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5 Best Insulated Dog Doors in 2023 – Reviews, Top Picks & Guide

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By Nicole Cosgrove

A puppy using an insulated dog doorNo one wants to rack up a high energy bill. Every month, you likely look for ways to cut down on usage, which is well warranted.

According to statistics, the US wastes 61 to 86 percent of the energy it has.

That is astonishing to consider. If you are looking for ways to conserve but still want to give your pet the freedom of going in and out as they please, insulated pet doors do the trick.

We have compiled a comprehensive list of the top 5 selections we could find to give honest reviews to help you preserve in-home energy.

Now, you can let your dog roam while keeping the energy inside and the outdoors, outdoors.

A Quick Comparison of Our Favorite Choices in 2023

Rating Image Product Details
Best Overall
Ideal Pet Products Insulated Patio Door Ideal Pet Products Insulated Patio Door
  • Adjustable height
  • Precise
  • flush fit
  • For pets large to small
  • Best Value
    Second place
    PetSafe Plastic Pet Door PetSafe Plastic Pet Door
  • Multiple sizes
  • Customizable frame
  • 3-flap efficiency
  • Premium Choice
    Third place
    Security Boss Insulated Patio Door Security Boss Insulated Patio Door
  • Universal height fit
  • Extreme weather seal
  • Easy removal
  • Endura Thermo Panel 3e Pet Door Endura Thermo Panel 3e Pet Door
  • Simple installation
  • Energy and weather efficient
  • Freedom Pet Pass Insulated Pet Door Freedom Pet Pass Insulated Pet Door
  • Airtight magnet seal around the perimeter of the flap
  • Guided installation
  • The 5 Best Insulated Dog Doors

    1. Ideal Pet Products Patio Insulated Dog Door – Best Overall

    Ideal Pet Products Patio Insulated Dog Door

    The Ideal Pet insulated door is made explicitly for sliding vinyl patio doors. It is easy to install, but it can be time-consuming to do so. Once you have it finished, it will be well worth it. The height is adjustable, so it fits with precision. Being extra-large, it sits 75” high and has a 10.25” by 15.75” flap.

    It has a white vinyl frame with dual pane tempered e-glass. Being extra-large, it sits 75″ high and has a 10.25″ by 15.75″ 3-part double-wall Lexan flap. Its overall design is sturdy, providing lasting durability for wear.

    Due to its large flap and ease of use, your bigger pets down to your smallest can use this door effortlessly. It would be perfect for multi-pet households, providing a swift exit when your pet needs to step out. The Ideal Pet Products 78VIP150XL is our best overall insulated dog door for its precision fitting, durable construction, and excellent flexibility.

    • Adjustable height
    • Precise, flush fit
    • For pets large to small
    • Tough material
    • Only fits vinyl sliding patio doors

    2. PetSafe Plastic Dog Door – Best Value

    PetSafe RS-PPA00-10984

    PetSafe RS-PPA00-10984 Plastic Pet Door ranks second on the list, but you get the most for your money. It comes in four sizes so you can choose the correct dimensions to fit one or all your pets comfortably through. It is highly insulated, having not just one, but three flaps to provide energy efficiency.

    You can select a plastic or aluminum frame. The plastic frame is slightly cheap feeling, but it is paintable so you can match it to your home décor. The company provides easy-to-follow, straightforward instructions so you can install quickly. With the cutting template they give, it is hard to go wrong. Just be sure to follow the guidelines carefully for an ideal fit.

    When you don’t want your pets to use the door, it comes with a snap-on feature you can apply to restrict access. It is convenient and simple to use. There is an additional feature you can purchase as an extra protective layer to separate your home from outdoor elements. If the plastic frame were stronger, the PetSafe might have been our top overall pick.

    • Multiple sizes
    • Customizable frame
    • 3-flap efficiency
    • Plastic may be flimsy

    3. Security Boss Insulated Patio Dog Door – Premium Choice

    Security Boss MaxSeal

    While the price tag on the Security Boss Max Seal could cause you to raise your eyebrows, the features it has to offer may just be worth it. The first attractive aspect is the universal fit. It is available in choices ranging from 70-99” in height. You can guarantee it fitting with precision.

    It is heavy-duty and high quality. The door is notably made for extreme temperatures, having thermo dual-pane glass and a hardy weather seal. It also has a composite security panel to keep intruders out.

    On top of having a universal fit, it comes with four options for flap openings to ensure your pet has the most suitable size. It is also easily removable, as it has no mounting hardware. You won’t have trouble if you need to take it down for any reason. All these benefits justify the price tag and our pick for premium choice.

