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Black Maltipoo: Pictures, Facts, & History

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a female black maltipoo

Creating new dog breeds isn’t a new thing. The Maltipoo is one of the newer kids on the block when it comes to crossbreeding. This breed is made by breeding a Poodle and a Maltese. The black Maltipoo is easily one of the rarest dogs around. Yes, the Maltipoo is loved by many, but finding one that is truly black in color can be difficult. This is due to the lack of black Maltese in their lineage. When a black Maltipoo is born, breeders and pet owners should count themselves lucky. These dogs aren’t only beautiful, but amazing friends. Let’s learn more about the black Maltipoo below.

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The Earliest Records of Black Maltipoos in History

The Maltipoo breed is considered quite new. It has been within the past 20 to 30 years that these cute crossbreeds of the Poodle and Maltese have burst onto the scene. These dogs were first bred intentionally in the United States. Like with most crossbreeds, the Maltipoo was bred to combine the best traits of the parent breeds.

The black Maltipoo, however, is potentially one of the rarest of this breed. This coloring is special due to the Maltese only having white and cream coloring in its lineage. With black only being on the side of the Poodle, having a Maltipoo that is born true black is a true rarity.

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Image Credit: Natalia Wiklent, Unsplash

How Black Maltipoos Gained Popularity

All colorations of Maltipoo gained popularity due to their nearly hypoallergenic coats and great temperament. Almost as soon as this designer breed was created, people came to realize how friendly and fun-loving these little dogs were.

The popularity of the black Maltipoo comes thanks to the beauty of this pooch and the rarity of finding one. Many times, breeders and dog owners think they have a Black Maltipoo, but it changes colors as it reaches adulthood.

Formal Recognition of Black Maltipoos

Unfortunately, as a new dog breed, Maltipoos are not formally recognized by the American Kennel Club. For Maltipoo lovers this is upsetting. However, it takes time for new breeds to make their way into the ring so there is still a chance that someday the Maltipoo will find its way there.

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Top 5 Unique Facts About Black Maltipoos

1. Black Maltipoos Are More Expensive.

It’s only understandable with how rare a true black Maltipoo is that puppies of this coloration would be more expensive. While Maltipoo puppies can average between $500 and $2,500 from reputable breeders, the elusive black Maltipoo is on the upper end of this price range if not more.

2. Black Maltipoos Struggle in the Heat.

All Malipoos have difficulty in harsh weather conditions. This is due to their single coats. They can suffer from hypothermia or heat stroke depending on the season. Unfortunately, however, the black Maltipoo is especially vulnerable when it comes to heat. Their black coats attract and hold more heat which can lead to heat stroke. If you’re lucky enough to have a black Maltipoo you should be extra careful in the hotter months.

3. Black Maltipoos Are Very Intelligent.

While it’s clear that a black Maltipoo is very rare, they are also a highly intelligent dog breed. Many believe this is due to their Poodle genes. The Poodle is known as one of the smartest dogs around. It is also believed that black and white Poodles are among the smartest as they were the original colors and haven’t been diluted from breeding. Since a black Poodle is needed to breed a black Maltipoo, understandably, these offspring are smarter than many dog breeds.

black maltipoo puppy
Image credit: Stewart2 by Msc44, Wikipedia, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License

4. The Black Maltipoo Isn’t Truly Hypoallergenic.

One of the main reasons people bred Poodles and Maltese was to create another breed they considered hypoallergenic. Unfortunately, no breed is truly hypoallergenic. Every dog produces dander and saliva which are the main causes of dog-related allergies. Luckily, all Matipoos, including the black Maltipoo, are known for shedding and drooling less than many dog breeds.

5. Shedding Less Doesn’t Stop the Grooming.

You may expect your black Maltipoo to require less grooming due to its lack of heavy shedding, but that’s not the case. Maltipoos have thick coats that should be groomed regularly to keep them free of debris and tangles. Besides, you want your rare pet to look its best.

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Does a Black Maltipoo Make a Good Pet?

Simply put, yes, the black Maltipoo is an excellent pet. These little dogs can fit into an active home due to their energetic personalities. They also work well for empty nesters, couples, and the elderly. You’ll also find that any Maltipoo can do well with children if the little ones are taught how to properly handle these dogs.

One thing to keep in mind, however, when it comes to a black Maltipoo is the close bond they create with their humans. While this is great for the owner/pet relationship, it can be difficult on a Maltipoo if you’re away often. This dog breed can suffer from separation anxiety and should be with families who can make time for them.

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As you can see, the black Maltipoo is an amazing dog. Most people will take note of this designer dog breed thanks to its unique coloring and how rare it is to find one. There’s so much more to these adorable dogs, however. If you’re lucky enough to bring a black Maltipoo into your home, be ready for a lifetime commitment that will leave you with a sidekick that wants to do nothing more than spend time with you.

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