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10 Best Pet Cameras in 2023: Reviews & Top Picks

Oliver Jones

By Oliver Jones

man watching dog on cctv pet camera

Sure, we’re all used to checking on human babies while they’re out of our sight. We’ve had baby monitors and nursery cameras forever. But what about our pets? If you have a particularly needy or mischievous pet you need to keep your eye on, a camera might be the answer to your worries.

We’ve done the hard work for you, rounded up the best pet cameras we could find, and gave detailed reviews. Let’s learn about each of these features so you can see which one would work for you and your four-legged friend.

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A Quick Comparison of Our Favorites in 2023

Rating Image Product Details
Best Overall
Wyze Pan Pet Camera Wyze Pan Pet Camera
  • Two-way communication
  • 30-foot range
  • Night vision
  • Best Value
    Second place
    HeimVision Pet Camera HeimVision Pet Camera
  • Flexible base
  • Cell phone-controlled
  • Two-way audio
  • Premium Choice
    Third place
    TENVIS Android Pet Camera TENVIS Android Pet Camera
  • 2 cameras
  • App-controlled
  • Two-way talking
  • YI Technologies Dome YI Technologies Dome
  • 360-degree coverage
  • Noise-reducing filter
  • Easy to install
  • Victure Pet Camera Victure Pet Camera
  • Motion detection
  • Night vision
  • Bestseller
  • The 10 Best Pet Cameras

    1. Wyze Cam Pan HD Pet Camera – Best Overall


    Haven’t we all seen the creative Wyze Cam commercials? If not, you might want to check it out—that bit could sell you alone.  But if you need some more convincing, we think that the Wyze Cam Pan 1080p HD Pet Camera With Live Stream & Pan is the best pet camera of all.

    There’s a two-way communication feature where your pet can hear you, and you can hear them. There’s also a swivel that will operate both horizontally and vertically. You can see up to 30 feet with this camera, so you’ll be able to see just exactly what your dog is up to when you’re away.

    And if it’s night time don’t fret! There is a night vision feature on the camera, so you know exactly where they are at all times of the day. This product has a sleek and straightforward design coming in matte white with a slim, compact look that fits 32GB microSD cards.

    While this is a terrific camera, it is an indoor camera only. It is not equipped to handle outdoor moisture or elements.

    All in all, we think this is the best pet camera for cats and dogs this year.

    • Two-way communication
    • 30-feet range
    • Night vision
    • Indoor camera only

    2. HeimVision WiFi Pet Camera – Best Value


    If you’re looking to go a cheaper route, take a look at the HeimVision 1080P Security Camera. It’s the best pet camera for the money. It is a unique little WiFi camera you can control with your cell.

    The entire design base is flexible, so you can move the camera around without it being fixed to break easily. This also leaves a lot of unique possibilities on where you can put it. You can attach it to practically any surface.

    This camera really does have all of the bells and whistles you would need to monitor your pet’s behavior. It has a two-way audio feature with both night vision and motion detection. If anything out of the ordinary is caught on tape, you will receive a notification directly to your cellular device.

    This device supports a 128 GB memory card and also comes with an encrypted cloud for a limited amount of free memory. Even though we definitely think that this is the best bang for your buck, it doesn’t mean that it would necessarily fit every person’s needs.

    However, if you want to save as much as possible but get decent quality, we should really consider this camera.

    • Flexible base
    • Control with a cellphone
    • Two-way audio
    • It might not fit every need

    3. TENVIS Android Pet Camera – Premium Choice


    If you want a specifically designed pet camera and you’re willing to pay the price, the TENVIS Android Pet Camera is an excellent pick. This product contains 2 separate pieces with 360-degree vision you can put in separate rooms of your house.

    You can project the images onto your smart TV or your cellular device to view anytime. You can control the area the camera is facing with the 360 swivel design. This camera is iOS and Android compatible, so it won’t matter what side of the fence you land on. This camera is also compatible with Alexa.

    You can choose what you want and don’t want to record. If you do record a section of video, you can save it for later. You need a microSD card to store memory long-term.

    If you only need the camera for one specific area of your house, it might not benefit you to have two pieces. It will all depend on your needs as to whether or not the extra is worth it.

    • 2 cameras
    • App-controlled
    • Two-way talking
    • Easy storage
    • Pricey

    4. YI Technologies Dome Pet Camera


    YI technologies Dome Pet monitor camera is incredibly easy to install, making it perfect for people who aren’t too tool savvy. The lens provides 360° coverage so you can see the entire room your pet is in at all times.

    This camera features a two-way communication system with a noise-reducing filter to not get any flack feedback or static. You can set the camera to record and track movement every time it is detected—night vision included.

