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Black And White Cat Breeds

black and white cornish rex catBlack and White Cornish Rex

So here’s the crazy thing- black and white cat breeds don’t really exist.

Black and white coat patterns, which are also called bicolor or piebald, can be found in an assortment of different cat breeds, but there is no cat breed that is exclusively, or even mostly black and white.

Even the color pattern “tuxedo” which is treated like a cat breed sometimes, is really just a color pattern.

In fact, you can see black and white Persians, Sphynx cats, and even Maine Coon cats with black and white fur pattern. for more on cats in formal wear, check out tuxedo cats, but for pedigree black and white cats check out these 18 cat breeds that are most likely to have individual cats with black and white fur.

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Black and White Cat Breeds A to Z

Facts About Black and White Cat Breeds

There are an assortment of terms and common names for black and white cats including pied, magpie, patched, and particolored. And the term “Harlequin”, which is used to describe spotted Great Danes, is often used in Europe.

A white cat with black ears and a black tail is said to have “van” markings.

Add a black patch on the back and it’s called a “cap and saddle”.

If the entire head is black with a solid white body it is called “Moorish-head” or Mohrenkopf, an extremely rare occurrence!

Than there is the wild looking “Thai” pattern, which features a white stripe down the back, just like a skunk!

A large black patch over the shoulders and down the back is called a “mantle” or a “blanket”.

White wrapping around the midsection of an otherwise black cat is called a “band” or a “cumberbund” and is very rare.

Then there are some cats that start out black or mostly black and turn white with age. Naturally, as with dogs, white hairs invading the muzzle is natural in senior cats of any color, but there is a condition called vitiligo which causes a lack of pigment in unusual patterns. Sometimes called “cobwebs” or “candy spots” patterns of lines or dots may start when young and spread over the entire body, and eventually, the whole coat may turn white.

White markings on the feet and legs have special names as well. If the white is just on the toes it’s called “tips”, to the ankle is called “mittens” a little higher is “socks, over the knees is “stockings”.

A black cat with just a dot of white on the chest is said to have a “locket”.

A tuxedo cat has a white belly, chest and paws. And if there is a black spot inside the white chest patch it’s called a “bowtie”!


Maine Coon Cat Tuxedo ColorBlack and White Maine Coon Cat


favorite cats

Black and White Sphynx CatBlack and White Sphynx Cat


Black and white Persian kittenBlack and White Persian Kitten
  • A very famous type of black and white cat is the Tuxedo cat
  • The tuxedo cat is a color pattern, not a breed
  • Black and white cats are also called bicolor cats – especially in the showring
  • They are also sometimes called “piebald”, but this term is used more commonly for horses
  • The breed of cat that can be most often found in black and white is probably the Persian
  • The Japanese Bobtail is the model for the “beckoning cat” a symbol of good luck, especially towards businesses.
  • Scottish Fold kittens are born with normal ears that fold over at about 3 weeks

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