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10 Best Lint Rollers for Dog Hair 2023 – Reviews & Top Picks

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By Nicole Cosgrove

A lint roller for dog hair

We all love dogs, but living with one or more of these four-legged creatures comes with plenty of drawbacks. You have to pick up after them, pay for expensive vet visits, keep important items out of reach, and, perhaps most annoyingly, constantly remove dog fur from your clothing and furniture.

Long ago, humankind came up with a solution to this never-ending problem: the lint roller. However, even today, not all lint rollers are built the same. If you’re tired of dollar store lint rollers that result in more frustration than convenience, keep reading. Our reviews will help you find the best lint roller for picking up excess dog hair from your clothes, upholstery, and more.

Comparison of our Favorite Picks in 2023:

Rating Image Product Details
Best Overall
PetLovers PetLovers
  • Extra-sticky adhesive
  • Safe to use on pets
  • Easy-peel perforation
  • Best Value
    Second place
    Scotch-Brite Scotch-Brite
  • Includes two separate lint rollers
  • Sheets tear away easily
  • Uses reliable Scotch Brand adhesive
  • Premium Choice
    Third place
    ChomChom Roller ChomChom Roller
  • Convenient
  • Eco-friendly
  • Lasts for a long time
  • iLifeTech iLifeTech
  • Includes a mini travel roller
  • Reusable
  • Eco-friendly design
  • Degbit Degbit
  • Eco-friendly adhesive
  • Two separate lint rollers
  • Works on a wide range of surfaces
  • The 10 Best Lint Rollers for Dog Hair:

    1. PetLovers Lint Roller for Dogs – Best Overall

    PetLovers Lint Roller

    If you want to skip straight to the best lint roller for dog fur out there, then look no further than the PetLovers Lint Roller. This lint roller is a top choice for multiple reasons, including the fact it comes with four refill rolls (450 sheets in total). The handle rotates 360 degrees in either direction and the sticky sheets feature spiraled perforation for easier removal.

    Along with picking up shed dog hair, this lint roller works great for collecting excess dust, dirt, crumbs, and other household debris. It’s even safe to use on your pets — that is, if they allow it — to remove loose fur before it finds its way onto your furniture and floors.

    While this lint roller is great at the start, some users reported that the handle broke after some use. Since this lint roller comes with multiple refills and is meant to be used over and over, this is an obvious problem.

    • Includes four refill rolls
    • Extra-sticky adhesive
    • Handle easily rotates in both directions
    • Safe to use on pets
    • Easy-peel perforation
    • Handle isn’t durable enough for long-term use

    2. Scotch-Brite Dog Hair Roller – Best Value

    Scotch-Brite 839R-56TP Pet Hair Roller

    For dog owners looking for the best lint roller for dog hair for the money, we suggest the Scotch-Brite 839R-56TP Pet Hair Roller. This twin pack is made with Scotch Brand’s famous adhesive, so you know these lint rollers will get the job done every time. Both lint rollers also feature an ergonomically designed handle for added comfort when cleaning your furniture, clothes, or even your pet.

    These lint roller sheets tear apart easily so you don’t have to struggle each and every time you use them. Along with pet fur, you can use these lint rollers to clean up dust, dirt, and miscellaneous debris around the house. While this set doesn’t include refill sheets, you can purchase them separately if desired.

    If you have a short-haired dog, keep in mind that these lint rollers tend to work best on longer fur. Also, some owners reported issues with the sheets unrolling during use.

    • Uses reliable Scotch Brand adhesive
    • Handle is designed for comfort
    • Includes two separate lint rollers
    • Sheets tear away easily
    • Refill packs are available separately
    • Does not work as well on short dog fur
    • Sheets sometimes unroll during use

    3. ChomChom Roller Dog Hair Remover – Premium Choice

    ChomChom Roller 2323445 Dog Hair Remover

    When it comes to removing dog fur from large pieces of furniture, bedding, and other household surfaces, traditional lint rollers can be annoying to use and wasteful. Instead of sticky adhesive, the ChomChom Roller 2323445 Dog Hair Remover uses specialized fibers to pick up dog fur, lint, dust, and more.

    Since this lint roller doesn’t rely on sticky sheets, it can be used over and over without needing to purchase refill packs or throw away hundreds of paper sheets. It doesn’t require batteries or an outlet — you just roll it back and forth to pick up your dog’s hair.