    • Universal height fit
    • Extreme weather seal
    • Easy removal
    • High security
    • Costly

    4. Endura Thermo Panel 3e Dog Door

    Endura Flap Thermo Panel 3e

    The Endura Thermo Panel 3e dog door is easy to mount and remove. It requires no tools, as it directly fits into the doorway so you can use it as needed. You can decide whether to install it permanently or temporarily. It provides extreme wind resistance, energy efficiency, and optimal security.

    It pairs with a sliding glass door. It comes in three color choices to match your décor stylings. A great feature here is that you can adjust the magnet strength on the single flap. That will help you fine-tune the closure so your pet can quickly gain access, and you can make sure it stays closed in high winds.

    The Endura Thermo Panel is moderately pricy, and you will need to order accurately. It can get a tad confusing since they have so many variations listed. You will want the best fit for your door and the right flap size for your dog—so measure, measure, measure!

    • Simple installation
    • Energy and weather efficient
    • A bit costly
    • Confusing selections
    • Single flap may not be as efficient

    5. Freedom Pet Pass Insulated Dog Door

    Freedom Pet Pass

    The Freedom Pet Pass is for exterior use and you must cut a well-measured hole to fit it in. It is not like other options on the list that fit without tools. It comes with step-by-step instructions and a template to help you install as smoothly as possible.

    One useful feature this has is a magnet seal that goes completely around the door, making it airtight. Having said that, it does only have one flap, which can wear down quicker over time. This could potentially cause you to buy replacement parts sooner.

    It seems fairly sturdy, although the components may not stay intact like the rest of the dog doors on our list.

    • Airtight magnet seal around the perimeter of the flap
    • Guided installation
    • Time-consuming to put in
    • Must cut a permanent hole in your door
    • Only a singular flap
    • Not as well-made as other options

    Buyers Guide: Selecting the Best Insulated Dog Doors

    If you live in areas that have a high heat index or high wind chill factor, your pet shouldn’t suffer – find the best insulated dog doors that protect you and the heat in your home. Providing them the luxury of coming in and out as they please should still be on your list of to-dos. If you worry about heat or air conditioning escaping, considering an insulated over a traditional dog door can eliminate any reservations you may have.


    You will want first to make sure that your dog door of interest is compatible with your entry. Some insulated dog doors only work for sliding glass doors, as you read in the reviews. Studying the description and dimensions will keep you from having to make a return.

    You will also want to purchase a size accommodating to all pets who will use it. The details of the product should give measurements and weight requirements for your pets. If you are using it for multiple pets, be sure the smaller animals can still operate the entrance.

    Energy Efficiency

    Because you are looking into insulated doors, it is highly likely that you want the most energy-efficient option. Whether you live in extreme weather conditions or just want to prevent a high utility bill, maintaining home temperature is important.

    Read about the seals and flaps. Learn what components it includes and how they seal shut. Many will have magnets or weight to close and prevent air escape. You will need to make sure the reinforcements are sufficient to separate indoor and outdoor elements.


    You want your pets to be able to open and close the door, but not the wind and rain. You’ll want a door able to withstand what Mother Nature has in store. Whether there is a blizzard or rainstorm, precipitation needs to stay where it belongs.

    Be sure that the door design holds up in harsh storms.  It is crucial to have a durable, reliable model that won’t buckle under pressure. Keeping all pieces intact and functional is paramount.


    As you can see by our top 5, pricing for insulated dog doors is a broad spectrum. You will want to get excellence for your purchase. Before going cheap or going big, read what others have to say. Hearing real-life accounts by people who have used these products is one of the most credible resources you have today.

    Sifting through a few extra reviews and checking out materials can save you a lot of expense in the long run. Not only will you have to consider costs upfront, but also replacement pieces. Some doors even have warranty options so that if anything out of your hands goes wrong, you are covered.

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    Image Credit: uhofer, Pixabay

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    We are glad you read this article before you started chopping up your back door only to figure out you aren’t satisfied with your product.

    Our number one choice is affordable, hard-wearing, and easy to install or remove. The Ideal Pet Products 78VIP150XL Insulated Pet Patio Door can provide a smooth transition and not damage the entrance of your home.

    PetSafe RS-PPA00-10984 Plastic Pet Door is a perfect option to keep the energy inside your home and cash in your account. This best value pick has easy installation, so even someone who isn’t too savvy with tools can put it in. The triple flaps are an attractive feature as well. It’s also ideal if you don’t have a sliding glass door as our first choice requires.

    Our premium choice, the Security Boss MaxSeal Insulated Patio Pet Door, is a great choice for pet owners who want the very best and don’t mind paying for it.

    Hopefully, this helped you navigate through your options so you can buy what benefits your situation the best. Your pet can be happy, and so can your furnace.

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