we’d recommend starting with one of our higher-ranked options first.

    • Ideal for small dogs
    • Made of soft cotton
    • Dogs don’t seem to mind wearing them
    • Fabric sags after washing
    • Get hot during the summer months
    • No absorption pads included

    7. Cuddle Bands Belly Bands for Male Dogs

    Cuddle Bands Male Dog Belly Band

    Cuddle Bands are extremely thick and plush — so it’s no surprise, given the name, that they make snuggling with your dog more fun for both of you. However, they suffer from some critical flaws that make it difficult to recommend them too heartily.

    There are two ways to install the pee pad (which is not included). You can slip it underneath the liner, which protects it from getting gnawed on and keeps it in place better, or you can put it on top of the liner, which is easier and less messy for you, but less effective as well.

    The fabric, while soft to the touch, tends to pill after just a few washings, limiting the pads’ reusability. The thickness also makes it difficult to close them, especially if your pooch is sporting a little bit of a pooch himself.

    These belly bands for male dogs are big enough that determined chewers can easily get to them while they’re still attached, so be sure to keep an eye on your dog while he has it on. All in all, while Cuddle Bands certainly make it more pleasant to curl up next to your dog, they’re not durable enough to warrant ranking higher than this.

    • Material is thick and plush
    • Multiple options for installing pee pad
    • Fabric pills after just a few washings
    • Difficult to close them properly
    • Prime targets for determined chewers

    8. EZwhelp Washable Belly Bands

    EZwhelp Washable Belly Bands

    EZwhelp Washables are an extremely budget-friendly option, but they have absolutely no style or pizzazz to them, so we hope you’re ok with your dog looking like he just stumbled out of a war zone.

    Each package comes with eight bands inside, giving you plenty of value for the money. However, there’s a reason why they can give you so many so cheaply, and that’s because each one is extremely thin. As a result, you’ll need to catch your dog in the act every time or else you’ll have some mopping to do.

    They’re completely white on the outside, which probably isn’t the best color choice for a fabric designed to soak up urine. In addition to staining, they also attract a ton of hair and dirt.

    The edges are serged to prevent leaking, but they’re not raised or ribbed in any way, so the extra sewing does little to keep liquid in.

    The EZwhelps might be a good solution if you’re only going to use them for a brief period of time, like for a trip or something. If you expect to need them for longer than a week or two, though, you’re better off spending a little more money on something better.

    • Eight bands per order
    • Extremely inexpensive
    • Good for short-term use
    • Material is very thin
    • Not stylish at all
    • White color betrays urine stains
    • Attract a lot of dirt
    • Prone to leaking around sides

    9. Alfie Pet Gaki Belly Band

    Alfie Pet Gaki Belly Band

    The Alfie Pet Gaki Bands are cute and colorful, which your dog will no doubt appreciate. His owner, on the other hand, will likely be frustrated by how much these move around (and how they never seem to be in the right place when you really need them to be).

    There’s a rubber ribbon on the inside that purportedly helps keep them situated, but as far as we can tell it’s about as useful as a racing stripe. These bands slip and slide constantly, especially if your dog is the least bit active.

    They’re also very thin, which is surprising given their price. That’s partly because you have to add your own liner (which, again, is surprising given the price), but don’t expect them to stand up to a heavy stream. Don’t plan on them staying put after a few wearings, either, as they stretch over time.

    We can’t deny that the Alfie Pet Gaki Bands are adorable, but trust us when we say they’re a lot less charming when they have dog pee dripping out of them.

    • Cute and colorful patterns
    • Don’t stay in place well
    • Material is very thin
    • Not good for active dogs
    • Tend to stretch over time
    • Expensive for what you get

    10. Lillypet Belly Band

    Lillypet Belly Band

    Like with the Alfies above, you’ll have to decide just how much cuteness is worth to you before you buy these bands from Lillypet.

    They each have cute little emblems on them, like an anchor or a teddy bear, and we can’t deny that they look adorable on a dog. However, the measurements don’t run true, so you may need to order a couple batches before you find one that comes anywhere close to fitting your pooch.

    They’re not durable, as they fall apart after just a few washings. They get very loose around the waistband, requiring you to cinch them as tight as possible — and then they dig into your dog’s skin. It’s not fun for the owner or the pet.

    Don’t even think about ordering them for anything bigger than a toy breed, either — and even then, they run small. Our recommendation is to put one of the Lillypets on your dog, take a picture, and then send them back.

    • Look adorable on dogs
    • Measurements are wrong
    • Too small for all but toy breeds
    • Fall apart with repeated washings
    • Get loose around waistband
    • Dig into dog’s skin if tightened too much

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    If you’re wanting to put an end to messes as quickly as possible, investing in the PlayaPup Washable is a smart choice. It’s thick but flexible, and comfortable enough that your dog won’t mind wearing it. While it has a built-in pad, you can add another liner if you want to play it safe.

    You can save a little money without sacrificing much in the way of effectiveness with a Paw Legend. They’re incredibly thick and absorbent and stay in place well, even if you have an active pup.

    Cleaning up animal accidents is no fun, regardless of whether you have a puppy or senior dog. Luckily, these belly bands can take some of the messiness out of the equation. We hope our reviews have helped you determine which ones are best for you and your pup, so you can both enjoy some clean, dry quality time together.

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