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10 Best Puppy Harnesses – Reviews & Guide for 2023

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By Nicole Cosgrove

A puppy with a harnessDid you know that 1.6 million puppies are adopted each year? Are you the proud owner of a floppy-eared, toothy furball? If the answer to this question is yes, then it is a good assumption that you have your heart and hands full.

Bringing a new puppy home, first-time owner or not, takes some adjustment on everyone’s part. There are tons of cute antics, but also a lot of responsibility. The most important aspect of puppy life, however, is their training, and there is no better charm school aid than a harness. This helpful tool can be used for potty training, heel commands, etc. The hardest part of the bargain, though, is narrowing the search down to the best option.

Not to worry, though, the ten best puppy harnesses are below. We will share the answers to questions like “Can my pup wiggle free?”, “Is it comfortable?”, and “Can it be seen at night?”, plus much more. We will also provide a buyer’s guide to help you navigate the aisles (or website) while you are shopping.

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The Winning Picks of 2023 Compared:

Rating Image Product Details
Best Overall
PUPTECK No Pull Harness PUPTECK No Pull Harness
  • Durable
  • Comfortable
  • Reflective
  • Best Value
    Second place
    Pawaboo Harness Pawaboo Harness
  • Lightweight
  • Secure buckles
  • Doubles as a car harness
  • Premium Choice
    Third place
    FakeFace Harness FakeFace Harness
  • 3M reflective material
  • Heavy-duty hardware
  • Control handle
  • EcoBark Harness EcoBark Harness
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Eco-friendly
  • Padded chest
  • Rabbitgoo Harness Rabbitgoo Harness
  • Chest and back D-ring
  • Weather-resistant
  • Reflective material
  • The 10 Best Harnesses for Puppies:

    1. PUPTECK No Pull Dog Harness – Best Overall

    PUPTECK PH009-006

    Check Price on Chewy

    If you have a rambunctious and on-the-go pup, the PUPTECK PH009-006 No Pull Dog Harness will have all the security and durability you need. Available in six colors, you can choose between a small, medium, or large size that ranges from a 14.8-inch chest to a burly 30-inch chest size.

    Made of durable nylon fabric with high-density webbing, you will not worry about your pet escaping or chewing their way free. Heavy-duty buckles keep the harness in place, while the adjustable straps are easy to fit, and more importantly, won’t chafe tender puppy skin.

    One of the toughest things about puppy harnesses is getting the blasted thing on and off. Not with this option, though. The dual D-rings connect at the back, making it easy to slip on and off. The ring is also sturdy and held on by heavy double-stitching.

    The PUPTECK is a lightweight harness that features a hanging ID tag for extra safety. It is easy to clean, and the bright colors can be seen at night or in low light. Overall, this is our favorite choice for a puppy harness.

    • Durable material
    • Comfortable and lightweight
    • Secure buckles
    • Reflective material
    • Easy to put on and get off
    • Double stitching
    • Jealous pet-parents in the neighborhood

    2. Pawaboo Puppy Safety Vest Harness – Best Value


    When you get a new puppy, you also have new expenses. This is why finding an affordable option is important. If this sounds familiar, you will be interested in the Pawaboo Puppy Dog Safety Vest Harness for its durability and cost-friendliness.

    This adjustable product is a great option if your furbaby spends a lot of time in the car with you. The dual design is meant to act as a standard vest, plus a car harness. It comes with a seat belt lead clip that can be attached to the headrest, car seat loop, and other secure tether locations.

    Besides road safety, the Pawaboo is made of durable oxford material with a sponge padded chest. It comes in either a small, medium, large, or X-large size in a wide variety of colors. The lightweight harness has heavy-duty buckles, a stainless steel latch to attach to your pet, and a twist-lock carabiner to secure to your vehicle.

    Easy to get on and off, the soft and comfortable fabric will not cause any chafing on your pet’s underarms. The only drawback we can see is there is no reflective material on the design. Besides that, though, this is the best puppy harness for the money.

    • Durable material
    • Comfortable and lightweight
    • Secure buckles
    • Easy to use
    • Doubles as a car harness
    • Heavy-duty hardware
    • No reflect safety

    3. FakeFace Puppy Safety Harness – Premium Choice


    If you want the best of the best, you will be interested in our premium choice. The FakeFace Puppy Dog Safety Harness is a no-pull/no choke harness that will keep your pooch secure. Constructed of 600D nylon fabric, the backplate is padded for comfort with soft sponge material.

