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10 Best Dog Seat Belts of 2023 – Reviews, Top Picks & Guide

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By Nicole Cosgrove

Best Dog Seat BeltIf you’re like most dog owners, you like to take your dog with you on your travels. However, a loose dog in your vehicle or even sitting on your lap can distract you as the driver. In the event of a crash, your dog could even become a projectile.

A seat belt designed for dogs can make a big difference in keeping your dog and yourself safe. Whether you’re taking a long trip, heading to the park, or rolling around town, it’s important to keep your dog properly secured. The right seatbelt for your dog can give you this peace of mind.

We’ve selected the 10 best seat belts for dogs and added insightful reviews, along with quick-reference pros and cons lists. For more information before you make a purchase, also read our buyer’s guide!

A Quick Look at Our Favorites of 2023

Rating Image Product Details
Best Overall
Kurgo Kurgo
  • Simple
  • Easy to use
  • Adjustable length
  • Best Value
    Second place
    Vastar Vastar
  • Tether design
  • High-quality materials
  • Adjustable tether
  • Premium Choice
    Third place
    Mighty Paw Mighty Paw
  • Durable tether design
  • High-quality construction
  • Swivel feature
  • Durable
  • Swivel clip
  • Can be used as a leash
  • Unique elastic buffer component
  • Heavy-duty fabric
  • Premium zinc alloy hardware
  • The 10 Best Dog Seat Belts:

    1. Kurgo Dog Seat Belt – Best Overall


    For the best seat belt for dogs overall in value and performance, we recommend the Kurgo dog seat belt. The Kurgo earned our top spot for the best seat belt for dogs because of its simple yet strong tether design at an affordable price. While this dog seat belt has not been formally crash-tested, we did learn that it has reportedly worked well in actual accidents to prevent injury.

    This easy-to-use device clicks directly into your existing seatbelt slot. The other end of the tether snaps onto your dog’s harness with a durable, all-steel, carabiner clip. The tether, made from strong, resilient material, can be adjusted for more restraint or increased freedom. It comes in two color combinations: black/orange and blue/black.

    Unfortunately, this product isn’t compatible with Volvo, and it’s not recommended for Ford trucks. Also, keep in mind that your dog may try and/or succeed in freeing themselves from this tether, which may damage your seatbelt slot.

    • Performed well in real-life crash situations
    • Simple yet strong tether design
    • Easy to use
    • Durable hardware and tether material
    • Adjustable length
    • Two color combination choices
    • Affordable
    • Not compatible with Volvo or Ford trucks
    • May cause seatbelt slot damage

    2. Vastar Adjustable Dog Car Seat Belt – Best Value


    Our choice for the best seat belt for dogs for the money goes to the Vastar adjustable dog car seat belt. For an affordable price, this dog seat belt clicks directly into your vehicle’s seat belt slot and uses a tether to attach to your dog’s harness.

    Constructed with high-quality materials to ensure safety, this dog seat belt features a durable nylon fabric tether, a solid zinc alloy swivel snap, and metal buckles. The tether is adjustable to adapt to your dog’s needs. It comes in six color choices.

    Make sure to double check that the seatbelt slot on this product, which measures 2cm, will be compatible with your car. There are several car models in which this seat belt will not fit.

    This dog car seat belt has not been officially tested, but we did find anecdotal accounts that it worked to save dogs from injury. Also, your dog may be able to free themselves, damaging your seatbelt slot in the process.

    • Best value
    • Tether design that attaches to your car’s seatbelt slot
    • High-quality materials for fabric and hardware
    • Adjustable tether
    • Actual accounts that it saves dogs from injury
    • Not compatible with several car models
    • May cause seatbelt slot damage
    • Dogs may be able to free themselves

    3. Mighty Paw Dog Seat Belt – Premium Choice

    Mighty Paw

    We selected the Mighty Paw dog seat belt as our premium choice for its high-quality materials and helpful features. While it has not undergone an official crash test, we learned of several accounts that it protected dogs in an actual crash.

