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8 Best Halloween Cat Toys of 2023: Top Picks and Reviews

Ashley Bates

By Ashley Bates

cat playing with halloween toy


Everyone’s favorite holiday is coming up, and we all are here for it. If you want to get really festive, you can get your cat a bundle of new things to get the spirit. But exactly what cat toys are on the market this season? You might be surprised how many options you actually have.

Hopefully, our reviews give you some excellent ideas on how to keep your cat entertained this fall. For your convenience, we rounded up the best Halloween cat toys we could find on the market this season. Let’s have a look.

A Quick Comparison of Our Favorites of 2023

Rating Image Product Details
Best Overall
Frisco Halloween Teaser Wand Cat Toy Frisco Halloween Teaser Wand Cat Toy
  • Catnip included
  • Three attachments
  • Promotes interactive play
  • Best Value
    Second place
    KONG Kickeroo 2-in-1 KONG Kickeroo 2-in-1
  • Affordable
  • Well-made
  • Premium catnip
  • Premium Choice
    Third place
    Goody Box Halloween Cat Toys Goody Box Halloween Cat Toys
  • 30% savings
  • Limited edition
  • Includes multiple tots and treats
  • Best for Kittens
    CiyvoLyeen Halloween Catnip Toys CiyvoLyeen Halloween Catnip Toys
  • Kitten-friendly
  • Stuffed with catnip
  • Perfect size for tiny paws
  • KONG Spider Teaser Cat Toy KONG Spider Teaser Cat Toy
  • Affordable
  • Solid make
  • Has protective string cover
  • The 8 Best Halloween Cat Toys

    1. Frisco Halloween Teaser Wand Cat Toy – Best Overall

    Frisco Halloween Teaser Wand Cat Toy

    Check Price on Chewy
    Toy Type: Teaser
    Dimensions: 33 x 4.25 inches

    For the best Halloween cat toys, we have to say, Frisco Halloween Teaser Wand Cat Toy is our favorite overall. It’s adorable and interactive, perfect for owner and pal playtime fun. The attachments are super easy to switch out and offer a versatile play variety.

    This teaser comes with three different attachments: a spider/web, a pumpkin, and a ghost/bat. Your cat can have fun chasing around each one. They’re spooky, with fantastic fluff and color. Each pot full of catnip enhances playtime, motivating your cat to start exercising.

    This one set will definitely last throughout the upcoming holiday months. However, it probably won’t be the longest-lived toy you have. It is a bit fragile, so if you have a particularly aggressive feline, they might just tear it to shreds. But we think there’s still a lot of value here.

    • Three attachments
    • Promotes interactive play
    • Catnip included
    • Not multi-functional

    2. KONG Kickeroo 2-in-1 – Best Value

    KONG Kickeroo 2-in-1

    Toy Type: Kicker
    Dimensions: 3 x 3 x 15 inches

    The KONG Kickeroo 2-in-1 delivers a smart design for a fraction of the cost of some KONG products. This way, your cat is playing with a witchy version of themselves with this adorable stuffed kitty.

    This toy was made to promote healthy play and trigger the kicking instinct. Using a combination of crinkle sounds and catnip, it enhances your cat’s sensory to draw them to the toy. The catnip is Kong’s very own North American premium cat nap, making it a suitable and healthy choice.

    The fabric is tough and well-made, lasting your cat quite a while, well beyond Halloween season. It’s the perfect size for most adult cats to enjoy, but it might be a little big for some kittens.

    • Well-made
    • Affordable
    • Premium catnip
    • Too large for kittens

    3. Goody Box Halloween Cat Toys – Premium Choice

    Goody Box Halloween Cat Toys

    Toy Type: Variety pack
    Dimensions: Varies by item

    Who says cats can’t have as much fun during the holiday season as neighborhood kids? If you want to give your cat their very own box of Halloween surprises,  let us introduce you to Goody Box Halloween Cat Toys. This box set might come with a higher price tag than others on our list, but hear us out.

