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9 Best Toys for Siamese Cats — 2024 Reviews & Top Picks

Brooke Billingsley

By Brooke Billingsley

a siamese cat playing with a wand toy

Siamese cats are popular cats because of their temperament, big personalities, and lovely singing voices. What some people may be unprepared for, though, is how much of a wild child a Siamese cat can be. These are high-energy cats that need lots of playtime to help them burn energy every day, which means that choosing the right toys for your Siamese is important in maintaining their mental and physical health.

Since Siamese cats are so high energy, they aren’t usually the type of cat that you can just toss a toy to and let them entertain themselves. While they do participate in solo playtime sometimes, they are also social cats that want to spend time with you. To help you better entertain your cat and burn excess energy, use these reviews of the top toys to entertain your wild kitty.hepper cat paw divider

A Quick Look at Our Winners in 2024

Rating Image Product Details
Best Overall
Hepper Plush Mouse Kicker Toy Hepper Plush Mouse Kicker Toy
  • Durable
  • Ideal size and shape
  • Infused with catnip
  • Budget Buy
    Second place
    Hepper Catnip stick Toy Hepper Catnip stick Toy
  • Double-bagged
  • Filled only with organic catnip
  • Beautiful
  • Third place
    SnugglyCat Activity Mat SnugglyCat Activity Mat
  • Folds for storage
  • Thermal base
  • Can be played alone or with others
  • Best for Kittens
    Pet Fit For Life 5 Piece Squiggly Worm Wand Pet Fit For Life 5 Piece Squiggly Worm Wand
  • Nylon rope
  • Sturdy fiberglass wand
  • Removable googly eyes
  • Frisco Butterfly Cat Tracks Toy Frisco Butterfly Cat Tracks Toy
  • Non-skid pads
  • Three levels of tracks
  • Can be played alone or with others
  • The 9 Best Toys for Siamese Cats

    1. Hepper Plush Mouse Kicker Toy – Best Overall


    Hepper Mouse kicker


    Check Price on Hepper
    Type of toy: Kicker, catnip
    Size: 12 inches
    Price: $

    Hepper Plush Mouse Kicker Toy gets our vote for the best Siamese cat toy. Its large design, chewable ears and tail, and catnip-infused interior make it an irresistible option. For kitties who like to bunny kick, this toy has enough surface area for them to get a good grip and bite while working their back legs out.

    It was created with durable multi-textured materials to withstand rough play and is filled with premium cotton that keeps the toy lightweight for easy transport. A hidden bell sounds each time the toy moves for some sensory fun.

    All in all, we think this is the best toy for Siamese cats.

    • Catnip infused
    • Features a bell
    • Large
    • Durable
    • Pet-safe materials
    • Catnip scent will fade over time

    2. Hepper Catnip Stick Toys — Budget Buy


    Type of toy: Catnip, kicker, chew
    Size: 6 inches
    Price: $

    A good catnip toy can provide most cats with hours of fun and our Hepper’s Catnip Stick Toy does just that. Filled only with organic catnip, this sturdy stick toy is an ideal choice for long play sessions. It is double-layered with durable material to withstand rough play sessions of biting, kicking, and chewing.

    The long and slender design provides an ample amount of room to grapple. The modern design is an attractive feature for pet owners too. Additionally, the catnip really motivates your cat to exercise. You also can’t beat the price for such a high-quality toy.

    • Durable
    • Filled with 100% organic catnip
    • Modern design
    • Great for chewing and kicking
    • Catnip cannot be replaced

    3. SnugglyCat Ripple Rug Activity Mat

    SnugglyCat Ripple Rug Cat Activity Play Mat

    Type of toy: Hunting, activity mat
    Size: 47 inches x 35 inches
    Price: $

    The SnugglyCat Ripple Rug Activity Mat is a fantastic toy for your Siamese that loves to hunt, but it does retail for a premium price compared to most other cat toys. This mat meets multiple needs that your cat has, including scratching, playing, and napping. It has a thermal base that’s made to be comfortable enough for naps, but the material is rough enough to encourage scratching.

