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10 Best Dog Leashes for Pitbulls of 2024 – Reviews & Top Picks

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By Nicole Cosgrove

Best Dog Leash for Pit Bull While Pitbulls are great, they can wreak havoc on leashes, causing them to fray prematurely or even break at an inopportune time, so finding the right one for your dog can be quite the challenge.

Fortunately, we’ve looked at some of the top models on the market today and, in the reviews below, we’ll tell you which ones we think are best for pit bulls. We looked at a wide range of features, including durability, comfort, and attractiveness.

After all, these are sweet, misunderstood pups—but they’re also extremely strong and stubborn, and you need a leash that’s just as tough as they are.

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A Quick Comparison Of Our Favorites in 2024

Rating Image Product Details
Best Overall
ECO-CLEAN leash01 Dog Leash ECO-CLEAN leash01 Dog Leash
  • Two handles for superior control over your dog
  • Made of extra-thick nylon
  • Reflective stitching for night use
  • Best Value
    Second place
    PetSafe Nylon Dog Leash PetSafe Nylon Dog Leash
  • Available in multiple width options
  • Many colors to choose from
  • Strong and durable
  • Premium Choice
    Third place
    PetsLovers Heavy-Duty Dog Leash PetsLovers Heavy-Duty Dog Leash
  • Made with double layer of nylon
  • Comfortable handle
  • Can survive some chewing
  • Bolux Anna208 Dog Leash Bolux Anna208 Dog Leash
  • Two handles for better control
  • Relatively inexpensive
  • Strong
  • reflective stitching
  • Paw Lifestyles Heavy Duty Dog Leash Paw Lifestyles Heavy Duty Dog Leash
  • Made of thick nylon
  • Weather-resistant
  • Convenient D-ring near handle
  • The 10 Best Dog Leashes for Pitbulls

    1. ECO-CLEAN leash01 Dog Leash – Best Overall

    ECO-CLEAN leash01

    Made of extra-thick nylon, the ECO-CLEAN leash01 incorporates two separate handles into the leash, enabling you to quickly take firm control over your dog if things get out of hand.

    One of the handles is at the end of the leash while the other is in the middle, so you don’t have to let go of your dog to pull him closer. However, grabbing that middle grip does require a bit of stooping. The handles are neoprene-padded with reflective stitching down each side, allowing you to walk your puppy at night without being invisible to passing cars.

    We love the ECO-CLEAN because it gives you the confidence that you can quickly steer your dog out of a tight spot if you need to. When you combine that with the fact that it’s comfortable, visible at night, and thicker than many other nylon leashes, it’s a no-brainer for our top spot. Overall, we think this is the best leash for Pitbulls on the market right now

    • Two handles for superior control over your dog
    • Made of extra-thick nylon
    • Reflective stitching for night use
    • Comfortable neoprene-padded handles
    • Provides peace of mind for owners of nervous dogs
    • Grabbing bottom handle requires stooping awkwardly

    2. PetSafe Nylon Dog Leash – Best Value

    PetSafe LSH-1-X-6-BLK

    The PetSafe LSH-1-X-6-BLK is available in a variety of widths, allowing you to invest in a thicker leash if you have a puller or save money on material if your dog is more relaxed. It also lets you express yourself, as it comes in a wide array of colors.

    This is a basic, no-frills leash—but it’s also extremely durable and gets the job done at a great price, which is why we feel it’s the best dog leash for Pitbulls for the money.

    The LSH-1-X-6-BLK isn’t likely to break mid-walk, but that doesn’t mean you should leave it on the floor, as a dedicated chewer can wear through it in a few days. That’s hardly the leash’s fault, though, which is why we feel justified in giving it the #2 spot in our rankings.

