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10 Best Dog Tents for Camping in 2023 – Reviews, Top Picks & Comparison

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By Nicole Cosgrove

A dog tentDo you dream of sharing your favorite hiking trails with your canine companion? Or want to enjoy a beachside camping trip without leaving your best friend at home? Then, you’ll want to invest in a dog-friendly tent right away!

Of course, the camping industry is huge, and for every unique human tent, there’s a pet tent out there to match. Just like any other outdoor equipment, no two dog tents are designed for the exact same terrain, weather, or season.

Since you’d much rather be enjoying the great outdoors than researching the best dog tents out there, we’ve done the work for you. We’ve put together reviews of the top dog tents (along with a few tents that will accommodate both you and your pup), so you can jump straight to the best of the best tents for dogs.

A Quick Look at our Favorites of 2023:

Rating Image Product Details
Best Overall
Alcott Alcott
  • Waterproof base
  • Comes with ground stakes and bag
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Best Value
    Second place
    Mountainsmith Mountainsmith
  • Easy to set up and pack
  • Includes a waterproof rainfly
  • Suitable for spring, summer, and fall
  • Premium Choice
    Third place
    Coleman Steel Dome Coleman Steel Dome
  • Waterproof flooring
  • Features a built-in power cord
  • Plenty of storage inside
  • Kole KI-OC286 Kole KI-OC286
  • No assembly required
  • Extremely affordable
  • Plenty of ventilation
  • Schylling UV Play Shade Schylling UV Play Shade
  • Protects against UV rays
  • Waterproof polyester design
  • Quick and easy pop-up design
  • The 10 Best Dog Tents:

    1. Alcott BBL EX OS PT Pup Tent — Best Overall

    Alcott BBL EX OS PT Pup Tent

    Check Price on Chewy

    If you’re ready to hit the trails with your canine companion, our pick for the best dog tent overall is the Alcott BBL EX OS PT Pup Tent. This one-size-fits-most tent measures 32 inches wide, 42 inches deep, and 30 inches tall at the center, offering enough room to set up most pet beds if desired. While this tent is designed to comfortably fit a single large dog, it can also be used for multiple small or medium pups.

    The base is entirely waterproof, protecting your dog and their belongings from the elements. However, the top and sides are only slightly water-repellent — an additional rainfly is required for full weather protection. It also includes five mesh-lined openings for optional airflow.

    Each of these dog tents comes with four grounding stakes and a carrying bag. Since this tent weighs less than 1.5 pounds, you won’t even notice it in your pack.

    • Doubles as an overnight tent or temporary kennel
    • Large enough to fit most dogs/dog beds
    • Waterproof base
    • Comes with ground stakes and bag
    • Multiple mesh windows for optional ventilation
    • Extremely lightweight
    • Top and sides are not waterproof
    • Doesn’t hold up to heavy use

    2. Mountainsmith Season Tent — Best Dog Tent for 1 Owner and 1 Dog

    Mountainsmith 11-2010-12 Season Tent

    But wait, what if you want to share a tent with your four-legged camping partner? The Mountainsmith 11-2010-12 Season Tent is our recommendation for single owners who want to enjoy the great outdoors with their pooch always by their side. It measures 56 inches wide, 92 inches deep, and 43 inches tall at the center. Of course, for those trips where Fido stays home, it will also fit two adult humans.

    This three-season tent features 35 square feet of useable interior floor space, giving you and your dog plenty of space to spread out and get comfortable. It includes two mesh doors, two mesh windows, and mesh ventilation panels in the rainfly that can be easily opened or closed depending on the season. The tent’s interior also includes mesh storage pockets and a removable storage loft.

    Each tent comes with a waterproof rainfly, eight grounding stakes, and a water-resistant bag with setup instructions. An additional footprint tarp is recommended to keep out water and protect the tent’s floor, but not required. Altogether, this Mountainsmith tent weighs just under 5 pounds.

    • Fits one person and at least one dog
    • Easy to set up and pack
    • Includes a waterproof rainfly
    • Several optional ventilation windows
    • Setup instructions are printed on the bag
    • Suitable for spring, summer, and fall
    • Footprint tarp sold separately
    • Zippers are prone to catching

    3. Coleman Steel Dome Tent — Best for 2 Owners + 1 Dog

    Coleman 2000018059 Steel Dome Tent

    If you want to bring along not just your dog, but another person, you’re going to need a pretty big tent. Our pick for the best dog tent in this category is the Coleman Steel Dome Tent. While this tent might seem extra large at first, it provides plenty of space for two adult humans, plus one or more dogs (depending on their size). The interior compartment is 10 feet wide, 9 feet deep, and a little over 5.5 feet tall at its center. It also has a screened-in section at the front, which measures 10 feet wide and 5 feet deep.

