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10 Best Harnesses for Beagles in 2024 – Reviews & Top Picks

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By Nicole Cosgrove

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As a hunter’s friend, the Beagle’s overpowered senses make them the ultimate companion. To the average person, however, this animal can be a handful. This is because their high-energy nature requires that you give them enough exercise; otherwise, you will have a stressed-out pet on your hands.

This means taking them out on long walks or runs every day. But if you do not have a strong and secure harness, this dog might break off their leash, leaving them vulnerable.

As such, you need to have a good harness if you are going to take care of a Beagle. With so many brands of leashes out there, however, finding the right one can be a daunting task. The following are reviews of the best Beagle harnesses on the market today.

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A Quick Comparison of Our Favorites in 2024

Rating Image Product Details
Best Overall
PetLove Dog Harness PetLove Dog Harness
  • Adequate padding
  • High-quality material
  • Soft finish
  • Best Value
    Second place
    Blueberry Pet Soft Neoprene Blueberry Pet Soft Neoprene
  • Stylish
  • Reflective strips
  • Secure and comfortable
  • Premium Choice
    Third place
    Rabbitgoo No-Pull Rabbitgoo No-Pull
  • Premium construction
  • Secure fit
  • Comes with leash rings
  • Embark Adventure Embark Adventure
  • Adjustable
  • Enhanced control
  • Multiple attachments to secure the dog
  • RUFFWEAR Front Range Reflective RUFFWEAR Front Range Reflective
  • Easy to slip on
  • Stylish
  • Comfortable
  • The 10 Best Harnesses for Beagles

    1. PetLove Dog Harness — Best Overall

    PetLove Dog Harness

    Even though this padded, soft leash by PetLove is a great harness for any type of dog, it is particularly suitable for Beagles because it is adjustable.

    Since Beagles keep tagging on their harnesses, you want one that is made from durable material to ensure that it can withstand constant use and wear and tear. PetLove’s harness does exactly that, as it is designed to resist the tears associated with hyperactive dogs.

    The reflective strip on this harness ensures that you can walk your Beagle at night without any worries, and you get to choose between red, green, black, camouflage, or orange.

    To allow you to firmly secure your dog without causing them discomfort, this harness comes with padded adjustable straps. The only issue that you might have with this harness is that it might feel a bit bulky for smaller dogs.

    Nonetheless, the comfort offered by the harness, adjustability, and ability to take a pounding makes it one of the best harnesses you can get your Beagle.

    • Adequate padding for skin protection and comfort
    • Easy to put on and off
    • Fits securely to ensure that it stays in place
    • Soft finish to prevent scratches
    • High-quality material and construction
    • Can feel bulky

    2. Blueberry Pet Neoprene Training Dog Harness — Best Value

    Blueberry Pet Soft Neoprene Padded Training Dog Harness

    This harness by Blueberry is ideal for high-energy dogs because it is designed for long-term use, as well as for training. It is easy to use and is convenient for almost every scenario that calls for a harness.

    The harness has reflective strips all around it. This makes it not only appropriate for daytime activities but also for nighttime ones.

    The Blueberry harness is made of high-quality material to complement a Beagle’s lifestyle. It can withstand the constant pulling from your hyperactive ball of fur, in addition to being resistant to the aggressive biting and chewing synonymous with the Beagle breed.

    This harness also comes in several accurate girth sizes to make sure that you find one that fits your dog perfectly, i.e., not too tight or loose. Most Beagles find the medium-sized harness with a chest girth measurement of 20.5” to 26” to be the most comfortable fit for them.

    A problem one might have with this harness, however, is that it is not adjustable. Nevertheless, this should not be much of an issue, as it has accurate sizing. For its price point, it is one of the best harnesses for Beagles for the money.

    • Stylish
    • Secure and comfortable
    • Reflective strips for night visibility
    • Excellent for intense training and high-energy activities
    • Non-adjustable chest strap

    3. Rabbitgoo Dog Harness No-Pull Pet Harness — Premium Choice

    Rabbitgoo Dog Harness No-Pull Pet Harness

    This dog harness by Rabbitgoo is a great harness for everyday use by active breeds, such as Beagles. It comes in a sturdy design that distributes weight evenly, thus ensuring that the dog can have it on for extended periods without feeling uncomfortable.

    The first feature that makes this harness effective at its job is the adjustable slide straps. These will help you customize the perfect fit for the dog to ensure that the harness stays put during activity. Additionally, they also allow you to put the harness on and take it off with ease.

    You will also find two sturdy metal leash attachment points that allow for maximum convenience. With one attachment point being at the chest area and the other on the back, this allows you to use the harness and a leash simultaneously and with ease, since the pressure will be distributed across the chest and back.

