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9 Best Organic Dog Treats 2023 – Reviews & Guide

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By Nicole Cosgrove

organic dog treats

When it comes to our pets, we always want to give them the best of the best. While they may love any and all treats, we especially love giving them the healthy ones.

There’s quite the market for dog treats these days, and it is no surprise that it has intersected with the organic food market. With so much out there, it is hard to know what is good and what is less good (though your dog will still eat it anyway).

We decided to do the research and compile this resource for you. In these reviews, you’ll find a list of the best organic treats for your dogs. Let’s take a look!

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Our Favorites at a Quick Glance in 2023:

Rating Image Product Details
Best Overall
Threepaws Gourmet Organic Vegan Threepaws Gourmet Organic Vegan
  • Vegan and organic
  • 100% natural
  • Hickory flavored
  • Best Value
    Second place
    Castor & Pollux Organix Castor & Pollux Organix
  • 100% organic chicken
  • No added preservatives or other substances
  • Prepared in certified organic kitchen
  • Premium Choice
    Third place
    Wet Noses All Natural Wet Noses All Natural
  • Gluten free
  • GMO free
  • Good for training
  • Full Moon Natural Organics Full Moon Natural Organics
  • Certified organic USDA
  • High in protein
  • Easy to chew
  • Riley's Organic Riley's Organic
  • Seven simple ingredients
  • Human-grade ingredients
  • Good for long-term dental health
  • The 9 Best Organic Dog Treats:

    1. Threepaws Organic Dog Treats – Best Overall

    Threepaws Gourmet

    There is much to like about these treats from Threepaws, besides the treats themselves. Threepaws is a small company dedicated to making organic and healthy treats for dogs and is up front and transparent about their ingredients. The treats are good for dogs with sensitive stomachs, as they contain zero palm oil, gluten, soy, or grain. These treats are made in the U.S. by people with disabilities. This is a company that stands by their principles. They never use artificial coloring, always prefer to use super foods, and never use chemicals or preservatives. Their peanut butter has one ingredient: peanuts.

    These bacon treats pack a ton of punch and a ton of nutrition — and they don’t even have any bacon in them! These treats are sure to thrill your dog, and they’re healthy as well. Made from organic coconut flour, organic garbanzo flour, organic coconut milk, organic peanut butter, organic coconut flakes, organic beets, hickory smoke powder, and turmeric powder, these treats mimic bacon but won’t put your dog’s health at risk. It’s pretty clear that these are the best natural dog treats.

    There isn’t much of a downside to these treats. There are reports of some dogs refusing to eat them, but we know how certain dogs can be!

    • Vegan and organic
    • 100% natural
    • Hickory flavored
    • Picky dogs don’t like them

    2. Castor & Pollux Organic Dog Cookies – Best Value


    If someone offered you a chicken cookie, you would probably turn it down, but if you offered your dog a chicken cookie, they would probably gobble it right up!

    These treats from Castor & Pollux are made from 100% organic chicken meat. That means there are no added preservatives, hormones, antibiotics, pesticides, or fertilizers found in these treats. On top of that, they are prepared and cooked in a certified organic kitchen.

    It seems that dogs love these chicken treats! We’ve heard reports of even the pickiest dogs scarfing these down.

    There is a bit of a controversy over one ingredient in this product, rosemary extract, which has been linked to seizures in dogs. While that can be a concern, many vets give these treats to their patients, and we certainly trust their judgment. Even with the controversy, we think that these treats are the best organic dog treats for the money.

    • 100% organic chicken
    • No added preservatives or other substances
    • Prepared in certified organic kitchen
    • Dogs love them!
    • Contains rosemary extract

    3. Wet Noses Organic Dog Treats – Premium Choice

    Wet Noses

    A great way to train your dog is to reward them with treats. You hope that your dog will behave perfectly, which means that you’ll be giving them many treats! If that’s the case, then you ought to give them something healthy!

    These treats come in flavors that don’t sound half bad for a human and sound awesome for a dog. Whatever flavor you choose, these treats are made to preserve the natural antioxidants found in peanut butter and bananas. While delicious, these treats are also a wonderful source of fiber, vitamins, and minerals for your pet.

    These are especially good treats for dogs with food sensitivities. Made with no GMOs and gluten free, if your dog is on a raw diet, this product is perfect. Even better, if your dog doesn’t like them, you can get your money back, 100% guaranteed.

    You may want to be careful in your handling of these, though, as they are a bit crumbly and messy.

    • Gluten and GMO free
    • Great, healthy snack
    • Good for training
    • Messy and crumbly

    4. Full Moon 97549 Organics Dog Treats

    Full Moon

    Full Moon thinks that for a snack to be good enough for a dog, then it needs to be good enough for a human, and who are we to disagree? These meat treats don’t contain any meat that has been downgraded in quality specifically for animals. Because of this, they are extra delicious, and your pet will be wagging its tail when they get a taste.

    These treats are certified organic by the USDA. They are also quite healthy. Made with organic brown rice and meat, there are no preservatives or artificial flavoring or coloring. If you want to keep your dog well-nourished with protein, these are a great snack for that.

    This snack is also good for older dogs who might have a hard time chewing, as they are soft and easy to eat.

    These treats can be a bit rough on the stomach, depending on the dog. Some consumers report their dogs getting sick after eating these treats.

    • Certified organic USDA
    • High in protein
    • Easy to chew
    • Human-grade meat
    • Not good for sensitive stomachs

    5. Riley’s Organic Dog Treats

    Rileys Organics

    If you are looking for treat rich in antioxidants and dietary fiber, than this just might be a treat for you and your dog. Made from sweet potatoes, your dog will get a healthy dose of essential vitamins and nutrients, including vitamins A, B, and C.

