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8 Best Dog Bike Trailers in 2023 – Reviews & Top Picks

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By Nicole Cosgrove

Best Dog Bike TrailerIf you’re a biker and a dog owner, you may want to take your pet on long rides. But when your dog is ready to take a break, you’ll need a sturdy, dependable bike trailer. A great bike trailer will allow your dog to ride in comfort and style no matter how far you’re going. So how do you find the best model?

We’re here to help you shop. We bought and tested dozens of bike trailers and came up with this list of the eight best dog bike trailers available in this year. For each trailer, we’ve written a comprehensive review, comparing price, design, durability, materials, guarantees, and more so you can be sure you’re making a great choice. And if you’d like to know more about your options, take a look at our detailed buyer’s guide, which covers all of the major aspects of dog bike trailers. Your dog’s new ride awaits!

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A Quick Comparison of Our Favorites:

Rating Image Product Details
Best Overall
PetSafe Pet Bicycle Trailer PetSafe Pet Bicycle Trailer
  • Moderately-priced and easy to assemble
  • Sturdy aluminum frame and 600D polyester cover
  • Waterproof floor and machine-washable cushion
  • Best Value
    Second place
    Aosom Dog Bike Trailer Aosom Dog Bike Trailer
  • Steel frame and polyester cover
  • Well-designed for small dogs
  • with a sling seat and safety harness
  • Folds flat and offers many safety features
  • Premium Choice
    Third place
    Burley Design Bike Trailer Burley Design Bike Trailer
  • Lightweight and easy to fold
  • Suspended floor and optional battens for comfort and stability
  • Weather-proof cover and several mesh windows
  • Schwinn Tow-Behind Bike Pet Trailers Schwinn Tow-Behind Bike Pet Trailers
  • Quick-release wheels
  • Includes universal bike coupler
  • adjustable internal leash
  • and washable liner
  • One-year warranty
  • Best Choice Products 2-in-1 Pet Trailer Best Choice Products 2-in-1 Pet Trailer
  • Works as a stroller and trailer
  • Steel frame and water-resistant polyester cover
  • Large back wheel and removable cushion
  • The 8 Best Dog Bike Trailers – Reviews 2023:

    1. PetSafe Pet Bicycle Trailer – Best Overall

    PetSafe 62395

    Check Price on Chewy

    Our overall favorite model is the PetSafe 62395 Pet Bicycle Trailer, which is moderately-priced, well-designed, and conveniently folds flat for transportation and storage.

    This 25-pound trailer has a sturdy aluminum frame and 600D polyester cover. The front door has a waterproof layer, and the trailer has mesh on three sides, including a rear door and a sunroof. The floor is waterproof, and the package includes a machine-washable cushion. The two large 20-inch tires come conveniently pre-filled. For safety, the trailer offers an adjustable safety leash and reflectors.

    When we tested this trailer, we found it easy to assemble and fold flat. The cover isn’t machine-washable but can be quickly wiped clean. This trailer may be too small for larger dogs, and the seams may split under stress. This trailer may also flip over if you turn sharply. PetSafe offers a great lifetime guarantee against defects.

    • Moderately-priced and easy to assemble
    • Sturdy aluminum frame and 600D polyester cover
    • Waterproof floor and machine-washable cushion
    • Large 20-inch tires come pre-filled
    • Lifetime guarantee
    • May be too small for larger dogs
    • Seams split under stress
    • May flip with sharp turns

    2. Aosom Dog Bike Trailer – Best Value

    Aosom 5663-0062

    Are you shopping on a small budget? You may be interested in the Aosom 5663-0062 Dog Bike Trailer, which we found to be the best dog bike trailer for the money.

    At 30 pounds, this inexpensive trailer is on the heavier side. It has a steel frame and a polyester cover and can also function as a stroller. This trailer is designed for small dogs weighing up to 44 pounds, with a sling seat and a five-point safety harness. There’s an optional rain cover for the front door and a convenient storage space behind the seat. This trailer is easy to fold flat and has front and rear doors. The package includes a leash hook, reflectors, and a 32-inch safety flag.