    You will be able to find the right size for your puppy with the small through X-large size options. You can also pick from trendy patterns like camo, leopard, or you can go with sleek black. This harness also features a back handle to give you better control, plus it doubles as seat belt restraint.

    The FakeFace is lightweight, yet it is comfortable with scratch-resistant material. The welded D-ring is heavy-duty with double stitching. What’s more, the quick-release buckles will keep your pooch secure and happy.

    One thing to note about this product is the design. The FakeFace uses a horizontal chest strap that keeps the harness from choking your pet when they pull. The flaw in this design is it’s harder to get on and off than our other two reviews. Besides that, though, the vest has 3M reflective material, it won’t chafe, and it’s easy to wash.

    • Durable material
    • 3M reflective material
    • Secure and comfortable
    • Heavy-duty hardware
    • Control handle
    • Not as easy to use

    4. EcoBark Classic Dog Harness

    EcoBark Classic

    The EcoBark Classic Dog Harness comes in ten colors you can choose from, plus X-small, small, medium, and large sizes. This non-toxic pup vest has a padded chest, double-layered durable construction, and custom stitch coverings that prevent soft skin from being rubbed raw.

    This option is weather-resistant and escape-resistant. The EcoBark is eco-friendly and makes its adjustable straps out of recycled plastic bottles. Not only that, but the overall harness is hypoallergenic.

    Something to keep in mind, this vest is better suited to small and medium-sized breeds. Also, the buckles are not as secure as some other products in this category. Beyond that, though, the durable D-ring is trustworthy, and you will have no problem getting the vest on and off your pet.

    • Durable material hypoallergenic
    • Eco-friendly
    • Custom stitch covers
    • Padded chest
    • Easy to use
    • Recommended for small and medium dogs
    • Buckles are not durable

    5. Rabbitgoo Dog Harness

    Rabbitgoo DTCW006L

    Number five is the Rabbitgoo DTCW006L Dog Harness. This is another no choke/no pull vest that has a durable D-ring on the chest and backplate. This is great for aggressive pullers as the font hook gives you more control, and your pooch will not pull with as much force.

    Available in sizes ranging from small to X-large, you should note that the heavier design is not suited for toy or small breeds. There are also six colors to choose from; each one with reflective material for nighttime excursions.

    This harness comes with four adjustable straps, two durable buckles, and breathable, weather-proof nylon fabric. Be advised though, you will have to hand wash this material. Your pup will not get any chafing from the soft material, however.

    The last feature we want to mention on the Rabbitgoo is the back control handle. Although this is a great asset, especially for pups that are eager to run, this particular grip is narrow. It can be painful on your hand if you have to use it often, and the stitching is known to let go at the worst possible moments.

    • Durable material
    • Chest and back D-ring
    • Durable buckles
    • Weather-resistant
    • Reflective material
    • Not recommended for small dogs
    • Heavy
    • The control handle is narrow and not durable

    6. ThinkPet Reflective Puppy Vest Harness

    ThinkPet PD20004-1-M-BU

    The ThinkPet PD20004-1-M-BU Reflective Puppy Vest Harness is a great option if you live in a warmer climate. The lightweight, soft, and breathable fabric is not only durable but can be submerged in water to keep your pup cool. The material traps the water between its layers, providing a cool surface.

    That being said, you want to be sure the vest is completely dry after use, otherwise, it can develop mildew and a musty odor. On a different topic, the nylon straps are adjustable and secured with two buckles. Unfortunately, the stitching on the straps and buckles leaves much to be desired. They can easily rip and allow your pet to break free.

    Another issue with the buckles is they can stick, and they will not lock into place correctly. This makes getting the harness on and off more difficult. On the other hand, there is reflective piping and material throughout the structure, plus there are no fraying or harsh edges to cause chafing to the skin.

    The ThinkPet comes in six sizes and nine different colors. It has durable D-rings to attach your leash, although it falls prey to the same stitching issue as the other hardware on the vest.

    • Reflective material
    • Water absorbing cool material
    • Durable D-ring
    • Soft and comfortable material
    • Stitching is not secure
    • Buckles stick
    • Hard to use
    • Potential for mold and mildew

    7. Copatchy Reflective Adjustable Dog Harness


    Our next model is the Copatchy Reflective Adjustable Dog Harness. As the name states, this option has a good amount of reflection, and it is perfect if you like night walks. This is a sponge filled vest that is meant to be no pull and no choke. The downside is the horizontal chest strap can ride up around your pup’s neck.