    Riley’s believes in simplicity, so these treats are made minimally, even though they pack quite a wallop. There are only seven ingredients in these treats: organic sweet potato, oat flour, oats, rye flour, peanut flour, coconut oil, and cinnamon. There is no added sugar or salt, and these tasty little doggie snacks are made with human-grade ingredients.

    This product is also really good for your dog’s long-term dental health. Made to be crispy and crunchy, the texture of these treats will clean your dog’s mouth as they chew them. Talk about getting a sweet two-for-one deal!

    These treats are made in the Midwest of the U.S.A.

    While these are popular with dogs, the packaging is less popular with their human counterparts. The packaging is not exactly conducive for the treats staying fresh, and if you don’t go through them fast enough, they’ll become hard and crumbly.

    • Seven simple ingredients
    • Human-grade ingredients
    • Good for long-term dental health
    • Poor packaging

    6. 4Legz Organic Crunchy Dog Treats

    4Legz Organic Sweet Potatoes All Natural Crunchy Non-GMO Dog Treats


    With one of the better slogans in the dog treat world, 4Legz has made a product with “Ingredients You Can Pronounce!” Made from human-grade food, this specific treat is a sweet potato puree in the form of a dog cookie.

    This is another company that prides itself on simplicity. All these treats are baked fresh in the U.S.A. and are made without salt, wheat, corn, chemical, preservatives, or any animal byproducts.

    The package itself is also nice — you won’t have to worry about these treats going stale in the resealable bag.

    These seem to be popular with dogs, but they are also maybe not the best for those with sensitive or bad teeth, as they can be a bit hard. On the other hand, they may be good for dental health!

    • Simple recipes
    • Nice packaging
    • Very hard

    7. Pet Naturals of Vermont Superfood Treats

    Pet Naturals

    While some treats go for simplicity, Pet Naturals of Vermont wants to pack in as many nutrients into their treat as possible. Made to complement a meat-based diet, these are loaded with oats, fruits, and veggies. These are also made without any added fat or salt, so it won’t do any damage to your dog’s caloric intake.

    Pet Naturals believes in superfoods, which is why these treats are delicious but also made with healthy ingredients, such as kale, blueberries, apples, spinach, and oatmeal.

    If you plan on training your dog, these just may be the perfect treats, as they are healthy enough that you can feel comfortable feeding them to your pet over and over again.

    Dogs love these but you might not, as they don’t exactly smell the best. These also fall into the category of being a harder treat as opposed to a chewy one.

    • Made with superfoods
    • Good for training
    • Smells bad
    • Crunchy

    8. Green Butterfly Brands Organic Dog Treats

    Green Butterfly Brands

    We aren’t mind readers, but if we could make an educated guess, we think that pups would be happy with a product called a meat stick. With Green Butterfly Brands, that’s exactly what they’ll get. You can feed these to your dog knowing that they are made with sensitive stomachs in mind, though that doesn’t mean they are lacking in nutrition. While these snacks are gluten-free, wheat-free and grain-free, they are totally packed with protein.

    Buying these snacks supports a good cause as well. Proceeds of the profits go to help train dogs who are to be used as support animals for veterans who were injured while serving.

    You may be surprised by the texture of this treat, as it is more crunchy than chewy, but that doesn’t seem to faze most dogs. This is a popular treat that normally gets two paws up.

    • Part of proceeds go to training dogs for injured vets
    • Packed with protein
    • Kind of crunchy

    9. Fetch Fries Organic Dog Treats

    fetch fries

    Certified USDA organic, this is a dog snack with a theme. These are supposed to mimic the French fries you would get at a fast food restaurant. Of course, they aren’t made from the same stuff, but your dog might react to these the same way humans do to a fresh order of potato sticks. Each fetch fry is made up of at least 90% organic chicken. Made for sensitive tummies, this is a great teaching snack because your dog will be able to maintain their energy throughout the training session. These treats are made with human-grade food.

    This is another product where the target audience, dogs, love it. However, the 90% meat content is less than that of other meat products on this list.

    • Awesome name
    • Dogs LOVE them
    • Only 90% chicken

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    Buyer’s Guide: How to Choose the Best Organic Dog Treats

    Though it seems like dog treat shopping should be easy, that’s not always the case. Let’s take a look at what factors play into finding the best organic dog treats for your dog.


    First, you want the treats to coordinate with your dog’s overall diet. It would make no sense to feed your dog a breakfast or dinner with certain dietary restrictions and then not abide by those rules with their snacks.

    Some dogs just have sensitive tummies. They’ll still eat anything, it just causes unpleasantness later on — for both them and you, who to clean any messes up. Many organic dog treats are sensitive to a pup’s sensitivity and normally advertise on the package if they are a mild treat.


    Human-grade quality

    There’s also a movement to feed dogs the same quality of food that we eat. If we wouldn’t eat it, why should we feed it to our best buds? With the ever-growing popularity of small business dog treats, this is becoming less of a worry. As with food sensitivities, this benefit is normally advertised directly on the bag.

    But let’s be honest, not all organic food tastes good, even to a dog. With the explosion of popularity with organic dog treats, you’re bound to run into one that your dog simply hates. It happens, and you’re just not going to know until your pup actually tries it.

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    Final Verdict

    The growing niche market of organic dog treats is becoming less niche and therefore more difficult to navigate. We want to feed our dogs delicious treats, and we’re glad to help you do the same with our reviews list and buyer’s guide. So, which treats will you try first? Will it be our top pick from Threepaws? Or will you stick with value and have your dog try the snacks from Castor & Pollux? Feel free to come back and use these reviews as much as you need!

    We hope that this guide helps you find the best organic dog treats for your furry friend!

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