    We liked the quick-release wheels and comfortable swinging seat, and the price is very appealing. However, this trailer won’t work for bigger dogs and doesn’t feel especially sturdy overall. It’s also not the most stable trailer we tested. Aosom offers a shorter 90-day warranty.

    • Inexpensive and works as a stroller
    • Steel frame and polyester cover
    • Well-designed for small dogs, with a sling seat and safety harness
    • Folds flat and offers many safety features
    • 90-day warranty
    • Fairly heavy and won’t work for larger dogs
    • Doesn’t feel especially stable or durable

    3. Burley Design Bike Trailer – Premium Choice

    Burley Design 947104

    If you’re looking for a high-end model, you may want to look at the Burley Design 947104 Bike Trailer, a pricey model with many convenient features.

    This lighter 23.5-pound trailer has quick-release 16-inch alloy wheels and is easy to fold. The removable floor is suspended for a more comfortable ride, and there are optional tie-downs and side battens for added stability. There’s a weather-proof cover with waterproof zippers, plus plenty of mesh windows and a flip-down tailgate. You can buy separate kits for added functionality, like stroller, skiing, and hiking accessories.

    This trailer is somewhat harder to put together, and the zippers aren’t particularly sturdy. It’s quite pricey, and you may need to purchase accessories like a kickstand to make loading your dog easier. Burley Design offers a one-year warranty for the fabric, a three-year warranty for the plastic components, and a five-year warranty for the frame.

    • Lightweight and easy to fold
    • Suspended floor and optional battens for comfort and stability
    • Weather-proof cover and several mesh windows
    • Flip-down tailgate and quick-release wheels
    • One-year fabric, three-year plastic, and five-year frame warranties
    • Very expensive and may need to purchase additional accessories
    • Somewhat hard to put together
    • Less sturdy zippers

    4. Schwinn Tow-Behind Bike Pet Trailers

    Schwinn 13-SC312AZ

    The Schwinn 13-SC312AZ Tow-Behind Bike Pet Trailer is inexpensive but not particularly sturdy.

    This 25.9-pound trailer has a folding steel frame and quick-release 16-inch wheels with aluminum rims. There’s a universal bike coupler, an adjustable internal leash, and a washable trailer liner, but the package doesn’t include a cushion. This trailer only offers a rear door.

    This trailer can handle smaller dogs weighing up to 50 pounds. When we tested it, we found that it tipped over easily, especially when dogs stand or move around. The mesh isn’t very durable and the zippers are lower quality. Schwinn offers a shorter one-year warranty.

    • Inexpensive, with a folding steel frame
    • Quick-release wheels
    • Includes universal bike coupler, adjustable internal leash, and washable liner
    • One-year warranty
    • Not suitable for dogs over 50 pounds
    • Tips over easily
    • Less durable mesh and zippers
    • Only one door

    5. Best Choice Products 2-in-1 Pet Trailer

    Best Choice Products SKY1760

    The Best Choice Products SKY1760 2-in-1 Pet Trailer is reasonably-priced but heavy and inconveniently large. It works as a stroller and as a bike trailer, with a removable front wheel.

    This trailer weighs a heavy 37 pounds and can hold dogs weighing up to 66 pounds. It has a steel frame, a water-resistant polyester cover, and a built-in hand-lock system. The handles can be adjusted, the trailer hitch folds under, and the 9.5-inch front wheel can be removed. The back wheels are large, measuring 19 inches, and the trailer features a safety flag and reflectors. This model also comes with a removable cushion and a good set of mesh windows.

    This trailer’s design is somewhat complicated, and it can be hard to assemble. We found the included instructions fairly confusing. This trailer is also very large and may not fit into your car or even through doors. Inconveniently, you may have to partly take it apart for transportation. We also found the zippers somewhat weak and the model very heavy overall. Best Choice Products doesn’t offer a warranty.

    • Fairly priced
    • Works as a stroller and trailer, with removable front wheel and adjustable handle
    • Steel frame and water-resistant polyester cover
    • Large back wheel and removable cushion
    • Plenty of safety features
    • No warranty and very heavy
    • Too large to fit into cars and through doorways
    • Complicated and difficult to assemble
    • Confusing instructions

    6. DoggyRide Mini Dog Bike Trailer

    DoggyRide DRMNTR02-GR

    DoggyRide’s DRMNTR02-GR Mini Dog Bike Trailer is a mid-range option that isn’t very durable or well-designed.