    The design of the chest strap also makes it easy for your pup to hop out of the harness if it is not put on properly. It is also not the easiest to get on and off; although not the worst.

    The Copatchy features a control handle and two adjustable straps. It comes in sizes ranging from XX-small to X-large for all breeds, and your choice of black, blue, red, green, and pink. Unfortunately, this is another vest where the buckles tend to stick and are not as durable as we would like. What’s more, the D-ring is not properly stitched to the fabric and often comes loose.

    The overall fabric is lightweight and durable, yet the rubbing and horizontal strap can cause chafing on your puppy’s underarms.

    • Lightweight and durable fabric
    • Reflective material
    • Control handle
    • Padded
    • Buckles stick
    • D-ring is not secure
    • Causes chafing
    • Hard to use
    • Can cause choking

    8. INVENHO Mesh Harness


    The INVENHO Mesh Harness is an interestingly designed option that is better suited for smaller breeds with small heads-seriously. This vest doesn’t have an opening around the neck, which means the neck and head measurement must be the same for it to fit properly. If your puppy has a larger snout or ears, this is not going to be a good option for you.

    Beyond that, the INVENHO comes in X-small, small, and medium, plus pink, red, blue, or black. The nylon straps are adjustable, although the overall fabric is not as durable as other options. The vest also has 3M reflective material running through it for visibility in low light.

    A few other aspects of this harness you want to consider are the flimsy plastic buckles and the stiff material that can irritate your pooches skin. Also, as we mentioned with the fit, it can be hard to get on and off. Finally, the D-ring, while durable, is not attached well via the fabric and stitching. To end on a positive note, though, the INVENHO comes with a leash and seat belt attachment.

    • 3M reflective material
    • Comes with a leash and car safety strap
    • Adjustable
    • Fabric is not durable
    • Buckels are flimsy
    • Can cause chafing
    • Fit is difficult
    • Hard to use

    9. Didog Adjustable Mesh Vest Harness

    Didog FZHJ026PI-S

    In the second to last spot, we have the Didog FZHJ026PI-S Adjustable Mesh Vest Harness. If you are looking for an option whose primary focus is cuteness, this is a good choice. The vest comes in two styles; either pink with tiny strawberries or gray with tiny flowers. It also features a tiny bell on the front, a lace lined peplum collar, and a matching leash.

    Due to the design, however, this is an option that is typically used for female dogs, and although it comes in small, medium, and large, it is meant for small and toy breeds only. Furthermore, for all the cuteness it has, there is a distinct lack of security.

    Although it is advertised as a step in harness, the Didog goes over the head, and it is very hard to get on and off. There is only one adjustable strap in the back that uses a metal pinch clasp that you would typically find on the back of a canvas baseball hat. The clasp is not only unreliable, but it also cuts into the skin of your pet.

    Beyond that, the material is stiff and uncomfortable, plus it will cause chafing if it is worn too long. There is no reflective material, the stitching is weak, and your pooch will likely escape. To give some credit, the overall fabric itself is durable, yet the stitching makes the D-ring unsecure at best. Finally, the sizes tend to be off, and they are either too big or too small than what is specified.

    • Cute design
    • Durable fabric
    • Uncomfortable and will chafe
    • Adjustment is not secure
    • Hard to use
    • Stitching is weak
    • Recommended for small and toy breeds

    10. Pawtitas Pet Adjustable Puppy Harness


    Our final option is the Pawtitas Pet Adjustable Puppy Harness that comes in an X-small, small, medium, and large size, although, it is better suited for small dogs. It is made of high-grade nylon that is easy to rip and tear if it is caught on anything harder than your hand. Available in eleven colors, this is a no-pull/no choke option.

    This harness is designed to be stepped into, pulled up, and attached in the back with one buckle; like a bra, so to speak. The trouble with the construction is that it’s hard to get on as your puppy will need to stand still while you position their legs and adjust the straps. Speaking of adjustment, this is done only on one side, so it can be lopsided and uncomfortable. What’s more, it can chafe.

    Another problem you should be aware of is the chest plate sits very low. If your pup pulls or squirms, the vest will easily slide down and allow your pet to hop right out. Furthermore, the back buckle is not secure, and the double D-ring that holds the two straps together (in conjunction with the buckle) is easily ripped off, as well.