    They provide an YI Home App that allows you to control all the camera aspects from your cell phone’s comfort. This makes it a breeze to track your pet’s movements when you’re away from home.

    The two-way recording also makes it easy to look back on any funny things your pup might’ve done or zoom in on something they might have eaten. The playback can sometimes glitch, but it’s otherwise fantastic.

    • 360-degree coverage
    • Noise-reducing filter
    • Night vision
    • Easy to install
    • Might briefly glitch

    5. Victure Pet Camera


    The fantastically customizable Victure 1080P 2.4G Pet Camera has all of the features you could want. It has accurate motion detection that follows a moving target. You will then get a notification about exactly what is going on with your pet.

    This camera is ranked as a best seller, landing in the top 20. It is compact and functional, providing users with easy-to-use features.

    This camera has night vision that reaches up to 30 feet so you can accurately see what’s going on with your pet. You don’t have to switch between settings as it transfers from night to day, as it does this automatically.

    You can choose between a micro SD card or cloud storage as it’s compatible with both. While this camera is excellent with its anti-noise technology and accurate sound detection, it does not have 5G capabilities.

    • Motion detection
    • Night vision
    • Bestseller
    • No 5G

    6. Conico HD Dog Camera


    Conico Home Security Camera is multipurpose, making it excellent for someone who not only wants to keep an eye on their pet but on their home in general. It provides safety features and high-tech sound quality, making it ideal for baby monitors or security cameras.

    One incredible feature about this particular camera is its pan, tilt, and zoom feature. That allows you to pinpoint a specific event that happened, magnifying to get a closer look at something that might not be clear.

    The product has an app to track anything that might be going on with your pet or otherwise. This app allows you to receive notifications if something just isn’t right. You can control the settings, so you’re only notified when something you deem important happens—customization is key.

    Conico Set up with your WiFi system, and it is 100% Alexa compatible. You can use the app on your cellular device but also on tablets and computers.

    • Pan, tilt, zoom feature
    • Compatible on many devices
    • Customizable results
    • Might not need the extras

    7. Eufy Security WI-FI Pet Camera


    Eufy Security 2k Has so much to offer in one small camera. The resolution on this imaging is fantastic. It’s also extremely compatible with multiple devices across several platforms.

    This camera is very multipurpose and user-friendly. Even though you’re getting to monitor your pet, you can also see what goes on in your household when you are not there. You can set up this device on what is called the HomeKit. It is compatible with Apple, Google, and Android products.

    This camera has the technology to determine whether noise or motion is something insignificant versus important. This saves a lot of time with unnecessary notifications that you don’t need.

    You can speak to your pet in real-time with a two-way communication feature. It also offers 360-degree turns so you can get a broad view of the entire room. This camera is for indoor use only. So, unfortunately, if you need this on the back patio, it is not compatible with outdoor elements.

    • 2k imaging
    • Compatible with major brands
    • Important notifications only
    • Indoor use only

    8. KAMTRON WiFi Pet Camera


    The Kamtron 1080P Full HD Security Home camera offers a panoramic view so you can get the entire detail of the whole room. If your pet is wandering around you’ll be able to see every detail of every corner by using this awesome camera.

    This camera offers night vision that reaches up to 20 feet, which is slightly less than competing models. The feature allows you to see your doggie without disrupting your sleep if it’s at night. It automatically transitions to day mode.

    Kamtron provides an app that monitors motion detection, sends alerts, and records video. It connects directly to WiFi or an Ethernet cable for optimal functionality. You can control all aspects of this camera with a product-specific app.

    • Panoramic view
    • Day/night transition
    • Sends alerts
    • Less night vision reach than like models

    9. Petcube HD Dog Camera


    Petcube 1080P HD Pet Camera It’s a smart pick for a quick shot. This little cube has a unique design that helps you see exactly what your furry buddy is doing when you’re not looking.

    It cannot swivel, nor does it have a 360-degree turn. However, you can position the Petcube in such a way that will help you see the entire room. You can secure it anywhere from a corner to the ceiling.

    It’s a sleek design that is easily mountable, so you’re able to put it virtually anywhere you choose. It comes with mounting equipment and easy instructions. You can apply it at the place that is most beneficial for your vision.

    If you find you need more than one, the app for the pet camera lets you add up to 6 cameras, so you can get a view of your entire house if need be.

    • Add up to 6 cameras
    • Unique cube design
    • Mounting equipment
    • Limited range

    10. NETVUE WiFi Pet Camera


    NETVUE 1080P FHD 2.4GHz WiFi Pet Camera might not be our favorite option, but it certainly gets the job done. This camera is not advertised as pet-specific, but you can use it for that purpose nonetheless.