    This tether design dog seat belt attaches to the latch bar, much like a child’s car seat. This design feature eliminates the possibility of your dog easily freeing themselves by stepping on the seatbelt release. It’s made to allow for a quick release in case of an emergency.

    The tether is adjustable and made from weatherproof nylon. The hardware has a strong, durable construction made entirely of metal, with the carabiner made from strong yet lightweight aviation aluminum.

    The harness attachment features a swivel to prevent your dog from causing tangles. However, some dogs have still become entangled despite this feature. Also, your dog may try — and succeed — at chewing through the tether material.

    • Unofficial accounts of keeping dogs uninjured in a crash
    • Durable tether design
    • Attaches to your car’s latch bar
    • High-quality construction
    • Swivel feature to prevent tangles
    • Some dogs have become entangled
    • Tether is not chew-proof

    4. BWOGUE Dog Safety Seat Belt


    Using your car’s headrest, the BWOGUE Dog Safety seat belt clips together to restrain your dog as you drive. The tether conveniently hangs down the seat and attaches to your dog’s harness.

    The tether is constructed from durable, high-quality nylon fabric. The clip is solid zinc alloy and features a swivel motion to allow your dog to get into a comfortable position. We found fewer instances of dogs becoming entangled.

    Designed for most cars and most sizes of dogs, the tether has multiple adjustment clips. For your convenience, you can remove the sea belt and use it as a leash. This dog seat belt comes in 12 bright color choices.

    We could not find evidence that this dog seat belt would work effectively in a crash. However, we did learn that the tether material may not be as thick and as sturdy as you might prefer.

    • Uses your car’s headrest
    • Made with durable, high-quality materials
    • Swivel clip reduces entanglement
    • Multiple adjustment clips
    • Can be used as a leash
    • 12 color choices
    • No evidence of crash effectiveness
    • Tether material may not be as sturdy as other products

    5. URPOWER SB-001 Dog Seat Belt


    The elastic buffer component on the URPOWER dog seat belt is a unique feature that can protect your dog in the event of a sharp turn or sudden braking. Using a tether design, this dog seat belt clips into the seatbelt slots of most car models with its 0.83-inch belt tab.

    The tether is made with heavy-duty nylon fabric, and the hardware features a premium anti-rust zinc alloy hook and clip. The clip has a swivel snap that allows your dog to move around without entanglement.

    The strap can be adjusted to accommodate small to large dog breeds. However, the level of durability of the tether material decreases with heavier dogs. Also, while it may be convenient to snap this device into your car’s seatbelt buckle, it may also be too easy for your dog to unlatch and release themselves.

    • Unique elastic buffer component
    • Clips easily into your car’s seatbelt slot
    • Heavy-duty fabric and premium zinc alloy hardware
    • Swivel snap to prevent entanglement
    • Adjustable strap
    • Dogs can easily release themselves
    • Tether may not be strong enough for large dogs

    6. Friends Forever Durable Dog Seat Belt

    Friends Forever

    With a built-in safety bungee, the Friends Forever durable dog seatbelt uses a tether system that easily clips into your car’s seatbelt slot. We learned that the bungee works well to slow your dog’s body weight in the event of a crash.

    This dog seat belt is well-made, with durable nylon material and industrial-strength steel hardware, including a zinc alloy clip. The clip features a metal swivel to help prevent entanglement, and the tether strap is adjustable. However, we found that it’s still too long for larger dog breeds.

    Before you buy, make sure that the 2cm tab is compatible with your car’s seatbelt slots. Also, as with all tethers that lock into existing car seatbelts, some dogs can find a way to unhook themselves.

    • Built-in safety bungee
    • Industrial-level steel and zinc alloy hardware
    • Features a metal swivel to prevent entanglement
    • Durable nylon tether
    • Easily clips into car’s seatbelt slot
    • Compatible with most vehicles
    • Adjustable belt strap
    • Dogs may be able to unbuckle themselves
    • 2cm tab may not be compatible with your vehicle
    • Tether may be too long for larger dogs

    7. Duke & Dixie Dog Seat Belt

    Duke & Dixie

    For another choice that easily clips into your seatbelt slot, consider the Duke & Dixie dog seat belt. This tether design dog seat belt features a rust-resistant zinc alloy clip that attaches solidly to your dog’s harness. It also has a swivel feature to allow your dog more freedom of motion without causing entanglement.