    This is a great option for inclement weather, thanks to the included rainfly, water-resistant flooring, awnings, and a frame that can handle wind up to 35 MPH. However, the “porch” section is completely exposed to the elements, even with the rainfly installed.

    Each tent comes with a storage bag and everything you need to set it up, though the bag is fairly bulky when packed. As part of Coleman’s Fast Pitch line, this tent can be set up 50% faster than other tents from the brand. It also features color-coded poles and a snag-free suspension system.

    • Extra-large size for multiple people/dogs
    • Waterproof flooring and rainfly includes
    • Sets up in as little as seven minutes
    • Features a built-in power cord
    • Plenty of storage inside
    • Stable in windy conditions
    • Rainfly interferes with ventilation
    • Screened-in porch may flood
    • Bulky and heavy to carry

    4. Kole Pop-Up Dog Tent — Best Value

    Kole KI-OC286 Pop-Up Dog Tent

    For smaller dogs who need a personal tent that won’t break the bank, the Kole KI-OC286 Pop-Up Dog Tent is the best dog tent for the money. This compact tent measures 14 inches wide, 14 inches deep, and 14 inches tall at its center.

    Since this tent utilizes an all-in-one, pop-up design, there is no assembly required, and setting it up is extremely quick and easy. It has mesh panels along the top for ventilation, and the door can be rolled up or secured closed with Velcro.

    This tent is extremely lightweight and does come with a storage bag. However, keep in mind that it is not waterproof, does not include a rainfly, and does not have stakes or any other way of securing it to the ground.

    • Ideal for toy and small breeds
    • No assembly required
    • Extremely affordable
    • Front flap easily opens or closes with Velcro
    • Plenty of ventilation
    • Comes with a storage bag
    • Not waterproof
    • Cannot be secured to the ground
    • Front opening does not zip
    • Will not fit most dogs

    5. Schylling UV Play Shade

    5 Schylling UV Play Shade SPF 50+

    Whether you’re setting up camp on the beach or in the woods, there’s a good chance that your dog would appreciate a comfortable place to call their own. The Schylling UV Play Shade is a pop-up tent made of SPF 50+ fabric, providing a safe space for your dog to cool down on sunny days. This tent measures 51 inches high, 39 inches deep, and 31 inches tall at its peak.

    The folding, pop-up design makes this tent quick and easy to set up for an entire day or just a couple of hours. The polyester material is also waterproof, protecting your pup from light rain. There is a mesh window in the back for optional ventilation and two front flaps that can be tied back or left closed.

    This pop-up tent comes with a travel bag and four grounding stakes. While the storage bag has a handle for easy carrying, its size and shape mean it won’t fit in a standard backpack. Also, the included stakes are plastic, so some owners may want to invest in metal replacements.

    • Protects against UV rays
    • Large enough to fit most dogs
    • Can be secured with stakes or built-in sandbags
    • Waterproof polyester design
    • Quick and easy pop-up design
    • Plastic stakes are not secure
    • Front flaps do not zip closed
    • May overheat without proper ventilation
    • Not built for heavy wear-and-tear

    6. Winterial Outdoor Pop-Up Pet Tent

    Winterial Outdoor Pop-Up Pet Tent

    Another great pop-up tent for your canine companion is the Winterial Outdoor Pop-Up Pet Tent. Designed for the beach, this tent features UV protection and a removable 2-inch padded cushion that covers the entire floor. Overall, it measures 64 inches wide, 30 inches deep, and 29 inches tall.

    This tent is fully assembled and can be set up in just a few seconds to provide your dog with a comfortable place to rest. The entire front opens up for easy entry, while the back of the tent features a mesh window for added ventilation. Both openings can be securely zipped closed if needed.

    This tent comes with a storage bag and ground stakes. However, the material is not waterproof and will require a ground tarp and rainfly in wet conditions.

    • No assembly required
    • Blocks UV rays
    • Includes a removable pad for added comfort
    • Good ventilation
    • Comes with a travel bag and stakes
    • Offers zero protection against rain
    • Difficult to unfold and fold back up
    • Poor zipper quality

    7. Pettom Dog Camping Tent

    Pettom Dog Camping Tent

    The Pettom Dog Camping Tent is built for a variety of uses, from providing much-needed shade in the backyard to camping out miles away from home. This durable dog tent measures 34.6 inches wide, 45.3 inches deep, and 28.3 inches tall at the center. All packed up, it weighs less than 3 pounds for easy carrying.

    While the thick tarp bottom helps keep out moisture, the sides and back feature breathable mesh panels that can be opened for ventilation or left closed. The zippered front flap also has an optional mesh layer for even greater airflow. This tent is made from water-resistant polyester but requires an additional rainfly for true weather protection.