    At 21 pounds, this moderately-priced trailer is fairly light and comes mostly pre-assembled. It can accommodate dogs up to 15 inches tall and weighing 55 pounds. The 600D nylon cover features UV-resistant mesh windows, and the front panel has a waterproof screen. Inside, there are leash hooks and a safety leash. The rear door has a convenient storage pouch and a water bottle pocket. There are also rear reflectors, a safety flag, and quick-release 12.5-inch wheels.

    This trailer has a third wheel holder and can be used as a stroller, though you’ll need to purchase a separate stroller kit. We found that this trailer wasn’t especially well-designed overall, with screws that fall out easily and a roll bar that may sit at your dog’s eye level. The back door storage pouch turns upside down when you open the door, and the screens quickly develop holes. DoggyRide offers a one-year warranty.

    • Moderately-priced and fairly light
    • Easy to set up and comes fairly pre-assembled
    • 600D nylon cover with UV-resistant mesh windows and a waterproof screen
    • Includes leash hooks, leash, reflectors, and safety flag
    • One-year warranty
    • Small 12.5-inch wheels
    • Stroller kit sold separately
    • Not very durable or well-designed

    7. Sepnine 10202-D03 Dog Bike Trailer

    Sepnine 10202-D03

    The Sepnine 10202-D03 Dog Bike Trailer can work as a jogger or a trailer, with three wheels and impressive weight capacity. It’s also heavy and difficult to fold.

    This 37-pound trailer has a folding frame, mesh front and back doors, and a clear plastic rain cover. It has a removable 12-inch front wheel and two large 20-inch rear wheels. This trailer can handle dogs weighing up to 88 pounds. This model has an anti-slip floor, reflectors, and a safety leash and flag.

    When we tested this trailer, we found the assembly instructions difficult to follow, and the front tire doesn’t swivel, making the trailer difficult to maneuver. It can be hard to fold, and the fabric isn’t very sturdy. There isn’t any storage pouch, so it’s harder to carry groceries and other supplies. Sepnine doesn’t offer a warranty.

    • Can work as a jogger or a trailer, with an optional third wheel
    • High 88-pound weight capacity
    • Anti-slip floor, reflectors, safety leash and flag
    • Large tires and folding frame
    • No warranty and not very sturdy
    • Difficult assembly instructions and hard to fold
    • No storage pockets
    • Front tire doesn’t swivel

    8. Rage Powersports Dog Bicycle Trailer

    Rage Powersports PT-10117-R

    Our least favorite option is the Rage Powersports PT-10117-R Dog Bicycle Trailer, which is heavy and large, with a sturdy frame but fewer windows.

    At 38 pounds, this model is the heaviest we reviewed. It has a steel tube frame and a water-resistant nylon cover, plus front and rear doors with roll-down covers. This trailer has large 20-inch pneumatic tires, as well as reflectors, a leash attachment, and a safety flag. It can hold dogs weighing up to 85 pounds. It can also double as a stroller, with a smaller front wheel.

    We found this model fairly easy to assemble, but it didn’t feel very sturdy and arrived with a strong chemical smell. The interior is roomy, but the trailer as a whole is bulky and heavy. The front wheel doesn’t swivel and can be hard to move, and there isn’t a top window. Rage Powersports doesn’t offer a warranty.

    • Moderately-priced and easy to assemble
    • Steel tube frame with water-resistant nylon cover
    • Front and rear doors with roll-down covers
    • Can work as a stroller, with an optional front wheel
    • Not very sturdy, with a strong chemical smell
    • Bulky and heavy
    • No warranty
    • No top window and stiff front wheel

    Buyer’s Guide

    Now that you’ve seen our eight favorite dog bike trailers, it’s time to take your pick. But which features matter the most, and which model will work best for you and your dog? Keep reading for our guide to all of your dog bike trailer options.