    As mentioned, this lint roller does last quite a long time. However, the fibers that pick up dog fur and other debris will eventually wear out. Since this lint roller works best on flat, semi-firm surfaces, it doesn’t work for removing fur from clothing.

    • Works great on furniture and other large surfaces
    • Convenient and eco-friendly
    • Doesn’t rely on refills or external power sources
    • Lasts for a long time
    • Fibers do not last forever
    • Does not work well on clothing

    4. iLifeTech Lint Roller for Dog Hair

    iLifeTech I-STICKY-L Lint Roller

    For furniture and large items of clothing, a traditional lint roller can be inconvenient and time-consuming. On the other hand, the iLifeTech I-STICKY-L Lint Roller combines a comfortable handle with a larger adhesive surface to pick up unwanted dog fur in less time. Plus, each full-sized lint roller comes with a travel-sized version, too.

    But this lint roller doesn’t rely on disposable sheets to get the job done. It features a unique sticky roller that washes clean with soap and water. Once the roller is dry, it’s once again sticky and ready for use.

    According to multiple users, this lint roller does lose its stickiness over time. It is also less convenient than traditional lint rollers when cleaning large surfaces since you need to stop to wash it and dry it. The attachment point between the roller and handle is also weak.

    • Sticky surface is twice that of traditional rollers
    • Includes a mini travel roller
    • Reusable and eco-friendly design
    • Comfortable and easy-to-hold handle
    • Roller detaches from handle with heavy use
    • Sticky adhesive dissipates over time
    • Inconvenient for large surfaces

    5. Degbit Lint Rollers for Dog Hair

    Degbit Lint Rollers

    The Degbit Lint Rollers set includes two comfortable handles and five sticky rolls for 300 adhesive sheets in total. These lint rollers work on all different surfaces, including hardwood floors and drapery. The sheets themselves are made with eco-friendly adhesive.

    Since this set comes with two lint rollers, you can easily keep one at home and one in your car or office space. The sheets tear apart easily and make picking up unwanted dog fur quick and hassle-free.

    While these lint rollers are great in theory, the refill rolls tend to come off during use. The individual sheets are also more difficult to peel off than other products on the market.

    • Works on a wide range of surfaces
    • Eco-friendly adhesive
    • Comes with two separate lint rollers
    • Refill rolls slide off of the handle easily
    • Adhesive doesn’t cover entire sheets
    • Sheets are difficult to peel off

    6. Evercare Stick Plus Dog Hair Lint Roller

    Evercare Pet 617132 Stick Plus Lint Roller

    The Evercare Pet 617132 Stick Plus Lint Roller is an excellent option for dog owners just trying to keep up with their pet’s shedding habits. This lint roller set includes one comfortable handle and three sticky sheet rolls for a total of 180 sheets. These adhesive sheets are extra-sticky, making them perfect for picking up short or embedded dog fur around the house.

    The razor-cut adhesive sheets are easy to peel and tear off with each use. Along with working great on pet fur, this lint roller can remove dust and debris from lampshades, curtains, and even detail your vehicle’s interior.

    Some owners reported issues with the refills not rolling when placed on the handle. It seems this may be because the refills are the wrong size for the included handle. In some cases, the individual sheets are also too sticky and difficult to peel apart.

    • Includes ergonomic handle and refill rolls
    • Extra-sticky sheets are great for dog fur
    • Works on all types of surfaces
    • Sheets are too sticky and difficult to peel off the roll
    • Refills don’t fit handle
    • Rolls fall off of handle during use

    7. Spotty Adhesive Lint Roller

    Spotty 2355 Adhesive Lint Roller

    If you use your lint rollers on your furniture more than your clothing, then traditional rolls are likely too small and difficult to handle. The Spotty 2355 Adhesive Lint Roller is designed for use on upholstery and other large surfaces, so you can remove unsightly dog fur quickly and easily.

    Each roll includes 60 sheets that are 40 percent larger than traditional lint roller sheets. The handle is designed for a comfortable grip and can be refilled with additional rolls sold separately. Plus, the sheets are extra-sticky and great at picking up dog fur and other debris.

    Sadly, some owners reported that this lint roller is extremely flimsy. During use, the handle bends and the roll falls off. This lint roller also seems to break easily if dropped on the floor.