    This product has a fixed dome shape that rotates 360 degrees in a 100-degree field of view. It offers night vision, WiFi connection, cloud storage, and two-way communication. You can choose to record special moments or important instances as you see fit.

    You can live stream and control the camera from your chosen device. Even though this camera is excellent in many ways, it isn’t compatible with Alexa. It also won’t connect to Mac or laptop computers.

    • Night vision
    • Live streaming
    • Cloud storage
    • Incompatible with Alexa
    • Incompatible with Mac and laptops

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    Buyer’s Guide: Selecting the Best Pet Camera for Cats or Dogs

    If you were going to invest in buying a camera to monitor your pet while you’re not home, you might spend so much time scouring products to come up empty-handed. When it comes to cameras, so many factors determine whether or not that particular camera fits your needs.

    Indoor/Outdoor Pet Cameras

    Indoor and outdoor cameras vary slightly. Outdoor cameras will need to be weather resistant, so moisture and other elements don’t affect their function.

    Pet Camera Resolution

    Resolution is very important when you want to get down to the fine details of what your pet is doing.

    If the images are not good quality or are blurry, it will prevent you from being able to see adequately. Getting a higher resolution camera is for the best. This way, you can really focus on what your pooch is doing without any obstructions or glitches.

    Man looking at home security cameras on tablet computer
    Image Credit: Kaspars Grinvalds, Shutterstock

    Pet Camera Tech Specs

    Where would we be without all the extras? Features like WiFi and device compatibility are significant in some circumstances.

    Pet Camera Storage

    If you plan to record frequently and you want to save all of the videos, having the option for additional storage is something you want to look for.

    Pet Camera Night Vision

    If you work late hours or your dog is new to room in the house at night, you might just want to keep an eye on things for a while. Night vision helps you determine where your dog is clearly and accurately.

    Robot CCTV Camera
    Image Credit: APChanel, Shutterstock

    Pet Camera Motion Detection

    Detection feature that will notify you when your dog gets up and walks around. Or if anything else is moving around in the house. Some people prefer to get notifications every time this happens, especially if the dog is crated. Being able to see if they are trying to escape their kennel or they are escaping at any given time is necessary.

    Pet Camera Two-Way Communication

    If you’re a dog who suffers from separation anxiety, hearing your voice may soothe him when he’s home alone all day. This way, you can communicate with your pet right over the camera system so they can hear your voice knowing you’re near.

    This feature can also come in handy if your dog is doing something they’re not supposed to be. If they hear you shout at them to stop, you’re going to prevent possible destructive activities.

    Pet Camera Rotation

    If you have a big space to cover, having a rotation camera might work best. You can control exactly where the cameras are looking if you need to follow your pet throughout the house.

    It also comes in handy in large areas you can see more of what’s going on.

    pet camera cctv
    Credit: Evgeniya Sheydt, Shutterstock

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    The 4 Reasons to Have a Camera For Your Dogs

    Your reason for purchasing a camera for your dog will depend on your individual needs.

    1. Separation Anxiety

    Some of our beloved canines just can’t deal with being away from us. Getting a camera while you’re away can help you maintain communication with them throughout the day.

    If they need a soothing voice to reassure, you can pop in to say hello. You can also use the camera as a means of checking to see if your pet is acting extra nervous or if they’ve finally laid down for a nap.

    2. Escape Artists

    How is your dog getting out anyway? If your dog is a master of escaping their enclosure or crate, you might want to figure out just how they’re doing it. Having a camera is a great way to see firsthand just how it’s happening.

    Welsh corgi pembroke dog in an open crate during a crate training, happy and relaxed
    Image Credit: Jus_Ol, Shutterstock

    3. Doggy Mischief

    Is some mysterious creature getting into your trash while you’re away? If you want to catch the culprit, you could use a camera to check out what your dog is most definitely not doing. When you catch them in the act, you can use the two-way communication device to correct the situation.

    4. Multi-purpose

    You don’t only have to use the camera for your pets. You can also use it as a baby monitor, porch watcher, or even a security device. Your needs might change over time, and having a camera that will fulfill the purpose is essential.

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    It would be sensational if our reviews helped you find exactly what you were looking for in a camera. Our personal favorite is Wyze Cam Pan 1080p HD Pet Camera With Live Stream & Pan because we believe it has every feature you could want in a pet camera.

    If you are looking to extend the dollar a little further, you could always check out the HeimVision 1080P Security Camera. It covers all the necessary features without all the extra bells and whistles—plus, it has a modest price tag.

    In any matter, all 10 of these cameras are excellent choices for home monitoring. Hopefully, we have led you to make your final purchase.

    Featured Image Credit: Andrey_Popov, Shutterstock

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