    The layers and holes in the mat encourage play, and this mat can be played with alone, with other cats, or with people. It’s also made to trap fur and dander, helping to reduce shed fur and dander within your home. It folds and stores easily when not in use, and it’s easy to clean.

    • Fulfills multiple types of needs for your cat
    • Thermal base and soft materials encourage naps and nesting
    • Layers, holes, and textures provide a variety of play options
    • Can be played with alone or with others
    • Folds for storage and easy to clean
    • Premium price

    4. Pet Fit For Life 5 Piece Squiggly Worm Wand – Best for Kittens

    Pet Fit for Life 5 Piece Squiggly Worm Wand Cat Toy

    Type of toy: Teaser wand
    Size: 8.5 inches
    Price: $

    If you’ve got a Siamese kitten that you’re trying to keep entertained, the Pet Fit For Life 5 Piece Squiggly Worm Wand is the top choice. This wand comes with five replacement squiggly worms, each of which measures 8.5 inches. The squiggly worms come in a variety of colors, and each has googly eyes and a removable bell.

    Keep in mind that you may need to remove the bells and googly eyes yourself if you think there’s any chance of your kitten swallowing them. The shape and material of these worms mean they have a fun, natural type of movement that will be irresistible to your kitten, keeping them entertained for long periods.

    The wand itself is made from sturdy fiberglass that is break-resistant, and the rope is made from sturdy nylon that won’t fray or snap.

    • Comes with five squiggly worm attachments
    • Googly eyes and bells are removable
    • Natural movement taps into hunting instincts
    • Sturdy fiberglass wand
    • Nylon rope won’t fray or snap
    • Removable parts may need to be removed before play

    5. Frisco Butterfly Cat Tracks Toy for Siamese Cats

    Frisco Butterfly Cat Tracks Toy


    Type of toy: Batting, swatting, hunting
    Size: 9.84 inches x 9.84 inches
    Price: $

    The Frisco Butterfly Cat Tracks Toy is available in blue and pink, and each color includes matching butterfly attachments. This track-type toy has three levels of colorful balls that can be swatted around the tracks by your cat, and the attached butterflies encourage your cat’s hunting instincts. Non-skid pads on the bottom of the tracks ensure they won’t slip, holding them in place even during rough play.

    This is a great toy for burning excess energy, and it can be played with alone or with others. Some people do report the tracks being easy to knock over when the butterfly is pulled on, so you may have to help your cat right this toy regularly to allow play to continue.

    • Two color options with matching butterflies
    • Three levels of tracks with balls for swatting
    • Two butterflies to attach to the top for hunting
    • Non-skid pads keep this toy from slipping
    • Can be played alone or with others
    • Easy to knock over when butterflies are pulled on

    6. OurPets Sushi Treat Dispensing Puzzle for Siamese Cats

    OurPets Sushi Treat Dispensing Puzzle Dog & Cat Toy

    Type of toy: Puzzle, hunting
    Size: 10.83 inches x 9.25 inches
    Price: $

    Puzzle toys are a great way to entertain your Siamese, and the OurPets Sushi Treat Dispensing Puzzle is the top puzzle pick. This puzzle looks like a platter of sushi, and the sushi pieces hide small compartments for treats and food underneath. Puzzle toys don’t just encourage your cat’s brain to learn a new task, but they also encourage hunting instincts.

    This toy is hand washable, so you’ll easily be able to keep the compartments clean. It’s a great way to slow down eating for cats that eat too quickly, and puzzle toys can also encourage picky eaters to eat more. Puzzles do require your assistance for your cat to learn, so this toy will take time and effort on your part to help your cat understand.

    • Cute puzzle toy that looks like a sushi platter
    • Nine compartments for hiding food and treats
    • Supports cognitive development
    • Encourages use of hunting instincts
    • Can help slow eating or encourage eating
    • Most cats need help learning how to use

    7. Mad Cat Tabby Taco for Siamese Cats

    Mad Cat Tabby Taco

    Type of toy: Kicker, hunting
    Size: 6 inches
    Price: $

    The Mad Cat Tabby Taco is a budget-friendly toy that provides a variety of things to entertain your cat. It’s a stuffed toy that has small ropes and crinkle paper inside of it. At 6 inches long, it’s a great option for both kicking and chasing. The ropes can even make it easy to use as a fetch toy.