    • Extra-large design works great on furniture and floors
    • Handle is comfortable to hold
    • Refills can be purchased separately
    • Sheets are thinner than other brands
    • Handle isn’t very durable
    • Roll falls off during use
    • See our favorite Car Vacuums when hair transfers into your vehicle!

    8. Flint Retractable Lint Roller

    Flint 856299005529 Retractable Lint Roller

    For dog owners on the go, traditional lint rollers can be bulky and impractical. The Flint 856299005529 Retractable Lint Roller is stylish, compact, and easy-to-use anywhere you need it most. Whether you keep it in your purse, briefcase, desk drawer, or car, you’ll never find yourself without an effective lint roller.

    This portable lint roller comes in a variety of colors to match your existing style and retracts down to just 5.5 inches. It easily expands to reveal the adhesive sheets inside, which are protected from dust and debris when not in use. Each roll contains 30 recyclable sheets and the handle can be refilled with additional rolls as needed.

    Because of its more complicated design, this lint roller can present some issues. First, the top tends to pop off, allowing the adhesive roll to fall out. Also, some users reported that the roll itself doesn’t turn inside the handle. Some reported that the handle is difficult to open and retract.

    • Portable design is discreet and stylish
    • Handle protects sheets when not in use
    • Refills are available for purchase
    • Handle is sometimes difficult to open and close
    • Top of handle tends to fall off
    • Rolls don’t turn easily inside the handle

    9. XFasten Pet Lint Roller

    XFasten Pet Lint Roller

    The XFasten Pet Lint Roller is simple and effective, which is sometimes all that you need from your lint roller. This set includes one plastic handle and five adhesive sheet rolls. In total, there are 450 super-sticky sheets in this set.

    This standard lint roller works great on floors, furniture, clothing, and even your pet. The individual sheets are easy to rip off and dispose of, leaving you with a fresh sheet every time. The no-fuss design of this lint roller makes it easy to clean up after your pet or just collect dust and debris around your home.

    If you don’t like spiral-cut lint roller sheets, then it might be best to stay away from this lint roller. While many prefer this style, it can also make removing each sheet time-consuming and difficult. Some owners also report that these sheets aren’t very sticky, making them ineffective on some types of dog hair.

    • Comes with five adhesive rolls
    • Sheets are easy to tear
    • Not all users enjoy the spiral-cut sheets
    • Does not work on all kinds of dog fur
    • Sheets aren’t as sticky as competitors

    10. FOCUSPET Lint Roller

    FOCUSPET Lint Roller

    Our last lint roller is another model that’s great for removing dog fur from furniture, curtains, and rugs. The FOCUSPET Lint Roller features a perpendicular handle and extra-large adhesive surface for collecting hair, dust, crumbs, and more around your house. While you can use this roller on clothing, it does its best work on large, flat surfaces.

    Along with the easy-to-use handle, this lint roller features a convenient cover that protects the adhesive sheets when they’re not being used. Additional refill rolls can be purchased separately.

    When removing used sheets from this lint roller, unused ones tend to come off as well. While this isn’t a huge issue for some, it is wasteful and significantly shortens each roll’s lifespan. The protective cover also sometimes slides shut during use.

    • Extra-large roller for furniture, carpets, and more
    • Includes a cover to protect unused sheets
    • Difficult to remove one sheet at a time
    • Cover shuts when using lint roller
    • Not the best option for dog hair


    When it comes to selecting the best lint roller for dog hair, our top pick is the PetLovers Lint Roller. Not only does this lint roller come with four refills, but it also features an extra-sticky adhesive and a 360-degree handle. Plus, it’s safe to use directly on your dog.

    If you’d rather save your money for kibble and dog toys, then the most affordable lint roller on our list is the Scotch-Brite 839R-56TP Pet Hair Roller. This lint roller uses Scotch Brand adhesive sheets and features an ergonomic handle. Each pack comes with two lint rollers and you can buy separate refills as needed.

    For dog owners who want to eliminate unnecessary waste and don’t mind spending a little more, we suggest the ChomChom Roller 2323445 Dog Hair Remover. This lint roller does away with disposable sticky sheets and instead features a reusable design. It works best on large surfaces and lasts for a long time.

    Whichever lint roller you choose for your own home cleaning routine, we hope our reviews have helped you sort out the duds from the winners. After all, keeping your home fur-free is difficult enough with even the best cleaning supplies!

    How do you keep your furniture, floors, and clothing free of excess dog fur? Let us know your favorite tips and tricks in the comments below.

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