    The Basics

    The most important parts of your dog’s trailer are the frame and the cover. The frame is typically made of metal and will determine how heavy your trailer is. Lighter frames may be made of aluminum, while steel frames are often heavier but may last longer. High-quality trailer frames are typically easy to fold for storage and transportation.

    The cover is typically made of a synthetic fabric like nylon or polyester. Nylon is generally more expensive but is also sturdy and water-resistant. Polyester is a lower-cost, less durable option. If you’d like your cover to be particularly durable, you may want to look for 600D, or 600 Denier, fabric. This fabric is thick and heavy-duty, able to hold up to more serious outdoor conditions.

    Windows and Doors

    Your dog will likely appreciate the air flow offered by sturdy mesh windows. Many dog trailers offer side windows, and some offer top windows with mesh that you can unzip. If your dog is interested in windows, you may want to pay attention to the mesh design of each model. Some also offer waterproof door or window coverings or the ability to roll up mesh windows. These features can allow you to adapt to changing weather conditions and help your dog stay comfortable.

    Though many dog trailers offer front and back doors, some only have a front or rear door. If you’d like to have the flexibility of two doors, you may want to pay attention to this feature.


    Trailer wheels can vary quite a bit in size, with diameters from 12.5 inches up to 20. You may want to consider the size of your bike tires because you’ll want your trailer to sit flat and not tilt up when attached to your bike. Keep in mind that large tires may be better suited to grass or rough roads and paths, while small tires work well on pavement and other smooth surfaces.


    How large is your dog? You’ll want to think about your dog’s size before choosing a trailer because not all models will accommodate larger dogs. Most dog trailers advertise maximum weight capacity, but you may also want to think about how tall your dog is and how it likes to ride. You don’t want to end up with a cramped trailer!

    Dog Bike Trailer

    Safety Features

    To keep your dog safe on the road, you may be interested in safety-enhancing features. These can include side and rear reflectors, which are particularly important if you ride in the dark, along with safety flags and leashes. Safety flags are attached to the back of the trailer and ensure that your dog is visible to other drivers. Safety leashes generally attach to the inside of your trailer and can help you keep your dog from jumping out while you’re riding. Some models include the leash, while others offer hooks to attach your leash to.

    Strollers and Other Uses

    Do you want to be able to use your trailer while running or walking, or would you prefer to only use it as a bike accessory? Some models come with removable third wheels, folding bike hitches, and adjustable handles, which will allow you to convert your trailer into a stroller or jogger. Other models are compatible with these activities but will require you to separately purchase an accessory kit. Some trailers won’t work as strollers at all.

    Some models also offer separate kits for skiing and hiking. If you’re interested in a versatile model, you may want to pay attention to the compatible accessories.


    You may want to clean your dog trailer fairly frequently, particularly if your dog likes to explore, swim, or play in the mud. To make this less of a chore, you may want to look for a model that’s easy to clean. If it comes with a cushion, you may prefer a machine-washable option. Most covers can only be wiped clean.


    Are you interested in the security of a good warranty? Though not all models come with manufacturer warranties, some offer excellent protection. Depending on the model, you may have a lifetime guarantee or a basic 90-day warranty. Some trailers come with variable warranties that cover components like the frame and the fabric cover for different lengths of time. If you want to be sure you’re getting a great warranty, read the details on each model.

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    Final Verdict:

    What’s the bottom line? Our favorite model is the PetSafe 62395 Pet Bicycle Trailer, a well-priced, well-designed model with a great guarantee. If you’re shopping for value, we recommend the Aosom 5663-0062 Dog Bike Trailer, an inexpensive model with a comfortable sling seat, plenty of storage room, and a good range of safety features. Are you in the market for a high-end dog trailer? Take a look at the Burley Design 947104 Bike Trailer, a premium model with high-quality wheels, additional stabilizing features, and a comfortable suspended floor.

    There’s nothing quite like a long bike ride on a beautiful afternoon. But if you want to take your dog with you, you’ll need a sturdy, stable trailer that won’t stretch your budget. We hope this list of this year’s eight best dog bike trailers, complete with detailed reviews and a handy buyer’s guide, helps you easily find a great model. You’ll be back on the road before you know it!

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