    Each tent comes with a storage bag and eight metal grounding stakes. Overall, this tent is lightweight and easy to set up within just a few minutes.

    • Suitable for large dogs
    • Lightweight and easy to set up
    • Plenty of ventilation options
    • Front flap features a secure zipper
    • Not waterproof
    • Support poles break easily
    • Short lifespan for the price

    8. Petego U Pet Portable Pet Tent

    Petego U Pet Portable Pet Tent

    The Petego U Pet Portable Pet Tent is another model that resembles a human tent shrunk down to dog size. It’s also one of the only dog tents we reviewed to come in multiple sizes, ranging from approximately 23 inches wide, 23 inches deep, and 26 inches tall to about 35 inches wide, 35 inches deep, and 35 inches at its tallest point.

    It includes four ventilation windows, made with claw-proof mesh, and a zippered front door. The tent does come with a clip-on rainfly for weather protection, but there is no way to actually close the mesh panels, and some owners reported that bugs could fit through the holes.

    Along with the rainfly, this tent also comes with a storage bag and stakes for securing it to the ground. This dog tent features an umbrella-inspired folding mechanism, making it super quick and easy to set up and stow away.

    • Includes a custom-fitted rainfly
    • Durable and reliable construction
    • Simple pop-up design
    • Claw-proof mesh paneling
    • Suspension cords tend to come untied
    • May overheat during the day
    • Mesh panels are not bug-proof

    9. FrontPet Portable Pet Tent

    FrontPet Portable Pet Tent

    If you’re an avid camper looking for something designed for the great outdoors, the FrontPet Portable Pet Tent might be the answer. This dog tent comes in two sizes: one measuring 24.1 inches wide, 24.3 inches deep, and 31.5 inches tall and one measuring 35.5 inches wide, 35.75 inches deep, and 38.5 inches tall.

    This tent is built to withstand the elements and your dog while still being easy to set up and stow away. Its pop-up design requires zero assembly and easily folds up when it’s time to head home. At the same time, the durable nylon fabric and sturdy zippers keep your dog comfortable and sheltered from the great outdoors.

    Each tent comes with a carrying bag, grounding stakes, and a removable rainfly for extra weather protection.

    • Designed for regular campers
    • Comes with a rainfly, bag, and grounding stakes
    • Interior features Velcro for securing a crate pad
    • Easy to set up
    • Poles are not that durable
    • Too small for some dogs
    • Reports of defective zippers
    • Prone to collapsing

    10. Hillwest Dog Houses Dog Tent

    Hillwest Dog Houses Dog Tent

    While most of the tents on our list are designed for larger dogs, the Hillwest Dog Houses Dog Tent is ideal for smaller dogs that need a portable space to call their own. It measures 17.3 inches wide, 33.5 inches deep, and 15 inches tall at its peak. Depending on your needs, you can choose from a full-mesh design or one that is half-mesh and half-sunshade.

    Compared to other dog tents, this one is quite unique and versatile. There is a standard, zippered door at the front, but you can also open up the top. This tent includes a removable fleece cushion that easily folds up with the tent and is machine washable, as well as an optional floorboard for more stability.

    Rather than requiring a separate carrying bag, this entire tent folds up and includes a built-in handle. Before purchasing this dog tent, however, you should keep in mind that it does not offer any way to secure it to the ground. It also isn’t water-resistant or designed for long-term use.

    • Extremely portable and easy to use
    • Multiple setup options
    • Removable and washable fleece cushion included
    • Designed for small dogs
    • Not designed to be secured to the ground
    • Floorboard must be carried separately
    • No protection against rain or moisture
    • Will not fit many dogs


    While there are countless options out there for dog-owning campers, here’s another look at our favorites:

    Our pick for the best dog tent is the Alcott BBL EX OS PT Pup Tent. This tent functions well as an overnight shelter or as a soft kennel, including having enough floor space to fit most dog beds. The bottom layer is waterproof, and the mesh panels offer plenty of ventilation to keep cool and comfortable. Plus, it’s lightweight for carrying to and from your campsite.

    If you’re more interested in a tent that will hold you and your dog, then check out these great tents for dogs, either the Mountainsmith 11-2010-12 Season Tent or the Coleman 2000018059 Steel Dome Tent. Both tents offer enough room for at least one person and one dog, along with key features like waterproofing and ventilation panels. They’re also heavy-duty enough to withstand a variety of seasons and weather conditions.

    On the other hand, the Kole KI-OC286 Pop-Up Dog Tent is ideal for those in need of a cheap tent for light use. Its pop-up design means there’s no assembly required and it has plenty of ventilation panels, but keep in mind that it only fits toy and small breeds.

    As you can see, there’s no shortage of great dog tents out there for the outdoor enthusiasts. Whether you camp once a year or every weekend, our reviews are sure to help you find the right tent for you and your pup!

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