    On top of the problems already mentioned, there is no reflection on the material, the stitching is weak, and the harness gets tangled easily. To end on a bright note, however, the Pastitas harness has black nickel hardware. Overall, though, this is our least favorite puppy harness.

    • Black nickel hardware
    • No choke
    • Hard to use
    • Can easily escape
    • Fabric is not durable
    • No reflect
    • Gets tangles easily
    • Uncomfortable and causes chafing

    Buyer’s Guide

    Important Things to Know: Sizing Your Puppy

    Now that you know what types of puppy harnesses are available, we can move onto the next important step which is figuring out what size you will need. Using an ill-fitting vest can be uncomfortable for your pup, plus it can allow them to break free.

    Determining the correct size for a puppy is more or less the same as getting measurements for an adult dog with one major difference… With a puppy, you are most likely going to have a snarling, rambunctious, nipping ankle-biter that does not stay still unless they are out cold. With an adult dog, you at least have a chance of a calm pooch.

    Not to worry, though. We will go over the measurements you need as well as some helpful hints for getting the job done with as much patience as possible. First, though, let’s take a look at the measurements you’ll need:

    Measuring Your Puppy

    • Neck: You will need to get your pup’s neck measurement. You want to get the diameter just above the collar bone and below where their collar would normally sit. As a guide, you can keep the collar on when measuring, so you know the correct spot.
    • Weight: Weight is not always going to be needed, but is more likely to be a factor with puppy harnesses than adult dogs. Many smaller harnesses are meant for specific size breeds. For example, you may find an option that is recommended for small dogs, yet still has six size options. The weight restrictions will give you an idea of whether the vest will be right for you.
    • Legs: This is optional, but important. Puppy skin is very sensitive, and the fabric from a harness can chafe their underarms. Try to measure your furball horizontally from armpit to armpit. When choosing a vest, pick one that gives a good amount of room between the chest plate and underarms to avoid chafing.

    Do you need a harness for a pitbull? Take a look at our top ten harnesses for this highly active breed. The options are all durable plus adjustable, letting the vest grow with your pup!

    how a harness should fit on a puppy
    You are free to use this image, but we require you to link back to Hepper.com

    Tips For Getting It Done Quickly & Accurately

    Now that you know what measurements you need, you are probably skeptical about getting it done without a full-on scuffle with your furbaby. Take a look at these tips for measuring your pet quickly and accurately.

    • Tape measure: The first tip is not to use a measuring tape. Yes, it’s true! Even a fabric tape measure is going to be difficult to read when your furball is intent on getting loose. Instead, use a soft string or shoelace. Tie it around their waist at the widest point. Then, you can either mark the string where it ties or CAREFULLY snip it off at the knot. Once off, you can compare it to a ruler. This way, you can take your time and get the measurement in stages. Be advised: This is only a good idea for the chest, though. NEVER tie a string or anything else around your pet’s neck unless it is a collar. However, we do have a tip for the neck …
    • The Neck: A simple way to get your pup’s neck measurement is to find the distance between where the collar sits and the collar bone. Then, measures their collar. For example, if your collar is 12 inches round, and there is 1.5 inches from where the collar sits to the collar bone, you should add 12 and 1.5. This will give you a pretty accurate harness neck measurement.
    • Eating: Another great trick is to measure while your pup is eating their dinner. First, make sure you use fabric tape for ease of use. Also, many puppies are opt to eat while sitting or in a half laying pose. Try putting their dish on a platform just below their nose, so they will stand up. Then, while your furry friend is focused on chowing down, you can quickly get the numbers you need.
    • Get Help: Our last tip is a fairly obvious one, but a tip not many pet parents utilize for fear of seeming high maintenance or ill-equipped for a puppy. The tip, ask your vet for help. Most vets and vet techs will be happy to assist you, as they are aware of the effects a poorly fitting harness can have. Reach out to get assistance, or swing by if you are in the neighborhood.

    Puppy Harness

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    We hope our reviews have helped you narrow down the search for a puppy harness. Now that you have a cute furball in your life, you want to focus on playing and snuggling versus analyzing the different options for pet care.

    Need a Puppy leash for training to go along with your new harness? Check out this article where we share the benefits of ten different options.

    If you want the very best of the best, go with the PUPTECK PH009-006 No Pull Dog Harness that will keep your pooch safe and secure. If you need a more affordable option, the Pawaboo Puppy Dog Safety Vest Harness is the best for the money.

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