    Chewy throws together their very own limited edition goodie boxes every Halloween season. This set not only has fantastic toys to play with, but it comes with goodies too. The savory snack pack/toy mixer is a perfect way to include your cat and your spooky celebration.

    Even though it might seem expensive, you get real savings on this bundle. It’s actually a 30% decrease, and you get three awesome toys and three full-size treats. This box is a one-time deal—no subscriptions. It’s our favorite and arguably most desirable Halloween option for cats.

    • Includes multiple tots and treats
    • 30% savings
    • Limited edition
    • Expensive

    4. CiyvoLyeen Halloween Catnip Toys – Best for Kittens

    CiyvoLyeen Halloween Catnip Toys

    Toy Type: Stuffed
    Dimensions: Varies by toy

    If you have kittens, might we recommend this six-piece set. It’s very festive, and each one is the perfect size for your little kitten to enjoy. They even have catmint to freshen their breath and promote good emotional well-being.

    There is quite a variety here, coming with a pumpkin, bat, ghost, spider, cat, and skull. Each little plush toy is stuffed with catnip to promote healthy play. We loved the size of the small toys, as they are perfect for kittens to pull around. They aren’t too big or small, and even your adult cats can get a kick out of them.

    They are well-made but may come apart pretty quickly with aggressive use. That’s why we recommend them just for kittens! In addition to catnip, these toys are stuffed with poly fill.

    • Kitten-friendly
    • Stuffed with catnip
    • Perfect size for tiny paws
    • Not for aggressive play

    5. KONG Spider Teaser Cat Toy

    KONG Spider Teaser Cat Toy

    Toy Type: Teaser
    Dimensions: 2 x 2 x 45 inches

    We love this durable little teaser—KONG Spider Teaser Cat Toy. This toy has a plush covering on the cord and an adorable plush spider at the bottom. It is solid and able to withstand the test of time much into next Halloween.

    Not only is this toy adorable, but this product also contains Kong’s premium catnip.

    With all those little legs wiggling around, it promotes interactive play with your cat. You might even see them trying to bat it around without their humans holding the stick.

    Plus, this toy is super affordable. So, you can get it in combination with other exciting choices on our list or get it as a single celebratory addition to your cat’s already stellar toy collection.

    • Affordable
    • Solid make
    • Has protective string cover
    • Requires interactive play for full function

    6. Disney Halloween Hocus Pocus

    Disney Halloween Hocus Pocus

    Toy Type: Stuffed
    Dimensions: Varies by toy

    Who doesn’t love the Sanderson Sisters? If you are a massive fan of Halloween movies, you should know just how vital Hocus Pocus is to nearly every Halloween lover. These toys will bring back that nostalgic feeling from your childhood while giving your cat something extraordinary to play with.

    These catnip stuffed little plush toys will capture your cat’s attention with her vibrant colors and tasty smells. If your cat is the type to keep toys nearby for snuggling, they are fantastic for that as well. So no matter the activity level, we’re sure that your cats can get some enjoyment out of this witchy trio.

    • Adorable design
    • Great for snuggling
    • Vibrant colors to enhance play
    • May not hold up well for super aggressive kitties

    7. Senneny Halloween Spider Catnip Cat Toys

    Senneny Halloween Spider Catnip Cat Toys

    Toy Type: Stuffed
    Dimensions: 9.7 inches

    Check out the Senneny Halloween Spider Catnip Cat Toy. It’s one big beast! This furry, colorful spider will be sure to captivate your cat’s attention, and it may even spook them all on its own.

    It’s pretty large, and if it comes chasing after your cat, you might just see them spring up in the air and the classic Halloween cat pose. This toy also comes with a loop on its back so you can attach it to a teaser toy if you prefer.

    This toy is very soft and durable. With a wiggle of its legs, it will definitely capture your cat’s attention and might even just entice romps for months to come. Or you can simply use it as a standalone piece in addition to your cat’s regular toys.