    To ensure the security of your dog, this harness comes with reflective strips that make sure that the animal is visible at night. It also comes with a padded, breathable layer to ensure that they are comfortable at all times, while the custom fit feature makes sure that they are secure.

    • Premium construction
    • Secure fit
    • Easy to use
    • Distributes pressure across the chest and back
    • Padded for comfort
    • Comes with leash rings
    • Can be stiff around the back

    4. Embark Adventure Dog Harness

    Embark Adventure Dog Harness

    The Adventure harness by Embark is designed to help you have as much control as you can over your Beagle during activities. It tries to alleviate pressure from the dog’s back so you can apply as much restrain on the dog when they start pulling, without hurting them.

    Using the Adventure harness on a high-energy dog is quite simple, as all you need to do is adjust the neck and chest size and slip it on. There is a handle attached to the back that allows you to control your pet with ease.

    Additionally, it allows you to customize the perfect fit, thanks to the adjustment feature. For enhanced comfort, this harness has a padded interior that cushions the neck and back. This also ensures that the skin stays protected.

    To make sure that you have the dog firmly within your control in any situation, this harness has four reinforced attachment points. As such, it is the ideal harness for high-energy dogs such as Beagles, as well as service rescue and training dogs. It is also compatible with seat belt attachments, thereby making it a good harness for traveling.

    • Adjustable
    • Comfortable fit
    • Multiple attachments to secure the dog
    • Enhanced control
    • Lightweight
    • Not suitable for bigger dogs

    5. RUFFWEAR Front Range Dog Harness

    RUFFWEAR - Front Range Dog Harness

    The Front Range by RUFFWEAR is a harness that allows your dog to enjoy comfort and style, while giving you greater control over the animal.

    This harness is a great option for Beagles who love pulling. It comes with two attachment points for the leash to give you more control options. The point at the back is suited for relaxed walks, while the one on the chest is to have greater control over the dog.

    These attachments are sturdy, thanks to the webbing reinforcement that allows for a safer and more durable connection.

    The Front Range is also designed to be slipped on easily and securely. It has side buckles for easy fitting, as well as comfort.

    This harness is ideal for runs, long walks, or extended periods of activity.

    • Easy to slip on and remove
    • Stylish
    • Variety of adjustment points
    • Comfortable, thanks to padding
    • Can slide sideways if not secured properly

    6. Kurgo Dog Harness

    Kurgo Dog Harness

    Do not expect this harness to disappoint you, as Kurgo is renowned for its quality products. The Tru-Fit is a handy harness more suited for long and relaxing walks. It also comes with a seatbelt tether to allow you to travel with your pet without having to keep an eye on them when driving.

    The Tru-Fit also comes with a no-pull feature to allow you better control over dogs who are pullers. It has a unique five-way fitting feature that ensures that finding the perfect fit for your pooch is a breeze. This harness also has Weinerlock buckles that make putting it on and taking it off easy.

    The no-pull capability of this harness also makes it ideal for training your dog how to behave during walks. Once you have taught your pup the proper way to behave when outside, you can switch to the back attachment for easier control.

    This harness comes with a lifetime warranty, which is a testament to its durability. The only downside to the Tru-fit is that it is not ideal for running.

    • No pull harness for greater control
    • Seatbelt tether feature
    • Two leash attachment points
    • Durable
    • Lifetime warranty
    • Not suitable for running

    7. PetSafe Easy Walk Dog Harness

    PetSafe Easy Walk Dog Harness

    The Easy Walk by Petsafe is a no-pull dog harness designed to make dog walks a relaxed and enjoyable experience.

    This product features a four-point fitting system to ensure that you find the perfect fit for your dog’s body. This system consists of two buckles at the chest area and two others on the back and belly area, respectively. Additionally, this harness comes in different sizes to help you find one that is ideal for your animal’s height.

    If your pooch is a puller, you will find that this harness has a belt on the chest that ensures that you do not choke the animal as you try to control them. There’s also a front D-ring on the chest to dissuade them from pulling. This makes it one of the best harnesses for training your Beagle on how to walk beside you.

    It is also quite easy to put on and take off, which makes preparing your dog for a walk an easy task. It comes with soft nylon bands that slide over the dog’s body smoothly, hence ensuring that the animal does not feel uncomfortable with the harness on.

    This harness comes with instructions on how to use it properly and is quite cost-friendly. Unfortunately, it is susceptible to damage, as it is not weatherproof.

