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10 Best Dog Raincoats of 2024 – Reviews & Comparisons

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By Nicole Cosgrove

a Dog wearing a raincoat One of the best parts of having a furry friend is getting to spend time exploring different areas with them. We know how much the pooches like the outdoors, but sometimes, mother nature has different ideas and wants to keep us inside. Fortunately, we humans became adept at not letting the elements get in our way and invented the raincoat. Even more, fortunately, someone decided that dogs needed raincoats too. In these reviews, we will go over the best dog raincoats on the market. As these are technical reviews, we promise detailed product descriptions and will do our absolute best to remain professional, but these are raincoats for dogs, so we can’t help pointing out how absolutely adorable they are.

In any case, get ready because there’s about to be a torrential downpour of information. Off to the reviews!

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Comparison Table (updated in 2024):

Rating Image Product Details
Best Overall
Ellie Dog Wear Dog Raincoat Ellie Dog Wear Dog Raincoat
  • Dual-layer waterproof construction
  • Fully functional and harness friendly
  • Ridiculously cute
  • Best Value
    Second place
    RC Pet Products Dog Rain Poncho RC Pet Products Dog Rain Poncho
  • So many patterns to choose from
  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Made with waterproof Taffeta
  • Premium Choice
    Third place
    Hurtta Torrent Raincoat Hurtta Torrent Raincoat
  • Heavy duty
  • Surprisingly easy to put on and take off
  • Great for long-haired dogs
  • Ethical Products Dog Raincoat Ethical Products Dog Raincoat
  • Lightweight
  • Reflective strips
  • Super cute
  • Blueberry Pet Reflective Dog Raincoat Blueberry Pet Reflective Dog Raincoat
  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Collar hole for leash
  • Pull tabs to adjust sizing
  • The 10 Best Dog Raincoats:

    1. Ellie Dog Wear Dog Raincoat — Best Overall

    Ellie Dog Wear

    Check Price on Chewy

    It’s raining, but you need to take your cooped up canine on a walk, even though you just gave them a bath yesterday. Fortunately, you have a doggy raincoat from Ellie Dog Wear. How good is it, though? Will it keep your dog dry? Let’s take a look.

    This raincoat was made with the same care as a premium raincoat for a human. Ellie Dog Wear actually cares about keeping your dog dry. This raincoat has dual-layer design that not only helps you put this on your dog, but it is wonderful at keeping out the rain. This is aided by the waterproof material that this coat is made with. The hood is detachable and comes with drawstrings so if the elements are really bad, you can insulate your pup.

    Functionality is also top notch. As mentioned, this is easy to get on and off with the snap buttons. It is also harness friendly. There is a small opening in the back to thread your leash through so as to be completely unbothered on your walk. This raincoat also has pockets for your pup’s wallet and keys (or treats).

    In terms of fashion, this raincoat looks wonderful. Your pup will look like an experienced fisherman or a stylish millennial (we’re pretty sure those two styles intersect).

    Those who enjoy walking their dogs in the rain with this product really love it. Everyone comments on how adorable it is, of course, but they also point out its high quality. This will definitely keep your dog dry. The only issue with this product is the gap between sizes, where there is a bit of awkwardness between the small and medium.

    • Dual-layer waterproof construction
    • Fully functional and harness friendly
    • Ridiculously cute
    • Gap in sizing

    2. RC Pet Products Dog Rain Poncho — Best Value

    RC Pet Products

    It doesn’t offer the full coverage that a raincoat does, but this is a wonderful little poncho from RC Pet Products. Ponchos are easier for your dog to get in and out of. They might also prefer it because it can feel less constricting.

    As for the technical aspects, this is a well-made product. The waterproof material is called Taffeta, which wicks away water wonderfully. This poncho comes with a hood and will cover your dog from top to bottom. There is a hole in the top that makes this compatible with harnesses for easy access. The manufacturer says that this product is especially good for long haired dogs who don’t need any extra warmth.

    Another perk of this little jacket is that it comes in so many different patterns! You can really zero in on your hound’s personality and get them what fits best.

    Those who have purchased this item for their doggo love it and report that their dogs love it too. Some dogs, of course, are sensitive to wearing anything, but the majority opinion is that this is a great product, especially for the price. RC Pet Products cares about your happiness with its product as well, so it offers a repair-or-replace guarantee on this product for the life of your dog.

    The only common complaint we have heard is that this poncho doesn’t work great in the wind. Even with that being the case, we think that this is the best dog raincoat for the money.

    • So many patterns to choose from
    • Easy to put on and take off
    • Made with waterproof Taffeta
    • Not great in the wind

    3. Hurtta Torrent Raincoat — Premium Choice

    Hurtta HU931873

    This coat was created for explorers. Just looking at it, you can tell that this product was made well and by expert hands. Not only is this raincoat great for the rain, but it serves as a windbreaker as well.