    The high-quality nylon tether comes with double stitching at the clip for extra durability and is adjustable to accommodate your dog’s size. However, this dog seat belt does not offer color choices.

    The 2cm universal clip fits most newer models of vehicles. Although it is easy to use, as with all tethers that clip into seatbelt slots, your dog may free themselves without much effort, and your seatbelt slot may become damaged. Also, we found that larger, heavier dogs freed themselves more often. Some dogs chewed through the nylon.

    • Easily clips into seatbelt slot
    • Rust-resistant zinc alloy clip
    • Swivel feature to reduce entanglement
    • Double stitching on nylon tether
    • Adjustable tether length
    • Universal clip fits most newer vehicles
    • Clip may not work in older vehicles
    • Dogs may effortlessly unclip themselves
    • Potential damage to your seatbelt clip
    • Larger, heavier dogs may negatively affect durability
    • No color choices
    • Nylon strap is not chew-proof

    8. Leash Boss Dog Car Seat Belt

    Leash Boss

    If you own a dog who’s an aggressive chewer, you may want to purchase the Leash Boss dog car seat belt. While your dog may have made a quick and easy meal out of the nylon tethers we’ve reviewed so far, this product is designed to be chew proof.

    The tether on this dog seat belt is made out of heavy-duty nylon-coated steel rope. The harness clip features a swivel to prevent entanglement. Although not adjustable, this dog car seat belt comes in five sizes to accommodate small through extra-large dogs.

    This product attaches to your vehicle’s latch bar, eliminating the possibility of your dog freeing themselves. Unfortunately, the clip is a D-ring with an enclosure that has a screw-style enclosure. This clip makes it difficult to install and difficult to detach quickly in an emergency. Also, the clip hooking to your dog’s harness lacks sturdiness and durability.

    • Chew-proof tether
    • Heavy-duty nylon-coated steel rope tether
    • Swivel on harness clip to prevent entanglement
    • Five size choices
    • Latch bar attachment
    • D-ring clip on latch bar attachment
    • Difficult installation to latch bar
    • Not easily detached in an emergency
    • Clip to harness lacks sturdiness and durability

    9. iBuddy Dog Seat Belt


    The flexible nylon fabric bungee on the iBuddy dog seat belt gradually slows your dog’s body weight in the event that you need to slam on your brakes or make a sharp turn. The dual nylon strap on the tether is adjustable with anti-slip buckles to better hold your dog in place.

    This tether style dog seat belt easily clips into your car’s seatbelt slot and fits most newer models of vehicles. However, your dog may free themselves and the seatbelt slot may become damaged.

    The iBuddy’s dual-safe bolt hook is built strong to stay attached to your dog’s harness and has a swivel to prevent entanglement.

    We placed this product lower on our list due to its durability issues with the tether material and the stitching at the seams. Unfortunately, this seat belt may come apart after only a few uses.

    • Nylon fabric bungee for extra safety
    • Anti-slip adjustment buckles
    • Easily clips into your seatbelt slot
    • Durable harness clip
    • May not clip into older vehicles
    • Dogs may free themselves
    • Your seatbelt slot may become damaged
    • Tether material and stitching is not durable

    10. Pawaboo Dog Car Safety Seat Belt


    With heavy-duty coated-steel wire rope, the Pawaboo dog car safety seat belt is a chew-proof alternative to nylon tethers. This heavy-duty tether comes in two length sizes, but keep in mind that it’s not adjustable and the two lengths may not suit all dog breeds.

    This dog car seat features a carabiner clip that attaches either to your car’s latch system or to the bars in your vehicle’s headrest. Made from galvanized iron material, your dog will not be able to easily free themselves. However, the clip may be difficult to install into your latch system, and it cannot be quickly detached in an emergency.