    • Can attach to a teaser
    • Large size
    • Interactive or standalone option
    • Might be intimidating to some cats

    8. Lepawit Halloween Cat Toys

    Lepawit Halloween Cat Toys

    Toy Type: Teether
    Dimensions: Varies

    If a pumpkin full of spooky faux lollipops sounds like a winning ticket, check out Lepawit Halloween Cat Toys! This little plush pumpkin has several character faces on it attached to sticks. Your cat can attack each one, taking it out of its place.

    Or you can use each one to chase and play with your cat as well. So this is perfect for interactive and standalone play. It comes With six different characteristics: Frankenstein, a bat, an eyeball, a broom, a pumpkin, and a witch hat. They can also play with the giant pumpkin or snuggle up next to it during naptime.

    The sticks are made of silvervine, a natural teething tool that is completely safe and organic. Not only does this serve as a fantastic texture to chew for your cats, freshens their breath and cleans plaque off their teeth as well

    • Safe materials
    • Cleans teeth
    • Unique design
    • Pricey

    Buyer’s Guide

    Halloween is such a fun time, even for our pets. As pet owners, you might always look for new ways to include your pets in the family holidays. If you buy a few Halloween toys, you’ll want to follow the same standard you would for buying any cat toy.

    Toy Type

    As you can see from our list of reviews, there are tons of different toy styles even at Halloween time. Here are some of the most common toys you’ll see this holiday season:

    • Teasers
    • Plushies
    • Puzzles
    • Teethers
    • Stuffed toys
    • Balls

    By now, you probably know what your cat likes, so it should be easy for you to pick it out of the lineup.

    Catnip toys are a lot of fun for most cats, but you do want to find a high-quality version. Our Hepper Catnip Stick Toys are double-bagged and bite-proof, perfect for even the sharpest claws and teeth. They're also full of 100% organic catnip, shaped like your cat's natural prey, and hand-made in the USA.


    Materials will differ depending on the type of Katwe you purchase. For example, teaser toys are typically made of solid plastic or wooden ones, string, and a plush toy at the end. On the other hand, a stuffed toy might be made of polyester material with polyfill in a cat.

    Some products also have safe chewing materials like silvervine, which promote healthy teething and freshen breath.

    woman playing with halloween toys with her cat
    Image Credit: Amazon


    Size is important, depending on the kind of cat in your house. If your cat really enjoys something they can hold in their paws in bed around, a smaller toy might work best. That’s also true if you have a kitten who’s just learning the ropes of playing.

    However, the size will change depending on the type of toy that it is. Make sure that your cat will be ready to interact rather than run when they see whatever you get.


    Safety is one of the most important aspects to consider when you’re shopping. You don’t want the holiday season to become an emergency visit to your vet. The last thing you want is to have any pokey parts or potential pieces that we can become bowel obstructions.

    So always ensure you get well soon, durably constructed pieces for your cat. The best way to ensure that the materials are as durable as what the company claims is to read reviews from owners who have already experienced them firsthand.


    Catnip is a widespread addition to most commercial cat toys. Even though only 80% of cats are affected by catnip, your cat will likely be affected. If you are looking for organic catnip, you have to make sure it’s stated in the product description.


    Frisco Halloween Teaser Wand Cat Toy is perfectly well made and serves as an interactive toy you can use with your kitty. This teaser wand will enhance playtime, keeping your Kitty busy for hours. It’s definitely one way to get their exercise in.

    KONG Kickeroo 2-in-1 Is an affordable selection for cats who love kicking with their feet. If every time your cat gets a hold of a toy, they start rabbit-kicking, then this durable Kong toy might just work best for them. Plus it won’t put a dent in your pocketbook.

    Goody Box Halloween Cat Toys Is arguably the best option on our list because it combines tasty treats with fun toys. Your cat can enjoy this goodie box all month long, and you won’t have to run out to buy treats anytime soon.

    In any case, we think your kitty should definitely have fun this Halloween with one or more of the toys on our list. Which one was your favorite?

    Featured Image Credit: Chewy

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