    • Budget-friendly price
    • Available in multiple width options
    • Many colors to choose from
    • Strong and durable
    • Not likely to break mid-walk
    • Can be chewed through if left out
    • Very basic model

    3. PetsLovers Heavy-Duty Dog Leash – Premium Choice

    PetsLovers Leash-0000

    It’s pricier than the two models above, but the PetsLovers Leash-0000 Heavy-Duty is nevertheless well worth the money. It’s constructed with a double layer of nylon, making it especially rough-and-tumble, and it can help keep dogs that pull (like, oh, every Pitbull ever) in check. It will also survive a bit of gnawing if you accidentally leave it out. Despite its rugged build, it’s surprisingly gentle on your hands.

    While the leash itself is thicker and more durable than many other nylon models, the clasp on the Leash-0000 is nothing special. This makes it something of a weak point, especially if your dog gets used to pulling. Only the most dedicated pit bulls should pose that kind of danger, though, and owners of those dogs should focus on training more than finding a stronger leash. Still, that weakness is enough to keep it below the ECO-CLEAN and PetSafe on these rankings.

    • Made with double layer of nylon
    • Comfortable handle
    • Can survive some chewing
    • Material won’t snap from pulling
    • Somewhat expensive
    • Clasp isn’t strong

    4. Bolux Anna208 Dog Leash

    Bolux Anna208

    Like the ECO-CLEAN, the Bolux Anna208 has two handles on it, with the second one situated close to the clasp. The Anna208 is a full foot shorter than our top pick, though, and that can make things awkward for longer-limbed users. The stitching is strong and reflective and we’re also big fans of the clasp, which is made of thick, 2-inch steel. Despite all this ruggedness, the price is very reasonable.

    It comes with a bag holder, but it’s made of flimsy plastic, so don’t be surprised if you find yourself simply tying bags to the leash instead. Beyond that, our biggest quibble with the Anna208 is that it’s a little rough on your hands. That’s a small price to pay for security, but it’s one you won’t have to pay with the models above it.

    • Two handles for better control
    • Relatively inexpensive
    • Strong, reflective stitching
    • Includes bag holder
    • Just 5 feet long
    • Rough on hands
    • Bag holder isn’t durable

    5. Paw Lifestyles Heavy Duty Dog Leash

    Paw Lifestyles

    As the “heavy duty” in its name suggests, the Paw Lifestyles is stout enough to handle quite a bit of abuse. It’s made of tightly webbed nylon, and at three millimeters thick, it’s not likely to come apart just because your pit bull was in a hurry to get the walk started.

    It’s weather-resistant, giving you one less excuse to flake on his midday walk. The D-ring near the handle is also a great place to hang a clicker or treat bag. Attaching the Paw Lifestyles can be a bit of a chore, though, as the clasp is hard to open. It won’t last long if your pup gets his teeth on it, either, and the reflective stitching isn’t very bright.

    • Made of thick nylon
    • Weather-resistant
    • Convenient D-ring near handle
    • Clasp is difficult to open
    • Not ideal for heavy chewers
    • Reflective stitching isn’t especially bright

    6. Primal Pet Gear TP111R Dog Leash

    Primal Pet Gear TP111R

    The Primal Pet Gear TP111R is yet another double-handled model, but with one big difference: it’s 8 feet long, giving you more ability to customize how much control you have over your dog.

    It’s easy to attach in a hurry, as the thumb-release knob slides open with minimal effort. It’s plenty durable, but if something happens, it’s backed by a 1-year warranty.

    The biggest issue with the TP111R is when you use the rear handle, the leash can sag, making the front handle a tripping hazard (not to mention letting it drag through mud). It may also be too heavy for smaller dogs. We like the versatility this leash offers, but there are some kinks that need to be worked out before it can rise any higher on this list.

    • Generous length
    • Backed by a 1-year warranty
    • Thumb-release knob is easy to operate
    • Extremely heavy
    • Sags in middle
    • Gets dirty easily
    • Not ideal for smaller pooches

    7. BAAPET 01 Strong Dog Leash

    BAAPET 01

    Even the strongest Pittie will have trouble snapping this one, as the BAAPET 01 Strong is made of half-inch rock-climbing rope. The rope has some stretch to it, so give yourself plenty of room when encountering others.