    The harness clip at the other end of this dog seat belt is not made with durable materials and is prone to unhook or break. However, the clip does offer a swivel feature to allow your dog to easily move and adjust.

    • Chew-proof
    • Carabiner clip made from sturdy material
    • Harness clip offers swivel feature
    • Only offered in two sizes
    • Tether is not adjustable
    • Latch clip is not easy to install
    • Cannot quickly detach latch clip in an emergency
    • Harness clip may break or unhook

    Buyer’s Guide – Choosing the Best Seat Belt for Dogs

    As you read through our reviews, you may still have questions about dog seat belts. In this buyer’s guide, we’ll go over the key components of a high-quality dog seat belt, as well as identify which features may better suit your dog.

    Attachment Styles

    In our list, we featured a few different ways for your dog’s seat belt to attach to your car. One of the most popular methods uses the convenience of your existing seat belt slot. While you may initially like the ease and quickness of clicking in your dog’s seat belt, this method does come with several significant pitfalls. We recommend only using this method with smaller, lighter, calm dogs. Larger, heavier, rambunctious dogs will break free and possibly break your seatbelt slot.

    In contrast, some of the dog seat belts hook into your car’s latch system similarly to a child’s car seat. This method is definitely more secure. However, if you’re familiar with a child’s car seat, you know that its hooks have a specific design to help with installation and to make for a quick detachment in an emergency. The same hook design should be implemented with your dog’s seat belt.

    Finally, a few dog seat belts use your headrest as a point of attachment. While most dogs cannot free themselves, you run the risk of damage to your car with a stronger, larger dog. However, the higher attachment may be more comfortable and create less entanglement for a taller dog.


    If your dog is an aggressive chewer, then a nylon tether dog seat belt may as well be another chew toy. Once the tether is chewed, the integrity and effectiveness of the seat belt is lost. Fortunately, you can buy dog seat beats made with extra-sturdy materials, like steel, that will give your aggressive chewer a real challenge and keep them safe in the process.

    Dog Seat Belt


    Most of the dog seat belts on our list have adjustable tethers. Getting the right fit for the size of your dog is equally as important as limiting your dog’s freedom to move as you drive. Also, make sure that the adjustable buckles hold securely in order to better maintain the length you desire.

    High-Quality Construction

    Perhaps one of the most important factors for an effective dog seat belt relies on high-quality construction of all its components. If any part malfunctions, your dog could be in danger of injury. Make sure that the stitching is well-made, the tether fabric is strong, and the hardware is built from sturdy materials.

    Bungee Feature

    Lastly, you may want to purchase a dog seat belt with a bungee feature to further protect your dog from injury. The bungee is incorporated into tether and works effectively to gradually slow your dog’s momentum in the event you need to quickly brake, make a sharp turn, or are involved in an accident.

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    Final Verdict

    We recommend the Kurgo K01965 Dog Seat Belt as the best overall dog seat belt for its simple yet strong tether design that performed well in real-life crash situations. This easy-to-use dog seat belt features durable tether material and sturdy hardware for attaching to your dog’s harness and your vehicle’s seatbelt slot. The Kurgo offers a tether with an adjustable length and two choices of color combinations.

    The Vastar VDB2-ALX-1 Adjustable Dog Car Seat Belt earned our second spot for being the best value. At a great price, this product is well made, and we learned of actual accounts where it has saved dogs from injury. This dog seat belt has an easy-to-use tether design that attaches to your car’s seatbelt slot, and its fabric and hardware are made with high-quality materials.

    The Mighty Paw Dog Seat Belt is our premium choice for its high-quality construction. We learned of several accounts in which this dog seat belt kept dogs uninjured in a crash. The durable tether design easily attaches to your car’s latch bar, and the harness clip offers a swivel feature to prevent tangles.

    Your dog’s safety is most likely your top priority. We hope that our list of the 10 best dog seat belts, along with detailed reviews, pros and cons lists, and buyer’s guide, has helped you find a seat belt to secure your dog as you drive. The right dog seat belt can keep both your dog and you safe as you travel — it even may become a lifesaver.

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