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21 Bichon Frise Haircuts & Grooming Styles in 2022 (With Pictures)

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By Nicole Cosgrove

Bichon Fries at a dog grooming salon

If you have a Bichon Frise puppy, you have a small and sturdy dog with a big personality. It’s often has a comedic character and plenty of hair that you can shape in various ways if you are creative with a trimmer.

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The 21 Bichon Frise Haircuts & Grooming Styles

We searched the internet and talked with all of our Bichon Frise owning pets to find as many hairstyles you can put on a Bichon Frise, and we were able to come up with 20 that we are sure your pet will love.

1. The Round Head

The Round Head haircut is exactly like it sounds.  You trim the hair, so the face is round, not only from the front but also from the side.  The Round Head is one of the most common haircuts for the Bichon Frise.  All with this haircut that the ears disappear into the round head.

2. The Cute Face

The Cute Face is similar to the Round Head, but you cut the hair closer to the face, especially around the muzzle, and you trim the ears, so they don’t disappear. This Bichon Frise haircut is a little easier to maintain than the Round Head, and the dog will tend to get less food and dirt stuck in the fur.

3. The Q-Tip

The Q-Tip is a cut midway between the Round Head and the Cute Face. You trim the hair, so it is round, but most people keep the hair a bit closer to the face around the mouth. You fluff the hair to look like cotton and the tail is often left long.

  • You might need to invest in a great brush to maintain this perfect puff! Try: Best Dog Brushes

4. The Shopping Girl

The Shopping Girl Haircut keeps most of the hair close to the body but fluffed to look like cotton. You trim the ears, so they are visible, and you attach a cute bow accessory for the traveling event.

5. The Regular Dog

The Regular Dog haircut is easy to maintain and requires you to trim the hair close to the body and around the ears. You don’t need to fluff it out as much, and It trades the unique look of the Bichon Frise for a more traditional looking, low maintenance pet.

6. The Bell Ear

The Bell Ear Bichon Frise Haircut is a trim that accentuates the ears by cutting the hair short on most of the body but leaving much of the hair around the ears, which allows them to stand out. You can fluff them along with the tail to achieve the cotton look or leave them as is.

7. The Bushy Tail

The Bushy Tail is like the Round Head, but you often trim the hair closer to the nose, allowing them almost to take on a bare appearance. The tail is bushy as well, and you can brush the tail to be extra fuzzy, giving them even more of a teddy bear appearance.

8. The Fluffy Ear

The Fluffy Ear hair cut is another low maintenance Bichon Frise cut that emphasizes the fuzzy ears. Given this is a short hair Bichon Frise haircut there is no need to fluff it out, so maintenance is kept low. This hairdo works great with accessories, looks good with a collar, and is short enough to wear costumes.

9. The Poor Boy

The Poor Boy haircut is a short cut that’s low maintenance and looks great. The hair is cut short over the body but is left slightly longer over the face, giving the dog a more teddy-bear like appearance.

10. The Teddy Bear

The Teddy Bear Haircut is an extremely attractive Bichon Frise haircut that provides the dog with a round head with two ears on the side like a traditional style teddy-bear. This cut is a little more difficult than many others, and its higher maintenance to keep the hair fuzzy and free of dirt, but with practice, you can perfect the process in no time.

11. The Egg Head

The Egg head is another style that incorporates the Round Head hairdo, but this design opts for more of an egg-shaped look, and you trim the fur to be wider than it is tall. This design also works great with accessories like the neck bow.

12. The Lion

The Lion haircut features slightly longer hair over the body with a wide oval face that resembles a lions mane. You can trim the tail or leave it bushy, depending on the appearance you want to achieve. You fluff out the hair on the head and on the tail if you leave it long.

13. The Practical Fuzz

The Practical Fuzz hairdo is a short hair coat that you trim close to the body but brush it out to get the fuzzy appearance. This cut doesn’t leave much hair around the home and is fairly easy to maintain. The short hair only requires light maintenance and brushing.

14. The Accessorizer

The Accessorizer is a short hair coat with a Cute Face cut and short standard hair over the body. This coat is low maintenance, sheds little, and is perfect for someone that likes to accessorize their pet’s look with clothing. This short Bichon haircut will prevent the clothes from bunching up or becoming uncomfortable for your dog.

15. The Helmet

The Helmet is a haircut similar to the Round Head or the Cute face, but extra trimming makes the head hair take on a helmet appearance. This Bichon Frise haircut maybe a little more difficult to get the shape right, and it takes a lot of maintenance to keep the coat fuzzy.

16. The Long Hair

The Long Hair haircut keeps the hair on the body short but allows the hair on the top of the head to grow long. You then brush the long hair, so it resembles the long hair of a girl. Often times, you will groom the tail to match.

17. The Sophisticated

The Sophisticated hairdo is another one that uses the Round Head cut and accents it with a pair of prop glasses to help perpetuate the image of class and intelligence. This haircut is a little more maintenance to keep the hair fluffy, but the result is well worth it.

18. The Colorful

The Colorful haircut is like the Teddy Bear cut but uses a special non-toxic dye to color the white fur of your Bichon Frise, allowing it to have a rainbow of colors. If you decide to try a haircut like this, it’s important to use a non-toxic dye for dogs, as many dyes can cause problems if ingested by your cat.

19. The Square Head

The Square Head is a hairdo like the Round Head, with the sides squared off to resemble a block (bottom left image). With this hairdo, it isn’t easy to get the sides straight and flat. It also requires frequent trimming to keep the edges sharp.

20. The Crescent Moon

The Crescent Moon is one of the more difficult cuts to achieve because it requires trimming the hair and ears to look like a down-pointing crescent moon (top right image). You also trim the nose and muzzle short so that the moon shape will stand out better.

21. The Low Maintenance

The Low Maintenance hairdo is one of the easiest to maintain on our list. This haircut only requires shaving all of the hair to a little over a half-inch length. There is no need to smooth out the hair though you can if you are so inclined. The Low Maintenance cut is also cooler for your pet during the warmer months, and there is less hair around the home and on furniture.

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For most people, especially those in hotter climates with little experience using a haircutting trimmer, an easy haircut like the Low Maintenance or the Regular Dog is smart. These haircuts are easy to perform and maintain while making it easier for your pet to stay clean and cool. Once you gain experience, we recommend trying out a few of the more complex designs, like the Round Head or the Bell Ear, to familiarize yourself with the process, and then all haircuts will be open for experimenting and personalizing your pet.

We hope you have enjoyed reading over these different haircuts and found one to try out on your pet. If we have helped you, please share this guide to 21 haircuts for the Bichon Frise on Facebook and Twitter.

Featured Image Credit: Nejron Photo, Shutterstock

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