    It may look a little intimidating because dog clothes are typically difficult to get on and off, but that isn’t the case with this raincoat from Hurtta. The design brilliantly incorporates a wrap-around feature that effectively hugs your dog and allows you to keep it as loose or as tight as you or your dog wants. The collar hugs nicely to keep water and wind out but does so comfortably and without choking.

    When it comes to functionality, this coat works wonders. There is a clip at the neck where a harness would come out, so you can use the jacket itself as your walking appliance. You can also go walking at night with confidence, as this product is fitted with reflectors.

    This raincoat can also be used for regular rainy days, so you don’t have to wait for really bad weather! The manufacturer recommends this raincoat for dogs who tend to have that lingering “wet dog” smell.

    Dogs and humans alike are thrilled with this coat. Many people say that they would be happy to pay double for it, even though this is already on the higher end of the price range for dog raincoats. Some dogs have found this to be a bit uncomfortable, but that is a rare complaint.

    • Heavy duty
    • Surprisingly easy to put on and take off
    • Great for long-haired dogs
    • Some dogs don’t like it

    4. Ethical Products Dog Raincoat

    Ethical Products

    Ethical Products has made a raincoat that is concerned with dryness and looking good. The company understands that life doesn’t stand still just because it is a little wet outside, and neither does fashion! While this does have a bit of a “crossing guard” look to it, it is still totally adorable and does what it is advertised to do. Let’s take a look.

    This raincoat is made from 100% waterproof polyester, so your best bud will remain both dry and warm no matter the conditions. It’s made with a vibrant yellow so they can stand out on those walks around the neighborhood, and the functionality of this jacket matches its good looks. There are also two reflective stripes: one in the middle of the jacket and one down the hood. The fine folks at Ethical Products 100% believe in safety first.

    With one hole where a harness would be and another where a leash would be, your pet can walk and be unencumbered by this jacket. It’s easy to put on and take off as well. This is done via one big Velcro strap that goes right down the middle.

    Those who have made this purchase don’t seem to regret it. Dogs find this lightweight coat comfy enough, and their companions report back having a dry dog. This product does run kind of small, however, and we definitely recommend using the sizing chart.

    This product comes with a 100% worry-free guarantee.

    • Lightweight
    • Reflective strips
    • Super cute
    • Runs small

    5. Blueberry Pet Reflective Dog Raincoat

    Blueberry Pet

    Blueberry has matched safety with fashion with this clever offering. While most brands simply put a big reflective strip on their product, Blueberry made a bunch of cute patterns and then made them reflective! Made from waterproof polyester, this is a nice raincoat that offers multiple color options.

    There is a high level of functionality with this raincoat, with a loop in the back for a leash. There are also pull tabs that allow you to adjust the tightness of the jacket, effectively letting you determine the size. The sizing chart is still needed, but the tabs are wonderful for getting it to fit just right on your pooch.

    While this product is good at keeping the rain out at first, the manufacturer does state that the waterproof material eventually stops working, and recommends spraying it with waterproofing every now and then.

    While many users have been impressed by how well the waterproofing works, there is concern about how the material feels. Most users describe it as feeling flimsy and cheap. Others have been less impressed by the sizing — some complain that it runs too small, while others complain that it runs large.

    • Easy to put on and take off
    • Collar hole for leash
    • Pull tabs to adjust sizing
    • Inconsistent sizing
    • Cheap feeling material

    6. Pro Plums Dog Raincoat

    Pro Plums

    This product from Pro Plums is no frills, aiming for all functionality. This is an easy-on, easy-off product where you simply have to snap a few clasps, and you’re good to go. There are no small leg holes that you have to navigate your dog’s paws through either. The clasp itself is attached to nylon, which has reflective threading going through it, so you can feel safe during nighttime walks. You can also throw this in the washer and dryer for easy cleaning.

    We would not recommend this as a raincoat if it was really pouring outside. In fact, this item might be best used as a light jacket for chilly fall days. That being said, it is quite breathable, so your dog should find it comfortable.

    Pro Plum purchasers seem to be quite happy with their investment. It does what a raincoat should do and requires zero to little fuss. Sizing is a bit of an issue, however, even when using the chart.

    • Keeps water out
    • Easy to put on/take off
    • Machine washable
    • Sizing issues

    7. HAPEE Dog Raincoats


    This is similar to the raincoat from Ethical Products but feels slightly less well made. You can choose the color or cartoon print on the jacket. This raincoat has a hood, though it seems a bit awkward. There is an elasticity to the whole coat, though, so that may help with comfort.

    As for functionality, this one is easy enough to get on and off, as all you have to do is place it on top of your dog, pop their front legs in, and then fasten the Velcro strap that goes around the chest. All the sizing is done in accordance to the chest. This product can be washed in a machine, but it is suggested to wash it by hand because some detergents could quickly deteriorate the fabric. This coat also has reflective strips so you can take your dog out at night.