    • Affordable
    • Four-point system for perfect fit
    • Soft nylon straps for comfort
    • Great at restraining
    • Susceptible to damage

    8. Chai’s Choice Best Adventure Dog Harness

    Chai’s Choice Best Outdoor Adventure Dog Harness

    The first thing that you will notice about Chai’s Choice harness is its striking appearance. It comes in a wide variety of colors, and it is made from Oxford material, which is renowned for its durability and scratch resistance. It also features Duraflex buckles that add immensely to the harness’s overall strength.

    The straps on this harness are adjustable to allow you to find the appropriate fit for your dog. It is also padded on the chest and belly regions to ensure that your pooch is comfortable at all times.

    This harness also comes with a handle that you can attach to the seatbelt to allow you to drive in peace, as your pup will be safely secured to the seat. Additionally, it has a 3M reflective layer that ensures that the animal is visible at night or in low-light conditions.

    It also features a two-point leash attachment system. The one on the back is for normal situations, while the front D-ring comes in handy when looking to control a misbehaving pup.

    • Stylish
    • Car seatbelt hook
    • Durable
    • Dual leash attachment points
    • 3M reflective layer for night visibility
    • Stronger dogs might break through the buckles

    9. EzyDog Convert Trail-Ready Dog Harness

    EzyDog Convert Trail-Ready Dog Harness

    This harness by Ezydog is designed for service dogs and adventure purposes. As such, it is rugged and durable.

    It comes with innovative side straps that are covered by a reflective material to ensure that your dog is safe even when walking at night. It also has an LED feature to enhance the animal’s visibility in low-light conditions.

    This harness features a saddlebag attachment that allows you to transform the harness into a backpack in case you want the dog to carry supplies.

    The inner part of the harness is made from a soft, breathable material that ensures the dog does not feel the strain on its skin. The outer layer of the harness is made of polyester material to enhance its durability.

    • Great for adventures
    • Reflective strips and LED mount for visibility
    • Accessory attachment
    • Breathable fabric
    • Can be bulky

    10. Comfort Fit Pets No Pull Small Dog Harness Vest

    Comfort Fit Pets No Pull Small Dog Harness Vest

    If your Beagle is relatively small, then you might want to look into this harness by Metric USA. This product comes with sufficient cushioning to ensure that it feels comfortable against the pooch’s skin. Additionally, the bottom is not made out of mesh, which ensures that fur does not stick to the harness.

    To prevent your high-energy furball from escaping, this harness features a revolutionary design consisting of two D-rings. These rings dissuade the dog from pulling, thereby allowing you to train the dog to walk beside you.

    The harness also comes with a detachable tie to allow you to customize its appearance. Weighing in at only 2 pounds, this product is quite lightweight, which means that it will not feel like a burden to your little one.

    • D-rings to dissuade escape
    • Comfortable
    • Customizable
    • Lightweight
    • Cheap
    • Might be small for some Beagles

    Buyer’s Guide: Finding the Best Harness for Beagles

    Due to their strong hunting instincts, Beagles have special requirements when it comes to harnesses. Therefore, when looking for the ideal harness for your Beagle, consider the following.


    Being high-energy canines, Beagles require regular exercise to prevent them from developing destructive habits, such as digging up the yard, as a means of venting that energy. This means taking them out for long walks or runs almost every other day.

    Due to their strong hunting instincts, these animals will keep pulling on their harnesses in an attempt to follow the scents around them. As such, if you do not invest in durable harnesses, you’ll find yourself needing a new one after a short period.

    Harnesses with metal D-rings are great, as they dissuade the animal from pulling, thereby allowing you greater control. Other aspects that constitute a durable harness include sturdy nylon and reinforced stitching.


    In addition to durability, the harness needs to have sufficient cushioning so it does not wear on your pup’s skin.

    A good harness has a good amount of padding around the chest area, as that is where most of the pressure is felt when the dog tugs on the leash.


    Beagles will wiggle themselves out of just about anything if you give them half a chance. This is because they were bred to maneuver through tight spots to reach small prey. As such, if a harness is not tight enough, your Beagle might be able to escape it.

    An adjustable harness allows you to find the appropriate fit for the animal, where it is neither loose nor too tight.

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    Finding the right harness for your Beagle can take a while due to the sheer number of harnesses on the market. However, if you know what you are looking for, finding it should not be too difficult.

    The PetLove Dog Harness is arguably the best product on the market, as it has all the characteristics required of a Beagle harness. It’s comfortable, allows you great control over the animal, and is durable.

    If you are on a budget, consider the Blueberry Pet 8 harness, as it is a great-quality Beagle harness with a good price point

    Featured Photo Credit: JOSÉ SOMOVILLA from Pixabay

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