    It has an oversized handle, making it a smart choice for owners who want to take their dogs jogging. However, the thickness of the grip will make it difficult for some users to hold comfortably, especially as their palms get sweaty. Oh, and it’s an absolute magnet for heavy chewers, so don’t leave it sitting out.

    The BAAPET 01 is strong and makes for a nice break from boring old nylon, but it’s probably better suited for older dogs or ones that are extremely laid back.

    • Made of durable climbing rope
    • Good for jogging
    • Stretchiness can limit control of the dog
    • Chewers can destroy handle
    • Grip becomes slick when hands sweat
    • May be uncomfortably large for some owners

    8. SparklyPets L004 Rope Bungee Leash

    SparklyPets L004

    The SparklyPets L004 comes with a bungee extension that lets you give your dog a little more room to explore, while also absorbing any jolts that a heavy puller can dish out. Of course, you may not want that extra leeway if your dog is reactive, and the bungee loses its elasticity quickly. It may even encourage pulling, as it makes your dog work harder to get where he wants to go.

    The L004 comes with a carrying case, which is a nice but somewhat useless addition. We didn’t find much purpose for it, but you may; however, since this is an expensive leash overall, we doubt whatever use you find will justify its addition to the price tag.

    • Includes bungee extension
    • Comes with carrying bag
    • Bungee loses elasticity quickly
    • Not suitable for aggressive pups
    • May encourage pulling
    • Included bag isn’t very useful
    • Expensive compared to other options

    9. Mighty Paw Chew-Proof Dog Leash

    Mighty Paw

    The Mighty Paw Chew-Proof is excellent for the owner who’s tired of finding bits of shredded leash on the floor, but it has limited utility beyond that.

    It’s made of ugly steel-braided cable, so your dog will have a hard time gnawing it into bits. The handle is made of regular nylon, though, and if your pooch tears that up the rest of the leash is useless. There’s also an aluminum ferrule near the handle, which can dig into your hands.

    There’s no give whatsoever in this leash, which could increase the risk of injury if your dog pulls. The Mighty Paw is certainly chew-proof, but the money you save on leashes doesn’t mean much if you have to make an expensive vet trip instead.

    • Made of steel-braided cable
    • Chew-proof design
    • Handle can still be destroyed
    • Metal near grip digs into hands
    • Can increase risk of injury
    • Not good for pullers
    • Not attractive

    10. CtopoGo Metal Dog Leash


    The CtopoGo Metal is made of an argon-welded chain with a faux-leather handle. It’s certainly heavy-duty, although the aggressive design will likely make people even more wary of your pit bull than they would normally be.

    Unfortunately, there’s no good place to grab it if you need to restrain your dog in a pinch. It’s only as good as each one of its links as well, so if any of them break, the entire leash becomes an expensive piece of recycling.

    It’s not the best option for a walk in inclement weather, as the metal can rust over time. In fact, you’re better off not using the CtopoGo after a rain, either, since it’s so heavy it tends to drag through puddles. At that point, you’re probably going to need a second leash anyway, so you might as well opt for one of the more versatile models above.

    • Made of argon-welded steel
    • Rusts in the rain
    • Contributes to negative perception of pit bulls
    • No good place to grab in an emergency
    • Drags on ground
    • Becomes useless if links break

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    Regardless of whether your Pitbull is an aggressive puller or is content to dawdle along, the ECO-CLEAN leash01 can provide you with a safe and rewarding walk and is our pick for the Pitbull dog leash. The dual handles give you total control over your dog, and the reflective nylon stitching keeps you visible and safe on nighttime walks.

    A close second on our list of best dog leashes for Pitbulls was the PetSafe LSH-1-X-6-BLK. It’s strong and durable, with multiple widths to choose from and a price that can’t be beaten. However, the added versatility of the ECO-CLEAN edged it out for our top spot (but you likely won’t regret buying the PetSafe, either).

    Buying a leash for a Pitbull can be an exercise in frustration, but we hope these reviews made the decision easier. Many of the options listed above are durable, attractive, and can help make your next stroll as stress-free as possible (but you should still pray your dog doesn’t see any squirrels).

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