    This is another product that dogs and their owners seem to like. There are sizing issues with this jacket, however, and it’s hard to say if you should err on the side of large or small. Others have complained that this product smells strongly of chemicals.

    • Elastic coat
    • Reflective strips
    • Sizing woes
    • Chemical smell

    8. BINGPET Dog Raincoat


    This raincoat kind of looks like a trash bag with a poker hat attached to it. It’s not, of course, and it’s still a raincoat for a dog, so it is still unbelievably cute. The material doesn’t look that great, but it seems like it is pure plastic, so drying is quick and easy. That also means that this is truly a waterproof coat for your pet. The hat brim is completely clear, offering your pet a better view while keeping them protected from the rain.

    This product is easy to get on and off and has two elastic bands on the back that go around the hind legs to keep the coat in place. Reflective strips on the back mean that you can go out for night walks. There is an opening at the top for your collar or harness.

    While this isn’t the best-looking raincoat, it does work quite well! Those who have purchased it say that it works like a charm and that their pawsome partners love it as well. If treated with care, this could last you a long time. It comes with a storage bag for when not in use. This product runs small, however.

    • Works great
    • Plastic is truly waterproof
    • Clear hat brim
    • Comfy for dogs
    • Not the best looking
    • Runs small
    • Feels like it could easily rip

    9. Didog Reflective Dog Raincoat

    Didog FZYW080RE

    This sleek and sporty design seems like it would be good for the rain or just a chilly fall day. Either way, your dog will be ready to hang out with all the cool kids in this stylish piece from Didog. This specific raincoat is only meant for medium and large dogs, which is one of the reasons that it is so low on this list.

    Also, this isn’t a waterproof raincoat, merely water-resistant. It can serve you well in light rain, but if things get a bit heavier, you and your companion might have to start running for home! The hood can be a bit too small, as it’s almost entirely for fashion.

    On the plus side, this product is easy to put on your pet. One simple Velcro strap secured under the chest, and they’re good to go! There are reflective strips, which make it good for taking walks at night. A decent-sized pocket on the back means that you can bring as many treats as you think your dog will need on the walk (which is probably all the treats).

    Those who have purchased this item seem to be happy with it. Again, it is not recommended for heavy rain storms, but it’s good protection from light elements. However, this product runs small.

    • Reflective strip
    • Stylish looks
    • Only water resistant
    • Only for medium to big dogs
    • Runs small

    10. HugeHounds Dog Raincoats


    This raincoat is for big dogs. The design is as simple as it gets, and considering the size and the price, that makes sense.

    This raincoat is basically just a sheet that you wrap around your dog and fasten underneath, so it is incredibly easy to get on and take off. This is great for big dogs, as well as big fluff balls. There are a couple reflective strips on this coat, and it comes with a carrying case. There is a hole in the back for collar or harness access.

    People who bought this rain jacket for their large dogs think that this is a wonderful product. They claim that it doesn’t necessarily stay on too well, but they are happy to finally have something that fits. Durability does seem to be a concern with this item, but HugeHounds has a reputation for having a wonderful customer service team and will promptly repair your item or send you a new one.

    • For huge hounds
    • Super easy to put on/take off
    • Slips off easily
    • Not very durable

    Buyers Guide: How to Choose the Best Dog Raincoat

    There are many different types of raincoats and many different climates that people live in. On rainy days, you’ll want a raincoat for your pup! Here are a few things to consider:


    Sizing isn’t easy when it comes to dogs, and niche dog fashion hasn’t been around as long as human fashion, so manufacturers are still figuring things out. Follow the given size charts carefully. If you just guess what size your dog is, you have a good chance of being disappointed when your product shows up.


    Some dogs do not like having stuff put on them, so that might be something to consider when purchasing your doggy raincoat. Some are easier than others to get on and take off. What you get in ease of wear might be a trade for coverage, however. The raincoats with the most coverage seem to be the ones with the most steps to put on.


    You want to make sure to get something that your dog can wear on long walks, not just out to the mail! Most raincoats have access areas for harnesses or leashes, but not all are made the same.

    There are also different levels of waterproofing in terms of keeping the rain out. If you live in a rain-heavy area, you might want to get something more heavy-duty. If you live where it rarely rains, a light poncho might be best.

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    Final Verdict

    Doggy raincoats can truly be a lifesaver when your pal has been cooped up all day, and you both need a short walk. Have you found the right one for you and your pooch? You can’t go wrong with our top pick from Ellie Dog Wear. It is a great raincoat and very cute. Be sure to also consider our value pick from RC Pet Products!

    Whatever you choose, we hope that these reviews have helped you navigate the huge market of puppy ponchos. These are so cute, you might even hope for rainy weather!

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