    It’s stuffed with a combination of catnip and silvervine, which is a catnip alternative that is often accepted by cats that don’t react to catnip. This toy is not made to be refilled, so once the potency of the catnip and silvervine wears off, this toy may lose some of its appeal.

    • Budget-friendly toy
    • Multiple textures and contains crinkle paper
    • Fun for kicking, chasing, and fetch games
    • Stuffed with catnip and silvervine
    • May encourage play in cats that don’t react to catnip
    • Cannot be refilled and may lose potency over time

    8. Frisco Wire Teaser Toy for Siamese Cats

    Frisco Wire Teaser Toy
    Type of toy: Teaser, hunting
    Size: 36 inches
    Price: $

    As the least expensive toy on the list, this Frisco Wire Teaser Toy is sure to entertain your Siamese cat without breaking the bank. This wire toy encourages jumping and interactive play, as well as supporting hunting instincts. The curve in the wire means the small cardboard pieces at the end of the teaser move erratically to encourage play.

    This toy is deceptively simple, but highly effective in entertaining kitties, as well as building the bond between kitties and their people. There are small pieces on this toy that may be chewed up, so this toy should only be used with direct supervision.

    • Budget-friendly toy
    • Supports active play to burn energy and maintain health
    • Encourages hunting instincts
    • Erratic movement encourages play
    • Small pieces may be chewed up

    9. PetFusion Ambush Interactive Electronic Toy for Siamese Cats

    PetFusion Ambush Interactive Electronic Toy

    Type of toy: Hunting
    Size: 6.8 inches x 6.8 inches
    Price: $$

    The PetFusion Ambush Interactive Electronic Toy is a fun toy for the high-tech home. This toy runs on batteries, and it has an 8-minute automatic shutoff to maintain battery life. This toy will catch the attention of your Siamese cat without you having to do more than turn it on.

    It has an internal toy that pops out at random spots throughout the toy, encouraging your cat’s hunting instincts and supporting cognitive health and problem-solving. Your cat can catch the toy, and when they do, it will detach from the toy to provide your cat with a successful hunt. Afterward, you can simply reattach it to the toy.

    • High-tech toy
    • 8-minute auto-shutoff feature
    • Encourages hunting instincts and cognitive development
    • Removable internal toy provides your cat with hunting wins
    • Requires batteries

    hepper cat paw divider

    Buyer’s Guide — Choosing the Best Toys for Siamese Cats

    Siamese cats are complex cats with high social needs and lots of energy-burning requirements. Bored cats tend to get into trouble, whether through being destructive or doing things that may endanger them. It’s important to provide your Siamese with plenty of play opportunities every day.

    However, your cat doesn’t need to play with the same toy every day. A rotation of fun and interesting toys will not only keep your cat entertained but also appease the natural curiosity that Siamese cats have. Your cat may have a favorite toy, many cats do, and it’s ok for them to have access to a favorite toy regularly.

    Toys that interest your cat but aren’t easily identifiable as their favorite should, ideally, be pulled from playtime and replaced with new and interesting toys every few weeks. This will provide your cat with great opportunities to burn physical energy and support their cognitive health. Don’t forget that the worst that will happen is that a new toy may be something your cat ends up not liking, leading to you taking it out of the playtime rotation. You can always try again later!hepper cat paw divider


    Your Siamese cat will likely love any of the toys in these reviews, so you can start acquiring them in any order you see fit. The top pick is the Hepper Plush Mouse Kicker Toy, which encourages physical activity through kicking, as well as chasing, hunting, and snuggling. A great value toy for your Siamese is the Hepper’s Catnip Stick Toy, a premium toy for a fraction of the cost. The SnugglyCat Ripple Rug Activity Mat is a fun pick, offering a variety of play and relaxation options.

    Featured Image Credit: Olya Detry, Shutterstock

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